Best 70s Fonts for Canva

Check out the best 70s fonts for Canva to make stunning and chic designs now!

Graphic design enthusiasts know the pivotal role fonts play in creating stunning visuals. Fortunately, Canva simplifies the process of incorporating fantastic fonts into your designs. In this comprehensive guide, our team of design experts will walk you through a curated list of the best 70s fonts for Canva, offering a nostalgic journey through the bold, dynamic, and experimental typography of that era.

What is So Special About 70s Fonts?

The 70s marked a period of bold design experimentation reflected in diverse and unconventional typography. Fonts showcased dynamic features, employing exaggerated letterforms and thick strokes. 

Rounded and curved shapes brought a playful and whimsical quality, while slab serif fonts made a strong visual impact. Script and hand-drawn fonts conveyed a laid-back vibe. Geometric fonts, influenced by the era’s fascination with science and technology, featured clean lines. 

Many 70s fonts had a retro charm, playing on the fondness for vintage design. Designers infused a sense of playfulness using unconventional shapes and colors for a light-hearted aesthetic. The emergence of futuristic fonts hinted at anticipation for technological and social changes in the new decade.

What are the Best 70s Fonts For Canva?

Now that we’ve covered the fundamentals, let’s delve into some of the prominent 70s fonts available on Canva. In the following sections, we’ve curated a list of our favorite fonts, some accessible with a free subscription, while others require a Canva Pro plan.

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Grand Hotel

grand hotel font

Grand Hotel, as the name suggests, resembles logos often seen in hotels. While it can be used in all uppercase letters, it is more visually appealing with a mix of upper and lowercase options. Similar to Metropolis, it complements darker colors and has a slimmer design, making it suitable for a minimalist aesthetic.


Harlow font

Harlow, a favorite Canva 70s font, reminiscent of classic Looney Tunes credits, strikes a balance between playfulness and structure. With customization options for multiple colors, it works well for headings in restaurant menus or digital products like weekly planners. However, it’s important to note that beyond its default styling, bolding or italicizing Harlow is limited.

Harlow Solid Italic

harlow solid italic font

For a more simplified look, Harlow Solid is a variant worth exploring. With a bolder appearance that fills out more of the frame, it is particularly effective when used with brighter colors like brown, yellow, and amber. Harlow Solid is recommended for logos, titles, or main headers but may pose readability challenges in longer paragraphs.

Lucidity Psych Outline

lucidity psych outline font

Lucidity Psych Outline, another compelling 70s font on Canva, combines a 1970s aesthetic with a touch of modernity. Closer spacing and rounded edges give it a unique feel. Customization options include outer edge colors and the ability to underline text. This font is versatile and can be used in presentations, album covers, and notepads.

Tropika Script

tropika script font in red

Tropika Script strikes a balance between boldness and sleek playfulness. With joined lowercase letters, it finds application in various scenarios, including educational institutions or online stores specializing in 1970s-themed clothing.


rotterin font in pink and blue

Another Canva Pro font, Rotterin, aims to replicate the famous 1970s aesthetic with a handwriting style. Featuring joined-up letters, it is an excellent choice for freelancers designing their websites or creating headers for social media accounts.


gliker font in purple

Returning to free fonts on Canva, Gliker shares similarities with Nectarine but introduces a mix of upper and lowercase letters. Care should be taken with boldening, as it may impact readability. This font pairs well with similar colors used for Nectarine, such as blue, orange, and purple.


genty font in lime green

Genty combines features from Gilker SemiBold and Harlow, offering a 3D feel. Suited for titles or headings, it finds application in designs like charts, calendars, and eBooks. Brighter colors work best with Genty, elevating its visual appeal.

Colo Pro

colo pro regular font

While the fonts discussed so far are accessible with a free Canva subscription, Colo Pro is exclusive to Canva Pro. With bold, well-rounded letters and solid colors, Colo Pro exudes a video game aesthetic. It is available in both upper and lowercase letters, but using all uppercase enhances its visual impact. Suitable for logos, it might also serve well in discount store branding.


satisfy font in blue

For those seeking a less bold option, Satisfy provides a handy solution. Ideal for fitting everything on one line in logos or titles, it features wider spacing between letters compared to other fonts. Its versatility allows for use in both headings and the main body of text.


nectarine font in yellow

Nectarine departs from the conventional by featuring only capital letters. Bold and reminiscent of Lucidity Psych Outline, it shines with a 3D look, especially when effects like shadows are added. Ideal for creating 1970s-style logo t-shirts or band logos, Nectarine pairs well with colors like blue, purple, red, and aqua.


pacifico font in green

Resembling fonts like Satisfy and Tropika Script, Pacifico features rounded edges, making it a fun choice for brands associated with summer or warmer weather. Its slightly larger words and different spaces between letters contribute to a distinct aesthetic.


metropolis font in maroon

For those aiming for a 1970s US city aesthetic, Metropolis stands out with its straighter lines. Unlike some fonts discussed earlier, Metropolis works better with darker colors, making it suitable for both print and digital media. All-uppercase letters contribute to its unique style.


yellowtail font in white with yellow background

Yellowtail, an italicized version of Grand Hotel, exudes a writing feel. Ideal for writers looking to showcase their work, especially in novels or other book-related contexts, Yellowtail finds utility in designing brochures, book covers, and various creative endeavors.


kingsman font in black

Exclusive to Canva Pro, Kingsman shares features with Yellowtail and Grand Hotel, featuring a handwriting style and joined-up letters. However, Kingsman introduces a more conformist look, making it suitable for scenarios where creative freedom is desired, but structure is equally important.


boardley regular font

For a thicker style than Kingsman, Boardley is worth considering. While maintaining features found in Kingsman, each letter consumes more space, making it eye-catching. Suitable for logos, t-shirts, and physical notepads, Boardley offers a distinct visual impact.


spiro best 70s fonts for canva in US flag color

Concluding our exploration of 70s fonts on Canva, Spiro, available with a Canva Pro subscription, features free-flowing letters with block colors in the middle. Similar to Lucidity Psych Outline but with block-colored words, Spiro is versatile and complements brands with both older and modern aesthetics. Suitable for use with various colors, it pairs well with shades of blue and purple.


By exploring these fonts on Canva, designers can add a touch of the 70s to their creations, catering to diverse styles and preferences. Whether aiming for a playful and bold look or a more minimalist and sleek design, the variety of fonts available ensures that there’s something for every creative endeavor.


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