18 Elegant Calligraphy Fonts in Canva You Need to Try

Calligraphy fonts are an essential element of design, adding elegance and personality to any project. Canva offers a vast collection of calligraphy fonts, each with its unique style and charm. In this article, we’ve selected 18 of the most elegant calligraphy fonts available in Canva, which embody sophistication, creativity, and timeless beauty. These fonts are carefully selected to suit various tastes and purposes and can add depth and character to your designs. Join us as we explore the world of Canva calligraphy fonts, where each character tells a story, and every stroke adds a layer of beauty to your projects.

1. Ahsing

Why it is an Elegant Calligraphy font: Ahsing stands out with its unique blend of traditional calligraphy and modern design. Its fluid, sweeping strokes provide a sense of elegance and movement, making it ideal for invitations, branding, and artistic projects. Its versatility and distinct style place it among the top calligraphy fonts in Canva.

2. Amsterdam Four

Why it is an Elegant Calligraphy font: Known for its playful and casual elegance, Amsterdam Four brings a modern twist to calligraphy. Its irregular bouncy baseline and varied stroke widths give it a handmade feel, perfect for creating approachable and friendly designs. It’s a great choice for businesses looking to add a personal touch to their branding.

3. Brusher

Why it is an Elegant Calligraphy font: Brusher is a bold, contemporary calligraphy font with smooth curves and flowing lines. Its brush stroke style makes it stand out in large headings and logos. The dynamic flow of its letters adds a lively and energetic feel to any design, making it a favorite for modern and artistic projects.

4. Great Vibes

Why it is an Elegant Calligraphy font: Great Vibes is a classic calligraphy font that features elegant, flowing scripts with perfect swoops and loops. Its consistent stroke weight and clear legibility make it a go-to choice for formal invitations, certificates, and high-end branding. Its timeless elegance justifies its place on the list.

5. Lavonia Classy

Why it is an Elegant Calligraphy font: Lavonia Classy embodies sophistication with its sleek, refined script. The font’s smooth lines and precise letterforms convey luxury and professionalism, ideal for high-end brands, upscale events, and elegant stationery. Its classy demeanor makes it an essential pick for refined designs.

6. Letteria Pro

Why it is an Elegant Calligraphy font: This font combines calligraphic traditions with contemporary flair, offering balanced lines and a touch of geometric structure. Its professional appearance makes it suitable for corporate branding, editorial design, and formal invitations. Letteria Pro’s adaptability and polished look make it a top choice.

7. Liana

Why it is an Elegant Calligraphy font: Liana is a whimsical and light-hearted font with flowing letters and playful loops. Its gentle, airy style lends a soft and romantic feel to any design, perfect for wedding invitations, greeting cards, and boutique branding. Its charm and grace make it a delightful addition to the calligraphy collection.

8. Lucida Calligraphy

Why it is an Elegant Calligraphy font: A staple in the calligraphy font family, Lucida Calligraphy offers a harmonious balance of classic and contemporary styles. Its legibility and refined appearance make it suitable for a wide range of applications, from business documents to personal stationery, underscoring its universal appeal.

9. Maragsa

Why it is an Elegant Calligraphy font: Maragsa features bold, expressive strokes with a distinct Filipino flair, reflecting traditional calligraphy with a modern twist. Its character and cultural richness make it stand out, perfect for designs that aim to make a statement or celebrate heritage.

10. Malibu

Why it is an Elegant Calligraphy font: Malibu brings a relaxed and beachy vibe to calligraphy with its laid-back, flowing script. Its casual elegance makes it ideal for lifestyle brands, summer events, and travel-themed projects, offering a sense of ease and tranquility.

11. Oleo Script

Why it is an Elegant Calligraphy font: Oleo Script is characterized by its fluid, consistent strokes, and slightly bold weight. This font blends casual charm with readability, making it suitable for both digital and print media, where a touch of friendliness is desired.

12. Pinyon Script

Why it is an Elegant Calligraphy font: Pinyon Script is a romantic, highly detailed font with intricate strokes that convey luxury and sophistication. Its fine lines and classic proportions make it perfect for formal invitations, upscale branding, and elegant packaging.

13. Snell Roundhand

Why it is an Elegant Calligraphy font: With its smooth curves and flowing rhythm, Snell Roundhand captures the essence of traditional calligraphy. Its professional and polished look makes it ideal for legal, formal, and ceremonial documents, offering a dignified and classic style.

14. Stars & Love

Why it is an Elegant Calligraphy font: This font exudes creativity and fun, featuring whimsical letters with decorative elements. Its playful nature makes it suitable for party invitations, children’s books, and any design that aims to spark joy and imagination.

15. Stephen Type

Why it is an Elegant Calligraphy font: Stephen Type is a signature-style font that offers a personal and intimate touch. Its natural and unrefined strokes give it a genuine, handcrafted feel, making it perfect for personalized branding, autograph-style logos, and bespoke stationery.

16. The Mumbai Sticker

Why it is an Elegant Calligraphy font: Inspired by the vibrant street art of Mumbai, this font combines traditional Indian calligraphy with urban graffiti elements. Its bold, colorful strokes make it a striking choice for artistic projects, cultural events, and designs that aim to capture attention.

17. VeryBerry

Why it is an Elegant Calligraphy font: VeryBerry is a playful and vibrant font with bouncy letters and a lively personality. Its informal style is great for children’s books, casual branding, and any design that aims to be fun and approachable.

18. Vivaldi

Why it is an Elegant Calligraphy font: Vivaldi is known for its dramatic and formal style, with sharp turns and elegant flourishes. Its refined appearance makes it suitable for classical music programs, formal invitations, and any context that requires a touch of baroque sophistication


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