16 Best Canva Fonts with Tails for a Timeless Typography

Fonts with tails, often called “swash fonts,” bring a classic and sophisticated flair to any project. In this article, we’ve rounded up the 16 best Canva fonts with beautiful tails that promise to give your typography a timeless look. Each font in our list has been carefully selected for its unique style and ability to convey a sense of sophistication and charm. From smooth and flowing to bold and dramatic, these Canva fonts are perfect for anyone looking to elevate their design work. These fonts brings unique qualities to the table, making them suitable for a variety of applications where timeless typography is desired.

1. Adlery Swash

Why it is best font with Tail:  Adlery Swash is bold and energetic, featuring distinctive long tails that add a dynamic flair. Its brushed style makes it ideal for casual yet chic designs, perfect for modern brands looking to stand out.

2. Alex Brush

Why it is best font with Tail: Alex Brush is characterized by its fluid and flowing script that mimics traditional cursive handwriting. The elegant tails enhance its romantic vibe, making it a great choice for invitations and personal blogs.

3. Allura

Why it is best font with Tail: offers a clean and highly legible script with sophisticated tails that lend a formal touch. This font is versatile enough for both digital and print media, suitable for everything from corporate branding to event invitations.

4. Berkshire Swash

Why it is best font with Tail: Berkshire Swash intrigues with its quirky and bold swashes, providing a playful yet elegant look. Its unique character makes it perfect for projects that require a standout font with a hint of vintage charm.

5. Brittany

Why it is best font with Tail: Brittany is sleek and contemporary, with smooth curves and minimalistic tails. This font is particularly effective in fashion and lifestyle media, where a touch of modern elegance is essential.

6. Burgues Script

Why it is best font with Tail: Burgues Script is inspired by 19th-century American calligraphy. Its intricate tails and flourishes exude luxury and sophistication, making it a top choice for high-end branding and formal stationery.

7. Callem

Why it is best font with Tail: Callem is a modern script font that balances simplicity with stylish tail elements. It’s ideal for designers looking for a minimalist yet elegant script for logos, headings, and titles.

8. Daydream

Why it is best font with Tail: Daydream features whimsical tails and a bouncy baseline, creating a friendly and inviting aesthetic. It’s perfect for children’s books, creative blogs, or any project that needs a touch of fun.

9. Femen

Why it is best font with Tail: Femen is known for its graceful and fluid character, with beautifully crafted tails that enhance its delicate structure. It’s particularly well-suited for wedding stationery and upscale branding.

10. Howell

Why it is best font with Tail: Howell offers a robust and solid script with subtly styled tails, providing a modern twist on traditional calligraphy fonts. It’s effective for professional and academic applications where readability is key.

11. Jimmy Script

Why it is best font with Tail: Jimmy Script has a hand-drawn feel with robust characters and pronounced swashes. This font captures a casual yet refined aesthetic, ideal for boutique marketing and creative presentations.

12. Just Write

Why it is best font with Tail: Just Write combines simplicity with personality, featuring neat tails that add a special touch without overwhelming the text. It’s excellent for personal blogs and instructional content.

13. Lavonia Classy

Why it is best font with Tail: Lavonia Classy is a vintage-inspired font that merges old-world charm with modern design. The elegant tails contribute to its sophisticated look, making it suitable for luxury brands and historical content.

14. Majesty

Why it is best font with Tail: Majesty is regal and imposing, with prominent tails that command attention. Its powerful presence is ideal for titles and headers in formal documents and ceremonial contexts.

15. Malibu Ring

Why it is best font with Tail: Malibu Ring offers a casual script style with playful tails, perfect for informal yet stylish communications. Its approachable design is excellent for social media graphics and youth-oriented advertising.

16. Playlist Script

Why it is best font with Tail: Playlist Script is versatile and contemporary, featuring loose, expressive tails that provide a laid-back feel. It’s highly adaptable for music-related projects, casual branding, or any creative endeavor seeking a modern script.


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