20 Retro Canva Fonts for Timeless Projects

When it comes to design, the charm of retro fonts is timeless. Whether you’re crafting a vintage poster, a throwback social media graphic, or even branding for your business, the right font can transport your audience back in time. Canva offers a treasure trove of fonts that encapsulate the spirit of bygone eras, making it easy for anyone to create stunning, nostalgic designs with just a few clicks. In this article, we’ve listed 20 retro Canva fonts perfect for giving your projects that classic touch. From bold and striking to elegant and understated, these fonts are versatile enough to enhance any project. 

1. Arsenica Antiqua 

Why it is Retro font: This font boasts a distinctly antiquated feel with its serif design reminiscent of early printing. Its vintage aesthetic makes it perfect for projects that aim to evoke a sense of history and tradition.

2. Awesome Lathusca 

Why it is Retro font: With its unique cursive and slightly distorted edges, this font offers a handmade, nostalgic vibe. It’s ideal for designs that require a personal, artisanal touch.

3. Bangers 

Why it is Retro font: Bold and playful, Bangers captures the essence of classic comic book lettering. Its strong presence makes it a great choice for impactful headlines or any project needing a punch of retro energy.

4. Barbra 

Why it is Retro font: This elegant script font harks back to the glamour of the 1950s and 1960s. Its smooth curves and fine lines are perfect for sophisticated invitations or branding that requires a chic retro feel.

5. Bright Retro 

Why it is Retro font: True to its name, this font features vibrant, bold lettering with a groovy twist. It’s excellent for projects that call for a touch of fun 70s flair.

6. Candice 

Why it is Retro font: Characterized by thick, geometric letters, Candice is reminiscent of disco style from the 1970s. This font is ideal for eye-catching statements or any design inspired by that era.

7. Druzhba Retro 

Why it is Retro font: Druzhba Retro brings a Slavic twist to the retro theme, featuring sharp edges and block-like construction that remind one of Soviet-era typography.

8. Frunchy Sage 

Why it is Retro font: This font has a quirky, decorative style with playful serifs and irregular shapes. It adds a whimsical, yet vintage character to any design.

9. Genty 

Why it is Retro font: With a smooth, rounded style, Genty offers a mid-20th-century aesthetic that works well in casual and professional contexts alike.

10. Gliker 

Why it is Retro font: Gliker’s chunky, curved typeface gives off a strong 60s vibe, making it perfect for designs related to music, fashion, or pop culture of that time.

11. Graduate 

Why it is Retro font: Inspired by traditional college apparel fonts, Graduate has a strong, authoritative look that resonates with nostalgia for academic and sports-themed projects.

12. Harlow 

Why it is Retro font: Sleek and stylized, Harlow is a sans serif that’s reminiscent of the streamlined art deco designs of the 1920s and 1930s.

13. Loubag 

Why it is Retro font: This decorative font features intricate details and an old-world feel, suitable for projects that require an elaborate, classical appearance.

14. Lucky Bones 

Why it is Retro font: Lucky Bones brings a rockabilly zest with its tattoo-inspired styling, ideal for projects that channel a vintage or alternative scene.

15. Maiden Orange 

Why it is Retro font: Bright and playful, this font offers a casual, mid-century modern look that’s great for friendly, approachable branding.

16. Margin 

Why it is Retro font: Margin’s clean, mid-20th-century sans serif design makes it incredibly versatile for any project looking to achieve a timeless look.

17. Nectarine 

Why it is Retro font: This font is bold and assertive, with a touch of mid-century optimism, perfect for standout messages that need to convey confidence and energy.

18. Retropix 

Why it is Retro font: A pixelated font that echoes the early days of digital graphics, ideal for retro gaming, technology, or 80s-themed designs.

19. Roller Coaster Serif 

Why it is Retro font: Playful yet readable, this font mimics the ups and downs of a roller coaster, providing a dynamic, engaging feel to designs.

20. Rundeck 

Why it is Retro font: Rundeck’s rounded edges and clean lines offer a modern take on retro styles, making it suitable for contemporary projects that require a hint of nostalgia.


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