How To Add a Font to Google Docs?

Make your Google Docs a better place to edit your docs by adding new fonts right away.
How To Add a Font to Google Docs?

Want to make your document on Google Docs easily readable and appealing? While you can enhance the structure, none can make it as good as fonts can do. Continue reading to learn why fonts are important and how to add a font to Google Docs.

Why are Fonts important?

  • Various fonts can help make the document more readable by giving it a clear and well-organized structure.
  • The reader will find the document visually appealing if proper fonts are used.
  • It helps emphasize key points in the document by using different font styles to make the context interesting.
  • The tone of the document can be portrayed by the fonts.
  • It enhances the hierarchy of your document and makes it simpler to navigate.

In addition to the above, there are several instances where fonts can cause a critical impact, so add new fonts on Google Docs through the approaches provided below.

Adding a Font from More Fonts on Google Docs

This approach is the simplest, and if you’re looking for a way to add prominent fonts on Google Docs, this is the best as it doesn’t involve any complicated steps.

  1. To find and change fonts in Google Docs, go to the toolbar at the top of your document, and you can see the default font is set to Arial.
Default Font
  1. The font can be changed like you have done on any Word document by clicking the little arrow on the right side of the font name.
Fonts arrow
  1. You can see from the list of fonts that Google Docs has already provided arguably the best. However, if you are not happy, choose “More Fonts” at the top of the options that appear to add more fonts.
List of fonts
  1. On doing so, you will see a list of new fonts; click on the font you’re interested in, click “OK,” and the font is added.
More Fonts
  1. To use the new font added, navigate to the toolbar, click the arrow again beside the font name, and click your chosen font in the drop-down menu.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to pick multiple fonts at once, and you will have to repeat the steps above to get all the fonts you love, which can be a bit of a hassle.

Adding a Font using Add-Ons

Even though Google Docs offers a variety of prominent fonts, you might not find the one you like. In this instance, the best and simplest way possible is to rely on the font add-ons.

While you can add the add-on of your choice from Google Workspace Marketplace, we are choosing “Extensis Fonts” for demonstration.

  1. To access Google Docs extensions, navigate to the menu bar and look for the “Extensions” option.
  1. Click on the “Extensions” option to find “Add-on.”
  1. On clicking add-ons, expand the Add-ons section, from which choose “Get add-ons” to access the Google Workspace Marketplace.
  1. Use the magnifier icon at the top to search for the font add-on, and when you see the one you’re interested in, click on it.
Extensis Font
  1. Install the Font add-on of your choice by selecting the “Install” option from the extension info menu.
Install Exntensis
  1. Confirm your decision by clicking “Continue” and grant the necessary permissions when prompted to complete the installation process.
Continue - install
  1. Once installed, you will find the Extensis Fonts add-on in your Google Docs document by selecting “Extensions” at the top. Now expand “Extensis Fonts” and click on “Start.”
Start Extensis Font
  1. On the right side, you’ll see the Extensis Fonts menu, which contains a comprehensive list of fonts.
Extensis Fonts menu
  1. The default font list is sorted alphabetically for your convenience. To apply a new font style, highlight the text in your Google Docs document and return to the Extensis Fonts menu.
Font pick

While the “Extensis Font” add-on can help you get new fonts not provided with Google Fonts when sending the document to others, the font can be changed back to defaults on the receiver end, so we suggest this approach for personal use.

Note: The above steps mentioned for how to add a font using an add-on might vary based on the font add-on you have selected. However, rest assured that most steps remain the same and can be used as a reference.

Wrapping up

Congratulations on adding a new font of your choice to the Google Docs!

We hope you have found the font you love, as both approaches are limiting. The reason for sticking to the above approaches is that Google Docs doesn’t provide flexibility to add a local or custom font.

Additionally, be aware that some font add-ons are paid, and Google Docs uses only special web-based fonts; it sometimes wouldn’t be a great use except for personal use.


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