How To Add a Signature in Google Docs? [PC/Smartphone]

Are you trying to add a signature in Google Docs? Follow the below approaches to add your signature to Google Docs right away.
How To Add a Signature in Google Docs? [PC/Smartphone]

Google Docs is arguably one of the best free online word processors and is a great resource to manage docs, considering it features all the necessary tools and features required for basic to moderate editing tasks.

While many aren’t aware of how to use the features, we are going to talk about such a feature, which is how to add e-signature in Google Docs through simple and effective approaches featuring detailed steps.

Add a Signature in Google Docs on PC (Both Windows/Mac)

Approach 1: Using Google Docs Drawing Tool

  1. Start by creating or opening an existing document on Google Docs to add the signature.
  2. After the document is open, navigate to the menu bar and click on Insert.
  1. From the list of options under Insert, choose Drawing, and from its two options, click on New.
  1. Following the above steps leads you to the drawing menu, and from its tools, click on the second next icon to the cursor. From its drop-down, choose Scribble.
  1. After you’re provided with the scribbling area, draw the signature using the cursor, and once done, click on Save and Close.
save button
  1. If you have got the above steps right, you will find the signature on your document. While sometimes it might not be the one you expect, try scribbling again or make necessary customizations if needed to enhance it.

Approach 2: Using Google Docs Add-ons

  1. Navigate to the menu bar on Google Docs and click on Extensions.
  1. Now, from the options under Extensions, choose Add-ons, and from its options, click on Get add-ons.
  1. Doing so opens Google Workspace Marketplace, and in the search bar, type the extension name that allows you to add a signature. For demonstration, we have considered PandaDoc for Google Docs.
Google workspace marketplace
  1. Irrespective of the add-on you choose, click on the Install button and authorize the action through your Google account.
  1. After the installation, head back to Google Docs and repeat step 2 in this approach, but click on View Document add-ons instead of Get add-ons.
View doc add-ons
  1. Now, from the list of add-ons, select the add-on you have installed by clicking on it, and it appears on the right side of the tab. While enabling the add-on is different for each, click on Use for PandaDoc and set it up with your Google Account.
Use button
  1. Once you’re done, you will find a blank space on PandaDoc with the text – Create your signature on top. Now, draw your signature in the area provided using your cursor and click on Apply.
Draw signature
  1. After the preview is displayed on PandaDoc, click on it, and the signature is added to the doc.
Inserting signature

Approach 3: Using Online Signature Generators

While the add-on approaches have more flexibility and advanced options, it can be an unnecessary or lengthy process for those looking for a way to add a signature to Google Docs instantly without multiple steps.

If you find the add-on approach lengthy and isn’t very useful, use Online Signature Generators using the steps below.

  1. Open a new tab on your browser and navigate to any Online Signature Generator of your choice. For demonstration, we have considered CreateMySignature.
  1. In the empty area provided with a tag, Draw here. Now, use your cursor and draw the signature. Once done, click on Download signature to use it on Google Docs.
Download signature
  1. Now, head back to the menu bar on Google Docs and click on Insert. From its options, click on Image, and from its options, click on Upload from Computer.
Insert image
  1. After you’re done selecting the signature of the image, it is displayed on Docs. Ensure you make modifications to embed it into the document well.
Signature insert

Add a Signature in Google Docs on Smartphone (Android/iOS)

While there is no default option to add a signature in Google Docs on Android and iOS, it allows add-ons. However, the sad part with add-ons needs the installation of an app, which beats the purpose of using Google Docs.

To begin with, many apps can add a signature to a document. We have selected Adobe Acrobat for demonstration on Android in this approach. However, if you’re an iOS user, don’t worry, as the steps remain the same, as there is no change in the interface of the app.

  1. Start by installing Adobe Acrobat from Google PlayStore or App Store.
  2. Once installed, open the app and tap on the document you want to add the signature.
Select document
  1. After the document is loaded, pay added to the icons on the bottom and tap on the Fill and Sign.
Fill and Sign
  1. Now, from the options that are updated, tap on the Ink Pen icon, and from the options that appear, tap on Add Signature.
add sign
  1. Now, on the empty area provided, draw the sign. You can also add an image or capture the signature from your smartphone camera.
  1. After you have finished drawing, tap on Done preset at the top right corner. Now, click on an empty area of the document to place the signature, and you’re done.
Added signature

Wrapping Up

Congratulations on adding a signature in Google Docs on PC and Smartphone!

Regarding Google Docs on PC, the default sign option is a great asset, but it would be useful if it had packed more options and flexibility. While the Add-on approach and the Online Signature Generator can help you save and reuse the signature, it is missing on the scribble option on Google Docs.

Coming to Google Docs on a smartphone, it is of no use as it doesn’t offer the support to add signatures, and the add-ons option isn’t reliable either. However, while on PC, ensure to perform text wrapping to make the signature lively.  


How to add writing lines in Google Docs?

To add writing lines in Google Docs, go to “Insert” in the top menu, select “Drawing,” then choose “Line or Scribble” from the toolbar. Drag to draw lines, adjust their thickness and style, and click “Save and Close” to insert them into your document.

How do I add a horizontal line to my signature in Google Docs?

To add a horizontal line to your signature in Google Docs, open your document, go to “Insert,” select “Drawing,” choose “Horizontal line” from the toolbar, adjust its length and thickness, and click “Save and Close.”

How to sign a document sent by email?

To sign a document sent by email, open the email, download the attachment (usually a PDF), use a PDF viewer/editor to add your signature (draw, type, or upload), save the document, and reply to the email with the signed attachment.

How to electronically sign a PDF?

To electronically sign a PDF, open it in a PDF viewer/editor, look for an “Add Signature” or “Sign” option, choose your preferred signing method (draw, type, or upload), place your signature, and save the PDF with your electronic signature.


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