16 Girly Fonts on Canva You Can’t Miss to Glam Up Your Graphics

Whether you’re crafting beautiful invitations, stylish social media posts, or fun branding materials, Canva offers a treasure trove of fonts that are perfect for adding a feminine touch to your graphics. From elegant scripts to playful hand-lettered styles, there’s something to suit every taste and project. In this article, we’ve rounded up 16 of the most charming girly fonts available on Canva that you absolutely must check out. These fonts are not only gorgeous but also incredibly versatile, making them ideal for a wide range of applications. 

1. Alex Brush 

Why it is Girly font: Alex Brush is a beautifully flowing script font with elegant brush strokes. It captures the essence of calligraphy, making it ideal for wedding invitations, greeting cards, and other projects where a touch of romance is needed. Its sophisticated style ensures your designs look professionally crafted.

2. Allura 

Why it is Girly font: Allura is a clean and very legible script font that brings a modern and stylish flair to any design. Its smooth lines and organic forms are perfect for creating a personal, yet professional appearance. Use it for cosmetic branding or fashion labels to add a chic and girly vibe.

3. Amatic SC

Why it is Girly font: Amatic SC  is a quirky, hand-drawn web font. It’s particularly effective for designs that call for a casual, informal look. The slightly condensed and rounded letters make it adorable and accessible, ideal for café menus, casual wedding invites, or bakery branding.

4. Dancing Script 

Why it is Girly font: Dancing Script captures the lively yet elegant style of handwriting. Each letter bounces and changes size slightly. It’s perfect for adding a personal and joyful touch to your creations, such as birthday cards or personalized stationery.

5. Finger Paint 

Why it is Girly font: Finger Paint is a playful and creative font that brings the artistry of finger painting to digital design. This font is perfect for projects aimed at children or for creative projects that need a touch of spontaneity and fun.

6. Gloria Hallelujah 

Why it is Girly font: Gloria Hallelujah feels like a handwritten note, complete with pen pressure and letter irregularities. It’s casual and approachable, making it excellent for educational graphics, casual blog titles, or creative presentations.

7. Great Vibes

Why it is Girly font: Great Vibes is an elegantly flowing script with quick strokes that look as if they were written with a flourish. It’s perfect for sophisticated logos, wedding invitations, and anywhere you need a hint of luxury and elegance.

8. Kaushan Script 

Why it is Girly font: Kaushan Script feels bold and rustic, making it stand out in any design. Its irregular bouncy characters and rough shapes lend it a dynamic energy, ideal for designs that need to draw attention, such as book covers or bold headers.

9. Lobster Two

Why it is Girly font: Lobster Two is a bold, retro script font that features lovely rounded curves. It’s perfect for making statements in branding, headlines, and apparel designs where you want to combine vintage charm with modern style.

10. Marck Script

Why it is Girly font: Marck Script is fluid and natural, almost as if it was drawn with a wet brush. Its informal style is perfect for informal invitations, personal blogs, and any design that desires a touch of handwritten authenticity.

11. Pacifico

Why it is Girly font: Pacifico is a fun, brush-script font inspired by the American surf culture of the 1950s. It’s great for designs that require a laid-back and nostalgic feel, such as promotional materials for beach-themed events or surf shops.

12. Pinyon Script

Why it is Girly font: Pinyon Script is a classic, elegant script with highly detailed letters. It’s ideal for formal occasions, providing a touch of sophistication to certificates, award designs, and elegant branding projects.

13. Railey 

Why it is Girly font: Railey is a beautiful hand-written font that exudes a sense of freedom and creativity. Perfect for artistic projects, personal branding, or anything that needs a handmade touch.

14. Sacramento 

Why it is Girly font: Sacramento is a monoline, semi-connected script inspired by hand-lettering artist brochure work of the 1950s and 1960s. It has a thin, flowing form that works well in retro-themed designs and personal correspondence.

15. Sigher 

Why it is Girly font: Sigher is a modern and versatile script with clean lines and a fresh, contemporary feel. It’s perfect for fashion branding, magazine layouts, and any graphics that require a touch of sleek, stylish script.

16. Sweet Apricot 

Why it is Girly font: Sweet Apricot is not just a name but a reflection of its charm and playfulness. This font is perfect for projects that need a light, airy touch, such as children’s books, cute product packaging, or creative flyers.


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