20 Best Scary Fonts in Canva for Haunting Designs

Designing spooky themes can be an exciting journey, especially when you have the right font to create a haunting masterpiece. The perfect font can set the mood for ghostly tales and horror stories, transforming a simple design into a terrifying work of art. In this article, we will be exploring the 20 best scary fonts available in Canva. These fonts are perfect for adding a touch of terror to your designs, featuring blood-dripping characters, eerie ghostly strokes, and other chilling effects to help you craft the most frightful and captivating visuals.

1. Abys

What makes it a scary font: Abys is an experimental font with jagged edges and a distressed appearance, making it perfect for horror-themed projects. Its irregular, depth-inducing style is ideal for creating a sense of unease and mystery. Best used in horror movie posters, spooky event invitations, or eerie book covers.

2. Amstrong

What makes it a scary font: This bold, assertive font has sharp edges and a menacing presence, embodying strength and intimidation. Its impactful style makes it a go-to for titles in horror game designs, thriller book covers, or any design needing a strong, frightening impact.

3. Beast

What makes it a scary font: With its heavy, blocky letters, Beast conveys power and aggression. Its solid, imposing letters are perfect for creating an ominous atmosphere in horror-themed designs, making it suitable for concert posters, dark fantasy book covers, or menacing logos.

4. Butcherman

What makes it a scary font: As the name suggests, Butcherman has a gruesome, bloody aesthetic, mimicking the look of horror movie titles. This font is perfect for Halloween designs, horror film promotions, or any project that needs a gory, unsettling touch.

5.Charu Chandan Blood Drip

What makes it a scary font: This font features letters that appear to be dripping with blood, creating an immediate visual impact of horror and gore. It’s ideal for Halloween party invitations, horror-themed graphics, or any design aiming to evoke fear and disgust.

6. Drunken Hour

What makes it a scary font: With its uneven, staggered lettering, Drunken Hour suggests instability and chaos, fitting for psychological thriller book covers, eerie posters, or any design meant to disorient and spook the viewer.

7. Hellprint

What makes it a scary font: Hellprint’s sharp, angular letterforms give it a demonic, unearthly feel, perfect for heavy metal band logos, occult-themed designs, or anything requiring a hellish, intimidating appearance.

8. Hours

What makes it a scary font: This font has a timeless, slightly eroded look that evokes a sense of decay and the past, making it ideal for historical horror stories, ghostly book covers, or any design that aims to conjure an aura of aged mystery.

9. Jeepers

What makes it a scary font: Inspired by vintage horror aesthetics, Jeepers has a playful yet creepy style, suitable for retro horror movie posters, spooky party invites, or any project that needs a touch of nostalgic horror.

10. Kust

What makes it a scary font: Handwritten with a brush, Kust’s irregular and scratchy style imparts a personal, unsettling feel, great for psychological thriller covers, horror storybooks, or eerie, handwritten notes in games or stories.

11. Lotus Eater Sans 

What makes it a scary font: A clean yet subtly distorted sans-serif font, Lotus Eater Sans brings a modern, eerie twist to minimalist designs, ideal for contemporary horror movie titles, suspenseful book covers, or stylishly creepy web designs.

12. Monoton

What makes it a scary font: Its repetitive, mechanical nature gives Monoton an unsettling, inhuman quality, perfect for sci-fi horror themes, robotic apocalypse designs, or any project that needs a cold, relentless touch.

13. Nectarine

What makes it a scary font: Nectarine has a sweet, inviting appearance at first glance but reveals a sinister, unsettling edge upon closer inspection, making it great for psychological horror, deceptive themes, or any design that plays with contrasts.

14. Rubik Beastly

What makes it a scary font: A variant of the Rubik font, Rubik Beastly adds a monstrous twist to the familiar, making it great for projects that blend the ordinary with the horrific, such as urban fantasy book covers or creepy, animated web content.

15. Scary Stories

What makes it a scary font: With its irregular shapes and shadowy effects, Scary Stories is perfect for invoking a sense of fear and anticipation, suitable for children’s horror storybooks, eerie animations, or Halloween-themed designs.

16. Shlop

What makes it a scary font: Gooey and dripping, Shlop looks like it’s melting or decaying, perfect for creating a grotesque, horror-filled atmosphere in graphic novels, horror game titles, or haunted house signage.

17. Stella

What makes it a scary font: Stella combines elegance with a hint of sinister flair, making it ideal for sophisticated horror designs, like upscale horror movie posters, elegant gothic book covers, or luxury Halloween event invitations.

18. Tallow Sans Pen

What makes it a scary font: Its handwritten appearance adds a personal, unsettling touch, great for conveying madness or obsession in horror story narratives, personal diaries in horror games, or creepy, hand-written notes.

19. The Mariam

What makes it a scary font: With its sharp, angular lines and slightly disjointed appearance, The Mariam evokes a sense of ancient curses and forgotten scripts, suitable for supernatural thriller titles, occult texts, or historical horror narratives.


What makes it a scary font: This Gothic, calligraphy-style font harks back to medieval times, bringing a sense of old-world horror and gravitas to any project, perfect for historical horror stories, gothic novels, or documentary titles on the macabre.


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