Best Handwritten Fonts in Canva for Engaging Designs

Check out all the best handwritten fonts in Canva and how to use them for engaging designs!
Best Handwritten Fonts in Canva

Looking for the best-handwritten fonts in Canva but don’t know where to start? No worries as we are here to help you out!

The best handwritten fonts in Canva include Alex Brush, Beth Ellen, Coming Soon, Hibernate, Avocado Regular, Pecita, etc. Canva has 100+ handwritten fonts ranging from cursive, juvenile, grunge, playful, etc. 

You can easily access all the handwritten fonts in Canva. But we have more examples for you so you can use them for designs, posters, social media posts, apparel designs, invitations, and ads. So, let’s get started and check out the best handwritten fonts in Canva!

Best Handwritten Fonts in Canva

The authentic and personal touch in handwritten fonts makes a design super special. That’s why Canva provides tons of free handwriting fonts for you. Here are the most famous handwritten fonts that you can use for your designs!


The most famous font on Canva for handwritten effects is “Handwritten”. This design is suitable for a design targeted at kids or teens. The design leans left and right giving a juvenile feel. 

Useful for: Birthday Parties, Kid-Centric Businesses, Kids-Clinics, Educational Institutions (kindergarten, preschool, primary school), and Day Care.

Alex Brush

alex brush font in pink

Alex Brush has a very sophisticated feel inspired by calligraphy font. It brings a professional yet personal touch to the designs and can be used for any elegant design. The dramatic caps of Alex Brush bring soul to the designs.

Useful for: Calligraphy Designs, Wedding Cards, Invitation Letters, Personal Letters, Bridal Showers Designs, Ball Gown Invitations, etc.

Beth Ellen

beth ellen font in red

Beth Ellen is a beautiful handwritten font available on Canva with a joyful impact. The designer came up with it after the death of their mother Beth Ellen so it has a lot of sentiments and personal touch.

Useful for: Children’s Birthday Parties, Themed Party Invitations, Apparel Designs, Packaging, etc.


sigher font in purple

Sigher has a vintage handwritten vibe. The grunge style is perfect for making professional designs within a grunge-themed. 

Useful for: Wedding Invitations, Themed Party Invitations, Apparel Designs, Promotional Posts, etc.


signature font in blue

Signature font has a stylish and elegant look that will make your designs look personal yet professional. It also has a calligraphic touch to it giving a subtle yet decent look. It is amazing for minimalistic designs.

Useful For: Elegant Party Invitations, Wedding Invitations, Apparel Designs, Posters, Themed Parties, Presentations. 


femen font

Femen has a minimalist appearance with a clean design perfect for elegant posts and posters. Being a handwritten design, it is quite clear and easy to understand so you can also use it for websites. 

Useful for: Digital Publications, Birthday Party Invitations, Apps, etc.

Avocado Regular

avocado regular

Avocado Regular has a calligraphic feel suitable for minimalist-themed invitation cards or websites. It is a chic font with a lot of practical uses. The thickness is perfect to read and understand with clarity so you can also use it professionally.

Useful for: Wedding Invitations, Wedding Websites, Apparel Designs, Minimalist Graphics, etc.


celandine font in blue

Celandine has a grunge vibe but with a touch of elegance. The font is symmetrical making it perfect for professional websites and apps too. Also, the font has enough clarity due to the thick size and symmetry. 

Useful for: Grunge Websites, Themed-Party Invitations, Posters, etc.


Pecita purple font best handwritten fonts in canva

Pecita is a cute handwritten font with connected representation. The asymmetry of the font makes it look very natural. The complex features of the font make it reach the handwritten font level precisely. 

Useful for: Themed Invitations, Kids Birthday Party Posters and Invitations, Children-Targeted Ads and Billboards, Apparel Designs, etc.

Phitradesign Handwritten

phitradesign handwritten font

Phitradesign has narrow letters with a sleek design. It has an out-of-the-box and contemporary feel suitable for any website and app looking for a chic design. The font has enough clarity to read from afar so it can be used for professional branding.

Useful for: Chic Websites, Brand Posters, Social Media Posts, Invitations for Kids’ Birthday Parties, Themed Party Invites, etc.

Bright Sunshine

bright sunshine font in green

Bright Sunshine has a beautiful and elegant design with delicate strokes and curves. It resembles handwriting quite well and is perfect for any contemporary website. You can use Bright Sunshine for minimalist-themed designs, apps, apparel, etc. 

Useful for: Wedding Invitations, Minimalist-Themed Invitations, Vintage Designs, Posters, Apparels, etc.

Canva Student Font Dotted

canva student font dotted in orange

Canva Student Font Dotted is a simple font with a dotted appearance. It has a straight-up sans-serif design with the uniqueness of dots. You can use it for any children-targeted business or a playful design. 

Useful for: Children’s Birthday Party Invitations, Kids-Targeted Websites or Posters, Social Media Posts, etc.

Permanent Marker

Permanent Marker literally writes like a permanent marker in real-time. It has enough thickness to be clear so you can use it professionally for any design. It’s an all-caps font with a laid-back and simple appearance.

Useful for: Apparel Designs, Chic Websites and Posters, Social Media Posts, Book Covers, etc.

Coming Soon

coming soon font in blue

Coming Soon has a simple design with quite a natural look. It has an elegant element to it with little dancing characters and can be used for various designs.

Useful for: Logos, Social Media Posts, Apparel Designs, etc.


hibernate font in pink

Hibernate is a playful handwritten font available on Canva. It has a juvenile feel to it and is best for children-target designs or for a joyful effect in a design. The connected glyphs provide a clean design while the asymmetry of the font makes it look fun.

Useful for: Book Covers, Social Media Posts, Apparel Designs, Logos, Posters, Contemporary Ads, Banners, etc.

HIbernate Two

hibernate two font in lavender

Hibernate Two is the second edition of the Hibernate handwritten font. Hibernate Two is more smudged with more spacing between the letters so it has a better handwritten font feel. But it looks less elegant and professional because of how playful and juvenile this font is.

Useful for: T-shirts, Logos, Posters, Social Media Posts, Children-Targeted Ads, etc. 

Jo Wrote a Love Song

Jo wrote a lovesong font

Jo Wrote a Love Song is quite a unique font as it gives the effect of pen strokes. It has an edgy feel to it, perfect for graphics. It looks like a street art or graffiti kind of font.

Useful for: Grunge Designs, Apparel Designs, Posters, Themed-Invitations, Wall Art, Logos, etc.

Gochi Hand

gochi hand font in mustard

Gochi’s hand has a juvenile appearance perfect for anything targeted towards children. It resembles the handwriting of a teenager and looks very simple. The chic effect makes it suitable for various designs.

Useful for: Apparel Designs, Teenager’s and Children’s Birthday Party Invitations, Websites and Apps Targeted at Kids, Nurseries, etc.

How to Use the Best Handwritten Fonts in Canva?

You can use all the handwritten fonts easily in Canva. All you have to do is follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open a design in Canva.
  • Click on the third option on the left side saying “Text”.
  • Type the name of the font you want to use in the search bar.
  • You can also search for more handwritten fonts by simply typing “Handwriting Fonts” in the search bar. It will provide you with a list of all such fonts, both free and paid ones.

You can also add your own fonts to Canva by clicking this video link!


Which Font Looks Like Handwriting in Canva?

Canva has a ton of handwriting fonts with different appearances such as teenager’s handwriting, grunge handwriting, calligraphy handwriting, elegant handwriting, etc. Fonts like Alex Brush, Avocado Regular, Hibernate, and Coming Soon, are some good Canva handwriting fonts.

Which Font Mimics Cursive Handwriting?

Anatasia Script and Distillery Script both have a cursive handwriting feel. Both these fonts are available on Canva and you can use them for various designs for free.


Now you know all about the best handwritten fonts in Canva and how you can access them. Some handwritten Canva fonts are paid while others are free. Whether you want cursive handwriting or juvenile handwriting, Canva has all the fonts for you!


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