20 Best Outline Fonts in Canva for Stunning Graphics

Outline fonts are your go-to choice in Canva for creating eye-catching and memorable designs. These fonts feature characters with hollow interiors, providing a unique visual appeal that can make your text stand out beautifully against various backgrounds. In this article, we’ll explore the 20 best outline fonts available in Canva that you can use to elevate your graphic designs. These fonts each bring a unique flavor to the table, ensuring that whatever your project, you can find something that will enhance its appeal and effectiveness.

1. Arturo Outline

Why it is best Outline font: Arturo Outline features a clean and precise outline that makes it perfect for professional presentations and business materials. Its elegance adds a sophisticated touch to any design, making it ideal for high-impact visuals.

2. Brixton Outline

Why it is best Outline font: Brixton Outline has a charming, hand-drawn look that offers a friendly and inviting feel. This font is excellent for casual or artisanal branding where personality is key.

3. Bungee Outline

Why it is best Outline font: Bungee Outline is designed for high visibility, making it perfect for banners, headers, and signage. Its bold and blocky style ensures readability from a distance, which is essential for public advertisements.

4. Cabin Sketch

Why it is best Outline font: Cabin Sketch captures the essence of hand-drawn creativity with its sketch-like appearance. It’s perfect for projects that require a homemade or DIY aesthetic, adding a personal touch to any design.

5. Canter 3D

Why it is best Outline font: Canter 3D stands out with its 3D effect within the outline form, offering depth and dimension that can make any headline pop. It’s particularly effective in promotional materials where you want to draw attention.

6. Celandine Outline

Why it is best Outline font: Celandine Outline features elegant curves and fine lines, making it ideal for luxurious brands or elegant invitations. Its delicate design is perfect for adding a touch of class.

7. Dan Outline

Why it is best Outline font: Dan Outline is versatile and readable, suitable for both body text and headlines. This font’s simplicity and clarity make it a great choice for educational materials or any project where legibility is paramount.

8. Dingos Stamp Outline

Why it is best Outline font: Dingos Stamp Outline has a rugged, stamped look that works well for vintage themes or designs that need a bit of grit. It adds texture and character, ideal for thematic event posters or apparel designs.

9. Dovde Outline

Why it is best Outline font: Dovde Outline combines modern aesthetics with minimalist design, making it suitable for tech or fashion industries. It’s sleek and contemporary, perfect for forward-thinking brands.

10. Horizon Outline

Why it is best Outline font: Horizon Outline mimics the expansive feel of a horizon, offering a sense of openness. This makes it excellent for inspirational quotes or any design that aims to evoke freedom and possibility.

11. Hussar Ekologiczy

Why it is best Outline font: Hussar Ekologiczy is distinguished by its eco-friendly design vibe, with elements that remind of natural forms. It’s great for environmental campaigns or organic product branding.

12. Inlander Outline

Why it is best Outline font: Inlander Outline has a robust, adventurous feel, ideal for outdoor sports or travel-related designs. Its strong, clear lines ensure visibility and impact.

13. Lucidity Psych Outline

Why it is best Outline font: Lucidity Psych Outline is whimsical and artistic, perfect for creative industries or projects that aim to stand out with a unique, abstract style.

14. LynxTH Outline

Why it is best Outline font: LynxTH Outline offers a dynamic and aggressive design, making it perfect for gaming, sports, or any youthful, energetic brand.

15. Marykate Outline

Why it is best Outline font: Marykate Outline is soft and romantic, with a touch of femininity, ideal for wedding invitations, beauty products, or any design that requires a gentle, artistic touch.

16. Metropolis

Why it is best Outline font: Metropolis brings a touch of Art Deco sophistication, making it perfect for historical themes or luxury real estate projects. Its sharp, clean lines convey a sense of elegance and power.

17. Moirai One

Why it is best Outline font: Moirai One is bold and impactful, with a futuristic style that is perfect for innovative businesses or sci-fi-themed projects.

18. Neoneon

Why it is best Outline font: Neoneon offers a vibrant, neon-light effect that is irresistible for nightlife promotions, music events, or any design that wants to convey energy and fun.

19. Sifonn Outline

Why it is best Outline font: Sifonn Outline has a geometric structure that makes it eye-catching and ideal for modern, minimalist designs. Its strong presence can help any text stand out.

20. TT Hoves Outline

Why it is best Outline font: TT Hoves Outline provides a clean and straightforward design that works well in corporate communications or any setting that requires a professional but modern look.


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