15 Best Watercolor Fonts on Canva for Stunning Designs

Creating visually appealing designs is made easier with the right fonts. When it comes to adding a touch of artistry and charm to your projects, watercolor fonts can be a game-changer. On Canva you can find a variety of watercolor fonts that bring a unique and creative flair to your creations. From elegant scripts to bold brushstrokes, these fonts offer a range of styles to suit different design needs. In this article, we’ll explore 15 of the best watercolor fonts available on Canva that can help elevate your designs and make them truly stunning.

1. Brusher

Why it’s best Watercolor font: The dynamic and impactful nature of Brusher adds vibrancy and a personal touch to any design, perfectly capturing the essence of hand-painted text.

2. Edo

Why it’s best Watercolor font: Its unrefined look brings authenticity and a gritty realism to designs, suitable for projects that require a raw, energetic vibe.

3. Feeling Passionate

Why it’s best Watercolor font: Feeling Passionate is perfect for designs aimed at making a strong emotional impact, leveraging its boldness and fluid curves.

4. Finger Paint

Why it’s best Watercolor font: This font adds a touch of childlike wonder and informality to designs, making it excellent for educational content, children’s books, or creative workshops.

5. Have Heart One

Why it’s best Watercolor font: It’s particularly effective for wedding invitations, greeting cards, and other designs where a touch of romance and sophistication is desired.

6. Lacquer

Why it’s best Watercolor font: Its sleek, contemporary style is perfect for fashion and lifestyle branding where a chic, upscale look is crucial.

7. Lemon Tuesday

Why it’s best Watercolor font: It’s versatile for informal and laid-back designs, making it ideal for cafes, informal blogs, or homemade product labels.

8. Permanent Marker

Why it’s best Watercolor font: Permanent Marker is excellent for making bold statements and stands out in signage, advertising, and any design needing a strong visual punch.

9. Regular Brush

Why it’s best Watercolor font: This font is suitable for a wide range of applications, from corporate branding to personal projects, thanks to its professional yet approachable look.

10. Savage

Why it’s best Watercolor font: It’s perfect for artistic branding, music promotion, or any project that wants to project a bold, raw energy.

11. Seashore

Why it’s best Watercolor font: This font is ideal for spa and wellness centers, beach-themed projects, or any design that aims to evoke peace and tranquility.

12. Sunday

Why it’s best Watercolor font: Its gentle and unassuming style makes it a great choice for coffee shops, bookstores, or casual wear brands.

13. Sweet Dreams

Why it’s best Watercolor font: This font excels in children’s literature, bridal materials, or any project that requires a touch of gentleness and imagination.

14. Waterlily

Why it’s best Watercolor font: It’s perfect for fine art projects, elegant packaging, or any design that benefits from a detailed, artistic touch.

15. WC Mano Negra Bold

Why it’s best Watercolor font: Mano Negra Bold is excellent for impactful headlines or any design needing to command attention while maintaining an artistic feel.


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