How to Blur Background in Google Meet

Don't like the background? Here's how you can blur the background in Google Meet.
How to Blur Background in Google Meet

Google Meet offers real-time video customization options for its users which allows them to put up filters on the live video along with a few other features including blurring the background or completely changing it.

In today’s round-up, our focus will be on providing an easy-to-follow guide on how to blur the background in Google Meet for our readers. 

How to blur background in Google Meet?

For different operating systems, the settings for blurring the background in live video are slightly different and in this round-up, we will cover the methods for Microsoft Windows, Android, and iOS. 

How to blur the background in Google Meet on Windows 

If you’re using Google Meet on a browser such as Google Chrome, you can easily blur the background by applying visual effects to the video. To apply such visual effects and blur the background, follow these steps:

1. Open Google Meet.

2. Start an instant meeting or join one.

3. Click on the ‘tree dots’ on the screen.

4. Click on ‘Apply Visual Effects’.

5. Select the blur option under ‘No Effect & Blur’.

Keep in mind that you can either slightly blur the background or completely blur the background, it is up to you. The first option under the ‘No Effect & Blur’ menu will slightly blur the background in Google Meet. But, if you choose the second option, the background will be completely blurred. 

Google Meet uses AI technology to detect the face so you don’t really have to worry about your image getting all blurry because only the background will be blurred. And if you ever move away from the frame of your camera, the entire picture will be blurred. 

Similarly, aside from the blur options, there are tons of other background filters offered by Google Meet and you can choose any one of them to completely hide the background. 

How to blur the background in Google Meet on Windows Before Joining? 

If you’re not the host and joining someone’s meeting and want to blur the background before joining, you can do so by applying the visual effects before the meeting. To blur the background in Google Meet before joining, follow these steps:

1. Go to Google Meet.

2. Enter the code for the meeting that you want to join.

3. Wait for Google Meet to redirect you to the joining window.

4. Once redirected, click on ‘Apply Visual Effects’ which is located on the bottom-right corner of your camera window. 

5. Select the ‘Blur’ option from the menu and close the window.

6. Click on ‘Join Now’.

Now you will notice that your background will be blurred and unless you remove the filter yourself, the background will stay blurred for the entire meeting. 

How to blur the background in Google Meet on Android and iOS

If you’re using Google Meet on your Android or iOS device and want to blur the background, you will only need to follow these few steps: 

1. Open Google Meet. 

Note: You can use the Google Meet app or open Gmail and click on the ‘Google Meet’ button.

2. Start an instant meeting and tap on the ‘Apply visual effects’ button that will have 3 stars on it.

3. Tap on the first blur option to slightly blur the image or the second blur option to completely blur the image. 

4. Tap on done. 

On the other hand, if you are joining someone’s meeting and want to blur the background before joining the meeting, follow these steps:

1. Open Google Meet.

2. Type in the code for the meeting. 

3. Click on the ‘Apply visual effects’ button that is displayed on the screen.

4. Choose the blur option.

5. Tap on ‘Join’ to go live. 

Since the interface of Google Meet is the same for both Android and iOS devices, with these steps, you should easily blur the background or change your background to something funny that’ll put a smile on everyone’s face. 

When is it appropriate to blur the background?

From making an ever-lasting impression on your interview to hiding everything in the back for privacy reasons, there are many scenarios where you should use the blur option of Google Meet. 

Most importantly, when you’re joining a meeting in public, the scenes in the background can distract the rest of the people and it would seem unprofessional of you. However, if you use the blurred background, you can easily interact with other people on Google Meet without causing any inconvenience. 

Similarly, if you’re joining an important meeting from your living room, make sure to blur the background to ensure that none of your cat’s nasty habits are exposed to your colleagues. Also, keep the privacy of others in mind when you’re joining a meeting on Google Meet and the best thing to do when you’re surrounded by people is to keep the background blurred. 

In Google Meet, you have the option to select from a variety of background options which include everything from professional-looking living rooms to some of the most iconic places on the planet. However, with the blurred background, others wouldn’t be distracted by your background. 

For corporate and team meetings, having a funny or colorful background could make the wrong impression and to seem professional, make sure to use the blur filter instead of any customized background filter. 


What is Google Meet background image size?

The required dimensions for a Google Meet background are 1920x1090p and you can create a customized image for the background or find a background with such dimensions on the internet easily. 

How can download I Google Meet background?

Unsplash has a massive library of free images that you can use and you can find some professional-looking Google Meet backgrounds here that you can download with just a few clicks without paying a single penny. 

Where can I find funny Google Meet background?

Users can use sites like Imgflip to create their own funny memes for Google Meet or rely on Google images to fund funny Google Meet backgrounds. A graphic designer can also be hired to create hilarious background images for you. 

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