15 Chalk Fonts in Canva That Will Elevate Your Artwork

Chalk fonts are a great way to add a unique and artistic touch to any design. These fonts can bring the nostalgic charm of a sidewalk chalkboard to the digital world, making them perfect for various projects. With their distinct textures and styles, chalk fonts can transform a simple message into a captivating piece of art. In this article, we’ll explore 15 chalk fonts available in Canva that will elevate your artwork. Whether you’re aiming for a vintage look or a modern twist, these chalk fonts offer the versatility and aesthetic appeal to make your projects stand out. From bold and impactful to light and whimsical, these fonts provide a range of choices to enhance your designs and help you create something truly unique.

1. Authenia Textured

Why it stands out: Authentia  Textured brings a rustic, hand-drawn feel to projects, reminiscent of chalk on a textured blackboard. Its uneven lines and natural flow make it ideal for artistic and informal designs. This font’s textured effect adds depth and authenticity to chalk-inspired designs, making it a perfect choice for creating a tactile, handcrafted appearance.

2. Berton

Why it stands out: Berton combines the simplicity of chalk writing with unique design twists, featuring irregular shapes and sizes that capture the spontaneity of chalk art. : Its playful irregularities and varied letter forms offer a dynamic and lively vibe, perfect for engaging and eye-catching designs.

3. Cabin Sketch

Why it stands out: Cabin Sketch mimics the look of quick chalk sketches, complete with shading and texture that gives it a three-dimensional quality. The sketch-like appearance of Cabin Sketch brings a casual and creative flair to designs, ideal for informal or artistic projects needing a touch of whimsy.

4. Carlitos

Why it stands out: Carlitos is a bold and flowing script font that has the smoothness of chalk strokes, providing a personal and intimate feel. Its fluidity and elegance make it great for designs that require a touch of sophistication while maintaining a hand-drawn, approachable look.

5. Have Heart Two

Why it stands out: This font features a cohesive, cursive style with bold strokes and a dynamic baseline, echoing the fluidity of chalk hand lettering. Have Heart Two stands out for its boldness and energy, making it suitable for impactful messages and designs that need to convey emotion and vitality.

6. Londrina Sketch

Why it stands out: Londrina Sketch is a quirky and thin font that captures the essence of impromptu chalk drawings, with its uneven lines and distinctive character shapes. Its unique and playful style injects personality and creativity into designs, perfect for standing out in a crowded visual space.

7. Lousiville II

Why it stands out: Lousiville II is a neat, legible font that still carries the charm of chalk writing, making it versatile for both text-heavy and decorative designs. Its clarity and simple charm make it a reliable choice for conveying messages clearly while keeping the aesthetic appeal of chalk art.

8. Quick Silver

Why it stands out: Quick Silver offers a sleek and flowing handwritten style with the casual elegance of chalk script, ideal for fashion-forward and contemporary designs. Its modern and fluid design captures the trendiness of quick chalkboard signs, perfect for stylish and minimalist projects.

9. Rushk

Why it stands out: Rushk stands out with its bold, condensed characters and rough texture, mimicking the pressure and variation of chalk writing. The font’s robust and textured appearance makes it great for headlines and statements that need to grab attention.

10. Seashore

Why it stands out: Seashore brings a whimsical and artistic feel to the table, with letters that seem to dance and flow like waves, perfect for themes related to nature or creativity. Its fluid, organic shapes, and playful style make it a natural choice for designs that aim to be enchanting and imaginative.

11. Selima

Why it stands out: Selima’s loose, flowing script with varied line weights captures the spontaneity and expressiveness of hand-drawn chalk lettering. The font’s informal and fluid style lends a personal, human touch to designs, ideal for invitations, quotes, or any project needing a handwritten feel.

12. Six Hands Chalk

Why it stands out: This font features collaborative, multi-hand lettering that offers a diverse and dynamic chalk look, simulating the effect of several people writing on the same surface. Its varied lettering styles provide a lively and authentic chalkboard experience, perfect for communal or educational settings.

13. Sprite Graffiti

Why it stands out: Sprite Graffiti combines the urban edge of graffiti with the rustic charm of chalk, offering a font that is both rebellious and playful. Its street-style aesthetics bring an edgy, contemporary vibe to designs, suitable for projects that want to make a bold statement.

14. Sunset Hill

Why it stands out: Sunset Hill provides a smooth, flowing script that exudes charm and ease, reminiscent of evening chalk messages on a sidewalk café’s board. The font’s casual elegance and readability make it perfect for designs that require a touch of warmth and invitation

15. Waterlily

Why it stands out: Waterlily makes it onto the list of top chalk fonts in Canva due to its graceful and artistic style, which can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any artwork. Its gentle curves and refined appearance make it ideal for projects that require a more subtle and refined chalk effect, such as formal invitations, boutique signage, or artistic displays.


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