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About Pttrns

Pttrns is a curated library of iPhone and iPad user interface patterns. All patterns has been carefully chosen before they were added to maintain excellent content quality. There is currently 3097 patterns in our library. I started this project in Prague, February ’11. The site is currently doing almost 2 millions page views per month.

In the beginning, it was just meant to be a personal and private tool for my own inspiration. I was always measuring dimensions between various objects in the native iOS interface and didn't want to make screenshots everytime I needed it and so the idea for Pttrns came along.

Technical info

The web app is custom made in Ruby on Rails and we're running on Heroku with all the content served by CDN77. All the code, tickets and documentation is on Github. You can see all the original versions of this site there.

Our Crew

There have been multiple collaborators who volunteered their time to help with the web app.


We get tons of requests every day and I try to review all of them. I’ll be constantly reviewing the submissions and adding the highest quality ones. That also means that we don't plan to add any [Submit] button’s to this site at this moment.