20 Canva Font Alternatives to the Arialle Font

Arialle has long been a go-to for its clean lines and professional look, but sometimes, you might find yourself in need of a little variety. Whether you’re aiming for a fresh feel or just want to stand out, switching up your font can be the key to creating memorable designs. In this article, we explore 20 Canva font alternatives to Arialle that are perfect for adding that special touch to your work. From sleek and modern to warm and welcoming, these fonts are sure to inspire your next design project.

1. Arimo 

Why it is an Arialle alternative: This sans-serif font offers a modern twist on classic Arialle, with crisp lines and a slightly more rounded form. Its clean appearance makes it excellent for both body text and headers.

2. Asap 

Why it is an Arialle alternative: Known for its straightforward, no-nonsense style, Asap is a practical choice for professional and academic designs. Its uniformity and clarity mirror Arialle’s, making it ideal for clear communication.

3. Avenir 

Why it is an Arialle alternative: Avenir is more than just a sans-serif font; its name means ‘future’ in French. With its stylish, forward-looking appearance, it adds a touch of sophistication and modernity that goes beyond Arialle’s simplicity.

4. Dosis 

Why it is an Arialle alternative: A very round and geometric sans-serif, Dosis adds a touch of friendliness and softness to designs that require readability without the sternness of Arialle.

5. Exo 2 

Why it is an Arialle alternative: This contemporary take on the geometric sans-serif style offers a futuristic feel with a versatile character set. It’s excellent for tech-related and digital media designs due to its sleek, clean lines.

6. Fira Sans 

Why it is an Arialle alternative: Designed for digital displays, Fira Sans provides excellent readability across various screen sizes, which makes it a superb alternative for web and app designs. Its letterforms are slightly broader than Arialle’s, offering a warmer reading experience.

7. Heebo 

Why it is an Arialle alternative: Heebo is an extension of the standard Roboto font and carries a modern, clean look with Hebrew script support, making it versatile for international projects.

8. Lato 

Why it is an Arialle alternative: Lato is remarkably transparent at both large and small sizes and features a warm, welcoming tone that makes it great for longer reads. Its semi-rounded details give it a soft, yet strong, personality.

9. Merriweather 

Why it is an Arialle alternative: This serif font is excellent for those looking for an alternative that feels more traditional and formal than Arialle. It provides excellent readability and a classic style.

10. Montserrat 

Why it is an Arialle alternative: Often used for its urban, trendy feel, Montserrat is fantastic for creative and modern layouts, offering geometric letters that contrast well with Arialle’s rounded features.

11. Muli 

Why it is an Arialle alternative: Muli is a minimalist sans-serif that works excellently in both text-heavy documents and simple headlines, providing an uncluttered look that focuses on readability and straightforward typography.

12. Open Sans 

Why it is an Arialle alternative: Extremely popular for web use, Open Sans is optimized for print, web, and mobile interfaces, and has excellent legibility characteristics in its letterforms.

13. Oswald 

Why it is an Arialle alternative: Updated for the digital age, Oswald is a reworking of the classic gothic typeface style. It is great for use in headlines and other large-size text due to its high impact.

14. Poppins 

Why it is an Arialle alternative: With its geometric shapes and friendly curves, Poppins adds a touch of modernity and is suitable for both text and display use, giving it flexibility in design applications.

15. Proxima Nova 

Why it is an Arialle alternative: Bridging the gap between typefaces like Futura and Akzidenz Grotesk, Proxima Nova is a staple for digital design due to its fine balance of style and functionality.

16. PT Sans 

Why it is an Arialle alternative: Designed for minority languages of the Russian Federation, PT Sans is an excellent choice for multicultural and multilingual projects, offering wide language support and a professional appearance.

17. Quicksand 

Why it is an Arialle alternative: This display sans serif with rounded terminals has a light and airy feel, perfect for casual and friendly designs that need to communicate approachability and ease.

18. Raleway 

Why it is an Arialle alternative: Initially designed as a single-weight display font, Raleway has expanded into a nine-weight family, offering a wide range of possibilities for text emphasis and hierarchy.

19. Rubik 

Why it is an Arialle alternative: Rubik is a soft sans-serif that blends well in both print and digital backgrounds, known for its smooth curves and slightly rounded corners that offer a gentle, modern feel.

20. Titillium Web 

Why it is an Arialle alternative: Designed specifically for use at larger sizes, Titillium Web is excellent for titles and headers. Its sharp and contemporary forms make it an eye-catching choice for web and interface design.


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