15 Best Canva Font Equivalents for Every Project

Finding the right font can transform your project from good to great. But what do you do when your favorite Canva fonts aren’t available elsewhere? Don’t worry! In this guide, we explore 15 fantastic Canva font equivalents that you can use for any project, whether it’s a business presentation, a wedding invitation, or a social media post. Each font on this list has been carefully selected to match the style and feel of popular Canva fonts. From sleek and modern to whimsical and fun, these alternatives will ensure your designs remain stylish and cohesive, no matter where you choose to create them. 

1. Canva: Playlist Script / Equivalent: Brush Script

Why it is best Canva Equivalent: Playlist Script is a beautifully flowing handwritten font that captures the essence of spontaneous brush strokes. Its casual yet elegant appearance makes it ideal for invitations and branding. The equivalent, Brush Script, offers a similarly informal script style, providing a personal touch to projects that require a human feel.

2. Canva: Lato / Equivalent: Open Sans

Why it is best Canva Equivalent: Lato is a sans-serif typeface that is versatile and modern. It’s designed to look transparent when used in body text but exhibits unique personality in larger sizes. Open Sans is a suitable equivalent due to its friendly yet professional appearance, making it ideal for both web and print.

3. Canva: Montserrat / Equivalent: Gotham

Why it is best Canva Equivalent: Montserrat channels the urban typography trend, much like Gotham. It’s geometric, crisp, and perfect for impactful headlines. Montserrat’s inclusion is warranted by its excellent readability and contemporary vibe, which is great for any project needing a strong visual presence.

4. Canva: Arial / Equivalent: Arimo

Why it is best Canva Equivalent: Arial is universally recognized for its clean and unassuming style, which makes it incredibly versatile. Arimo offers a similar neutrality, making it a perfect substitute. Arial’s widespread use and adaptability to any design context justify its inclusion.

5. Canva: Raleway / Equivalent: Proxima Nova

Why it is best Canva Equivalent: Raleway is an elegant sans-serif with a unique blend of classic and modern elements. Proxima Nova, as an equivalent, bridges gaps between styles like Akzidenz Grotesk and classic sans serifs. This font is essential for projects that require a touch of elegance without sacrificing readability.

6. Canva: Lobster / Equivalent: Pacifico

Why it is best Canva Equivalent: Lobster is a playful script font known for its lovely curves and fluid readability, making it fantastic for creative projects. Pacifico provides a similar laid-back script style, suitable for designs that aim to be friendly and inviting.

7. Canva: Playfair Display / Equivalent: Georgia Pro

Why it is best Canva Equivalent: Plafair Display is a serif font with high contrast and distinctive style, echoing the refinement of Georgia Pro. This font brings a classic touch to any project, making it indispensable for formal applications such as book printing or high-end branding.

8. Canva: Calibri / Equivalent: Carlito

Why it is best Canva Equivalent: Calibri is known for its warm and soft character, which makes it extremely readable. Carlito is the free equivalent that maintains these properties, ensuring that your text is approachable and clear in any professional setting.

9. Canva: Cambria / Equivalent: Droid Serif

Why it is best Canva Equivalent: Cambria is designed for on-screen reading, with sturdy serifs and adequate spacing. Droid Serif provides similar functionality, optimizing readability in digital contexts, which is crucial for ebooks and web content.

10. Canva: ITC Franklin Gothic / Equivalent: Source Sans Pro

Why it is best Canva Equivalent: ITC Franklin Gothic is a strong, assertive typeface that communicates clarity and robustness, mirrored by Source Sans Pro. It’s perfect for authoritative headings and text-heavy documents, making it a practical choice for editorial and corporate designs.

11. Canva: Futura / Equivalent: Josefin Sans

Why it is best Canva Equivalent: Futura is celebrated for its geometric proportions and near-perfect circles, squares, and triangles. Josefin Sans offers a similar geometric structure but with a slightly vintage feel, suitable for stylish, futuristic concepts.

12. Canva: Poppins / Equivalent: Avenir

Why it is best Canva Equivalent: Poppins is a geometric sans-serif that balances formality and friendliness, making it versatile for both text and display use. Avenir, as an equivalent, supports a wide range of contexts, reinforcing why Poppins is essential for a modern, scalable design.

13. Canva: Satisfy / Equivalent: Lobster Two

Why it is best Canva Equivalent: Satisfy blends the classic with the casual, creating a script that’s both friendly and elegant. Lobster Two is a refined version that captures this balance, perfect for invitations and titles that require a touch of class.

14. Canva: Sabon / Equivalent: Crimson Pro

Why it is best Canva Equivalent: Sabon carries the tradition of Renaissance typography into modern times, making it ideal for extensive text in books and magazines. Crimson Pro offers a similarly readable and elegant profile, essential for high-end editorial work.

15. Canva: Verdana Pro / Equivalent: PT Sans

Why it is best Canva Equivalent: Verdana Pro is known for its wide letters and clear spacing, which enhances legibility on digital screens. PT Sans provides similar clarity and accessibility, making it indispensable for user interface design and web readability.


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