How To Add a Text Box in Canva

Are you trying to add text to your design in Canva? Learn how to do it with ease through the easy steps below.
Add and Manage Text Box in Canva

Canva offers various elements, including text boxes, to work with and add to the design. This guide will help you add and modify a text box to address all text-related requirements within Canva for your designs.

Text Box in Canva – Complete Guide

Before adding and using text box, start by navigating to Canva on your browser and signing in with your credentials. Now, start with an existing design listed in Recent designs or start fresh using Create a new design button.

Adding Text box and Inserting Text:

  1. Start by pressing T to add a text box to the design. Alternatively, navigate to the Editor panel on the left, click on Text, and click on Add a text box or the Default text styles/Font Combinations.
Text option in Editor panel
  1. With the text box added you will find the text highlighted inside, stating that the text has been selected. If it isn’t selected, double-click on it.
Add a text box
  1. Now, start typing in the text, and you will notice the text added to it.
Text added to the text box

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Manage Fonts, Font Size and Style

  1. With the text box added and text inserted, manage its font by clicking on the Font dropdown from the editor toolbar at the top. To do so, open the Font panel on the left.
Font panel
  1. You can adjust the font size next to the font drop-down menu in the editor toolbar. Click on – to decrease the font size and + to increase.
Font Size
  1. If you’re trying to change the color and font style of the text, find the options next to the Font Size on the editor toolbar. Now, you have several options [Refer to the image below to recognize them].
Text color and Style

Canva’s Text Styles and Shapes

  1. Alongside the conventional styles, Canva also offers a few styles and shapes to work with. To access them, click Effects on the Editor toolbar.
  1. Doing so opens the Effects panel to the left and is presented with the Style and Shape section. Now, click on any based on your requirements and adjust the style/shape if sliders are provided.
Style and Shape

Adjust the Text Box Size

  1. While you can adjust the text box size using the pills around it or do it automatically by increasing the font size, if you’re specific, click on Position.
  1. Doing so, you’re displayed with the Arrange tab on the left. Now, navigate to the Advanced section and adjust the values accordingly.
Arrange tab

Wrapping Up

Congratulations on learning how to add and manage text boxes in Canva!

In this guide, we included everything necessary to manage the text box. While it is arguably everything, use Canva apps that deal with text boxes for more options and control.

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