16 Magazine Fonts in Canva for a Stunning Layout

Choosing the right font is crucial for any magazine as it can completely transform its look and feel, making it more appealing and reader-friendly. Fonts play a crucial role in setting the tone and personality of your publication. From elegant serifs that convey sophistication, to sleek sans-serifs that give a modern edge, these fonts are chosen for their versatility, readability, and style. In this article, we will explore 16 stunning fonts available in Canva that are perfect for magazine layouts. Whether you want to refresh your magazine’s design or start a new publication, these fonts will help you create layouts that are not only visually striking but also resonate with your readers. 

1. Alegreya

Why it is an Ideal Magazine font: Alegreya is a serif font that brings a dynamic and varied rhythm to the page, making it engaging for readers. Its slightly condensed letters with rounded features give it a warm and accessible appearance. It’s ideal for magazines because it’s highly readable in text bodies and has a distinctive character in larger sizes, which is great for headlines.

2. Arimo

Why it is an Ideal Magazine font: Arimo offers the cleanliness and neutrality of a sans-serif with the readability of classic fonts like Arial. Its open shapes and friendly curves make it versatile for both text and headlines, suitable for a modern magazine layout that requires a straightforward, approachable look.

3. Arvo

Why it is an Ideal Magazine font: Arvo is a geometric slab serif that conveys reliability and professionalism. With its strong presence and clear readability, it works well for headlines and titles, providing a stable foundation for designs that aim to be both attractive and authoritative.

4. Gilroy

Why it is an Ideal Magazine font: Gilroy is a modern sans-serif with a geometric touch. Known for its friendly yet professional appearance, it’s incredibly versatile for all types of magazine layouts, offering a wide range of weights that can fit various design needs, from bold headlines to subtle captions.

5. Josefin Sans

Why it is an Ideal Magazine font: This elegant sans-serif has a vintage yet modern feel, characterized by its geometric, clean lines and classic simplicity. Its light and airy style makes it perfect for lifestyle or fashion magazines, providing a sophisticated touch to the page.

6. Lato

Why it is an Ideal Magazine font: Lato is a sans-serif font that balances classic and contemporary tones, making it extremely versatile for magazine layouts. Its semi-rounded details and strong structure provide a sense of warmth and stability, suitable for both body text and headings.

7. Libre Baskerville

Why it is an Ideal Magazine font: Designed for digital reading, Libre Baskerville is a revival of the classic Baskerville typefaces. With its well-crafted serifs and elegant curves, it brings a timeless sophistication to magazine articles, especially in the humanities and literature fields.

8. Lora

Why it is an Ideal Magazine font: Lora is a well-balanced serif with roots in calligraphy, giving it a flowing and cohesive feel. Its brush-like curves make it ideal for magazines aiming for a refined and artistic look, without sacrificing readability in longer texts.

9. Merriweather

Why it is an Ideal Magazine font: This serif font is designed for on-screen reading, featuring large letterforms with natural, open shapes that make it easy to read in any size. Its robust yet graceful style makes it suitable for both detailed body text and impactful headlines.

10. Nunito

Why it is an Ideal Magazine font: Nunito is a well-rounded sans-serif font family that’s perfect for magazines looking for a friendly and slightly rounded typeface. It’s great for all types of content, providing a soft, approachable look while maintaining excellent legibility.

11. Playfair Display

Why it is an Ideal Magazine font: With its high-contrast letterforms and distinctive style, Playfair Display brings a touch of luxury and boldness to magazine headings and titles, reminiscent of the European Enlightenment’s typographical styles.

12. Poppins

Why it is an Ideal Magazine font: Poppins is a geometric sans-serif that offers a sleek, clean line and simple forms, making it ideal for contemporary magazines. Its uniformity and clarity make it easy to pair with more decorative fonts for a balanced layout.

13. PT Sans

Designed for use in both web and print, PT Sans is a humanist sans-serif that combines open forms with a neutral appearance, making it suitable for a wide range of magazine genres, from business to technology.

14. PT Serif

Why it is an Ideal Magazine font: The serif companion to PT Sans, PT Serif, features transitional elements and a more pronounced character. It’s excellent for editorial content in magazines, offering both elegance and excellent readability.

15. Quicksand

Why it is an Ideal Magazine font: This sans-serif font has rounded letterforms and a clean, minimalist style. Its light and airy appearance makes it ideal for casual, lifestyle, or fashion magazines that aim for a modern, friendly vibe.

16. Raleway

Why it is an Ideal Magazine font: Originally designed as a single weight, Raleway has evolved into a family that is both elegant and versatile. Its clean lines and sophisticated look make it perfect for high-end magazine layouts that require a touch of finesse.


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