20 Best 90s Fonts on Canva for Your Throwback Projects

Dive into the world of nostalgia with our roundup of the 20 best 90s fonts on Canva, perfect for giving your projects a retro flair. Whether you’re designing a party invite, creating a throwback event poster, or just adding a touch of the 90s to your digital content, these fonts are your go-to for capturing the essence of this dynamic decade. Each one offers a unique vibe, ensuring you can find the perfect match for your project’s mood and message. These fonts not only capture the essence of the 90s but also offer a wide range of applications for any retro-themed design project on Canva.

1. Balgin 

Why it is best 90s font: Balgin captures the grunge and rugged aesthetics that were popular in late 90s music and fashion scenes. Its irregular and edgy style makes it ideal for projects that need a raw, authentic retro feel.

2. Bright Retro 

Why it is best 90s font: As the name suggests, Bright Retro is colorful and vibrant, embodying the playful and bold graphic styles of the early 90s. This font is perfect for eye-catching headlines and nostalgic graphics that need a pop of color.

3. Comic Sans 

Why it is best 90s font: Often criticized yet iconic, Comic Sans is the quintessential 90s font. Its casual script-like appearance mimics comic book text, making it perfect for informal and light-hearted designs that aim to invoke a sense of nostalgia.

4. Cooper BT 

Why it is best 90s font: With its round and friendly appearance, Cooper BT is reminiscent of retro advertisements and playful book covers from the 90s. It’s great for projects that require a touch of warmth and nostalgia.

5. Courier New 

Why it is best 90s font: This font mimics the look of a traditional typewriter, reflecting the era’s initial crossover from analog to digital. Its monospaced form is excellent for creating vintage documents or retro-style scripts.

6. Futura Bold 

Why it is best 90s font: Known for its geometric shapes and clean lines, Futura Bold was a popular choice in the visual branding of many 90s corporations and tech companies, making it perfect for projects that require a sleek, retro-futuristic look.

7. Georgia Pro 

Why it is best 90s font: Georgia Pro is a serif font that combines readability with a classic, polished look, reminiscent of the 90s digital boom. It’s ideal for more formal or sophisticated retro-themed content.

8. GFS Didot 

Why it is best 90s font: This version of the Didot font brings a touch of 90s high fashion editorial design, with its high contrast and elegant style, suitable for luxurious and refined retro designs.

9. Graduate 

Why it is best 90s font: Graduate is a bold and robust font that harks back to college and sports themes prevalent in 90s apparel. It’s great for creating nostalgic academic or athletic-themed designs.

10. Impact 

Why it is best 90s font: Known for its use in meme culture which began taking off in the late 90s, Impact’s tight, condensed letterform makes it perfect for impactful headlines that need to stand out.

11. Lucky Bones

Why it is best 90s font: With its quirky and decorative elements, Lucky Bones captures the playful and whimsical side of the 90s graphic design, suitable for creative and fun retro projects.

12. Maiden Orange 

Why it is best 90s font: This font offers a retro 50s diner vibe that continued to be popular in 90s design. Its rounded and friendly style is great for nostalgic, cheerful projects.

13. Margin 

Why it is best 90s font: Margin, with its clean and straightforward appearance, reflects the minimalistic design trends that were emerging in the late 90s. It’s ideal for projects that require a modern yet retro feel.

14. Mr Dafoe 

Why it is best 90s font: Mr Dafoe has a dramatic and flowing style that mimics 90s handwriting fonts used in personal diaries and music album covers. It adds a personal touch to any retro design.

15. Permanent Marker 

Why it is best 90s font: This font looks as though it was scribbled with a sharpie, perfectly capturing the DIY ethos of the 90s, especially within the skate and music subcultures.

16. Retropix 

Why it is best 90s font: Retropix simulates the pixelated look of early digital graphics seen in the 90s, making it ideal for video game and computer-themed retro designs.

17. Rundeck 

Why it is best 90s font: With its solid, blocky appearance, Rundeck provides a modern twist on vintage styles, perfect for bold statements and headings in retro tech or sports-themed designs.

18. Tan Kindred 

Why it is best 90s font: This elegant serif font brings a touch of the 90s charm to invitations, posters, and other designs that need a classic yet nostalgic feel.

19. Times New Roman 

Why it is best 90s font: As one of the most ubiquitous fonts of the 90s due to its default status in Windows and Microsoft Word, Times New Roman offers a formal, authoritative look for any retro-themed project.

20. Verdana Pro 

Why it is best 90s font: Designed specifically for screen readability, Verdana was widely used on early websites and digital media, making it perfect for projects that aim to recapture the early days of the internet.


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