A Quick Guide to Using Canva Keyboard Shortcuts

Are you trying to enhance your productivity and efficiency with Canva? Learn different Canva keyboard shortcuts through this guide.
A Quick Guide to Canva Keyboard Shortcuts

It is important to learn and be aware of Canva shortcuts as they help you to navigate the designs and the interface with speed and precision, ensuring a seamless and efficient creative process.

In this guide, we will present you with multiple Canva keyboard shortcuts for Mac and Windows that are divided according to the scenario. For better exposure to shortcuts, we suggest you create a temporary design on Canva and work with the keyboard shortcuts listed in different tables.

Basic Shortcuts

The shortcuts listed below are arguably universal and can be used on various design software without any restrictions. If you’re new to Canva or aren’t aware of using keyboard shortcuts, we suggest you start with the below.

What is it used for?Keyboard Shortcut on WindowsKeyboard Shortcut on Mac
Undo an actionCtrl + ZCommand + Z
Redo an actionCtrl + YCommand + Y
Save changesCtrl + SCommand + S
Select allCtrl + ACommand + A
Add TextTT
Add RectangleRR
Add LineLL
Add CircleCC
Add linkCtrl + KCommand + K
Add emoji (Canva Docs and comments only)Shift + ;Shift + ;
Add empty pageCtrl + EnterCommand + Enter
Delete empty pageCtrl + BackspaceCommand + Backspace
Navigate to toolbarCtrl + F1Command + F1
Skip to canvasCtrl + F2Command + F2
Canva Assistant shortcut/ or Ctrl + E/ or Command + E

Element Shortcuts

If you’re using Canva to develop designs, you interact with elements frequently. While these can be easily managed with a mouse if you’re looking for additional productivity, keyboard shortcuts are the way.

What is it used for?Keyboard Shortcut on WindowsKeyboard Shortcut on Mac
Delete selected elementsBackspace or DeleteDelete
Group elementsCtrl + GCommand + G
Ungroup elementsCtrl + Shift + GCommand + Shift + G
Lock elementAlt + Shift + LOption + Shift + L
Arrange elements forwardCtrl + ]Command + ]
Arrange elements backwardCtrl + [Command + [
Arrange elements to the frontAlt + Ctrl + ]Option + Ctrl + ]
Arrange elements to backAlt + Ctrl + [Option + Ctrl + [
Tidy up elementsAlt + Shift + TOption + Shift + T
Select next/previous elementsTab or Shift + TabTab or Shift + Tab

Edit Text Shortcuts

Considering a design arguably features multiple text boxes, except for a few, it is important to get a hold of the text shortcuts. Doing this is important as it comes in handy in most designs, especially while working on designs that involve a lot of text.

Note: For the below shortcuts to work, ensure you select the text inside the text box. Doing so is crucial as the shortcuts work only when the text is selected.

What is it used for?Keyboard Shortcut on WindowsKeyboard Shortcut on Mac
Open font menuShift + Ctrl + FShift + Command + F
Find and replaceCtrl + FCommand + F
Bold textCtrl + BCommand + B
Italicise textCtrl + ICommand + I
Underline the text Ctrl + UCommand + U
Uppercase Shift + Ctrl + KShift + Command + K
Left align the textShift + Ctrl + LShift + Command + L
Centre align the text Shift + Ctrl + CShift + Command + C
Right align the text Shift + Ctrl + RShift + Command + R
Justify text Shift + Ctrl + JShift + Command + J
Decrease font size by oneShift + Ctrl + ,Shift + Command + ,
Increase font size by oneShift + Ctrl + .Shift + Command + .
Decrease line spacingAlt + Ctrl + DownOption + Command + Down
Increase line spacingAlt + Ctrl + UpOption + Command + Up
Decrease letter spacingAlt + Ctrl + ,Option + Command + ,
Increase letter spacing Alt + Ctrl + .Option + Command + .
Anchor text to topCtrl + Shift + HCommand + Shift + H
Anchor text to middleCtrl + Shift + MCommand + Shift + M
Anchor text to bottomCtrl + Shift + BCommand + Shift + B
Numbered listCtrl + Shift + 7Command + Shift + 7
Bulleted listCtrl + Shift + 8Command + Shift + 8
Copy text styleAlt + Ctrl + COption + Command + C
Paste text styleAlt + Ctrl + VOption + Command + V

Zooming Shortcuts

While working on a design that features multiple elements, there might be chances for imperfection. To avoid this, you can use zoom in/out. Also, you can set the design to your liking, and below are keyboard shortcuts for these.

What is it used for?Keyboard Shortcut on WindowsKeyboard Shortcut on Mac
Zoom inCtrl + +Command + +
Zoom outCtrl + Command +
Zoom to actual sizeCtrl + OCommand + O
Zoom to fitAlt + Ctrl + OOption + Command + O
Zoom to the actual sizeShift + Ctrl + OShift + Command + O

View Shortcuts

View shortcuts are extremely handy, especially when you’re dealing with designs that feature multiple pages. By learning the shortcuts listed in this section, you can manage pages with ease on Canva.

What is it used for?Keyboard Shortcut on WindowsKeyboard Shortcut on Mac
Toggle rulers and guidesShift + RShift + R
Toggle sidebarCtrl + /Command + /
Scrolling viewAlt + Ctrl + 1Option + Command + 1
Thumbnail viewAlt + Ctrl + 2Option + Command + 2
Grid viewAlt + Ctrl + 3Option + Command + 3
Presentation modeAlt + Ctrl + POption + Command + P

Comment shortcuts

While working on the design in Canva, it is important to learn how to leave comments for reference or others working on the design. Once you get a hold of it, you might notice that leaving multiple comments can be frustrating. In such a scenario, we suggest you use the below shortcuts curated for easier working with comments.

What is it used for?Keyboard Shortcut on WindowsKeyboard Shortcut on Mac
Add commentAlt + Ctrl + NOption + Command + N
Add emojiShift + ;Shift + ;
Next commentNN
Previous commentShift + NShift + N
Focus on comments in the selectionCtrl + 5Command + 5

Wrapping Up

Congratulations on learning Canva keyboard shortcuts!

While we have covered most Canva keyboard shortcuts, we might have missed a few. However, don’t worry, as the above listed are crucial ones, and using them can significantly enhance your productivity and efficiency.

Note: It isn’t important to memorize all, and we suggest you consider remembering the ones that you frequently work with. If you’re having any difficulties using these, try experimenting on a sample design before working on important designs.


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