17 Best Sans Serif Fonts in Canva for a Clean & Modern Look Designs

Having a clean and modern design is crucial for catching the eye of your audience. Fonts play a pivotal role in achieving this, and designers often choose sans serif fonts for their simplicity and readability. In this article, we will guide you through 17 of the best sans serif fonts available in Canva, which are perfect for creating designs with a clean and modern aesthetic. Choosing the right font can be a game-changer for your design’s effectiveness and appeal. Let’s discover each font on how they can enhance your design projects with their sleek and contemporary looks. These fonts are known for their readability and versatility, making them excellent choices for a variety of design projects that require a modern and clean aesthetic.

1. Alegreya Sans

Why it is best sans serif font:  Alegreya Sans is a humanist sans serif font known for its dynamic and varied rhythm, which makes it feel friendly and approachable. Its inclusion in this list is due to its excellent legibility and versatility, allowing it to be used in both text and display contexts, perfect for modern layouts.

2. Atkinson Hyperlegible

Why it is best sans serif font: Designed with a focus on legibility for visually impaired readers, Atkinson Hyperlegible boasts high-contrast letterforms and distinct character shapes. This font’s clear, easy-to-read style makes it ideal for modern designs that prioritize accessibility and readability.

3. Bricolage Grotesque

Why it is best sans serif font: Bricolage Grotesque stands out with its unique character shapes and slightly condensed proportions, giving it a modern, efficient vibe. Its clean lines and straightforward appearance make it a great choice for contemporary designs seeking a touch of uniqueness.

4. CMU Serif

 Why it is best sans serif font: While primarily known as a serif font, CMU Serif’s sans-serif variant provides a clean and clear typeface suitable for academic and professional settings. Its inclusion is due to its precise and formal appearance, which aligns well with modern design principles that favor clarity and straightforwardness.

5. Droid Serif

Why it is best sans serif font: Droid Serif, despite its name, includes sans serif versions that offer a friendly and approachable look, ideal for digital interfaces. Its open forms and readable design ensure it fits perfectly in modern, user-centric designs.

6. Futura

 Why it is best sans serif font: Futura is a geometric sans serif font famous for its efficiency and forwardness. Its clean and simple shapes are emblematic of modernist design, making it a timeless choice for a sleek, contemporary aesthetic.

7. Garet

 Why it is best sans serif font: Garet is a sans-serif font that blends geometric precision with subtle humanistic touches, resulting in a balanced and contemporary look. Its clean and open appearance makes it versatile for various modern design applications.

8. Helvetica

 Why it is best sans serif font: A quintessential sans serif font, Helvetica is renowned for its neutrality and readability. Its simple and clean design has made it a staple in the world of typography, perfectly embodying the essence of modern, minimalist design.

9. Lato

Why it is best sans serif font: Lato is a sans-serif font characterized by its semi-rounded details and strong structure. It provides a sense of warmth and stability, making it a solid choice for contemporary designs that require both professionalism and friendliness.

10. Liberation Sans

 Why it is best sans serif font: Designed as a free alternative to popular sans serif fonts, Liberation Sans offers excellent legibility and a classic, timeless appearance. It’s well-suited for modern designs that demand clarity and simplicity.

11. Montserrat

Why it is best sans serif font: Inspired by the urban typography of Buenos Aires, Montserrat has a geometric yet humanistic design, offering versatility and contemporary flair. Its wide range of weights makes it suitable for a variety of modern design projects.

12. Open Sans

 Why it is best sans serif font: Known for its legibility and clean appearance, Open Sans is a friendly and neutral sans-serif font. It’s widely used in digital design due to its readability and modern aesthetics.

13. Proxima Nova

 Why it is best sans serif font: Proxima Nova blends modern proportions with a geometric appearance, offering a hybrid that balances readability with a stylish, contemporary feel. Its wide range of weights and styles makes it a flexible choice for modern design needs.

14. Public Sans

 Why it is best sans serif font: A strong, neutral, and open-source sans serif typeface, Public Sans is designed for high legibility and a clean, modern aesthetic. It is well-suited for text-heavy interfaces and minimalist designs.

15. Rustic Printed

 Why it is best sans serif font: While its name might suggest an aged appearance, Rustic Printed offers a sans-serif design that adds a touch of character and warmth to modern layouts, making it unique for designs that seek a blend of the old and new.

16. Source Sans Pro

Why it is best sans serif font: Adobe’s first open-source typeface, Source Sans Pro, is designed for user interfaces and legibility. Its unassuming and professional appearance makes it a go-to font for modern, text-focused designs.

17. Touvlo 

Why it is best sans serif font: Touvlo is a font with clean lines and geometric forms, providing a modern and minimalistic look. Its clear, straightforward style makes it ideal for contemporary designs that prioritize clarity and simplicity.


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