How To Mirror Text in Canva

Unfortunately, Canva doesn’t let you mirror text. However, worry not, as there is a way through the steps below.
Mirror Text in Canva

Canva comes with multiple reliable editing tools, and fortunately, there is a tool for mirroring the elements. However, there lies a limitation as this tool works with some aspects like images and graphics.

This limitation is carried onto text boxes, and there isn’t any tool to mirror it. Hence, as a way around, we have come up with a way to mimic it, and here are steps for it:

Mirror Text in Canva

  1. Begin by going to Canva and logging in using your credentials. After signing in, select the Create a design option on the main screen and pick a design. Alternatively, you can click the Custom size button and input dimensions to generate a custom design.
Custom size options on home screen
  1. Now, press T to add a text box after the new/existing design is loaded. Next, replace the text with the text you want to change to get started.
Add text box to the design
  1. Once the text box fits your requirements, navigate to the top right corner and click the Share button. Next, select Download from the list of options, and once the download options are displayed, set the File type as PNG and click on the Download button.
Download the design
  1. With the design featuring the text downloaded, ensure you crop the unnecessary area so it matches the dimensions of the text box. Also, try to remove the background for best results.
  2. After the downloaded image is cropped, upload it to Canva by clicking on the Upload files button from the Uploads tab on the Editor panel.
Crop and upload the image
  1. If you have followed the steps correctly and uploaded the text as an image, add it to the design by clicking on it. After the image is added to the canvas, click on it to reveal options at the top, and then choose the Flip option.
  2. For demonstration, we have clicked on Flip vertical to mirror the text, and here is how it looks.
Flip vertical
  1. Likewise, you can also flip the image horizontally by clicking on Flip horizontal to create the horizontal mirror effect.
Flip horizontal

Wrapping Up

Congratulations on learning how to mirror text in Canva!

While the above approach works fine, the most significant limitation is that the image of the text loses resolution after processing and editing it multiple times. Hence, as an alternative, consider using photo editing tools like Adobe Photoshop, as it offers built-in tools to flip text immediately without hassle, like in Canva.  

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