20 Cute Canva Fonts for Kids Projects

Choosing the right font can turn a simple project into a captivating masterpiece, especially when it comes to creating materials for kids. Fonts that are fun, colorful, and easy to read are essential to grab their attention and make the learning process enjoyable. That’s why Canva offers a variety of cute fonts perfect for any kids’ project, from classroom presentations to party invitations. In this article, we’ve rounded up 20 of the cutest Canva fonts that are sure to add a touch of whimsy and charm to your designs. Each of these fonts brings its own unique flair to kids’ projects, making them not only more engaging but also enhancing the readability and enjoyment of the content for young learners.

1. Bangers 

Why it is a Cute font: This font is bold and impactful, making it great for headlines and titles that need to stand out. Its comic book style appeals to young audiences, bringing an element of fun and excitement to any design.

2. Bryndan Write 

Why it is a Cute font: With its handwriting-like appearance, Bryndan Write adds a personal touch to projects. It’s informal and friendly, perfect for making kids feel more connected to the content.

3. Chewy 

Why it is a Cute font: Chewy is as fun and bouncy as its name suggests. Its rounded edges make it very readable, which is essential for younger children who are still practicing their reading skills.

4. Coming Soon 

Why it is a Cute font: This font mimics the look of casual handwriting, making it relatable and easy to read for kids. It’s perfect for creating a laid-back, approachable vibe in any project.

5. Crushed 

Why it is a Cute font: With its slightly textured edges, Crushed has a unique character that can add a playful, rustic feel to creative projects, ideal for themes related to nature or outdoor activities.

6. Dreaming Outloud Sans 

Why it is a Cute font: This modern sans-serif font is clean and straightforward yet has a youthful energy thanks to its slight quirks in letter shapes, making it versatile for various types of children’s projects.

7. Fredoka 

Why it is a Cute font: Fredoka is rounded and friendly, great for projects that require large, readable text. It’s modern and comes in bold, which helps in creating engaging and eye-catching content.

8. Gloria Hallelujah 

Why it is a Cute font: It looks like it was written by a child, which can make school-related projects more relatable and less intimidating for young students. It’s casual and unpretentious.

9. Kalam 

Why it is a Cute font: Kalam is another font that captures the essence of hand-drawn text. It’s expressive and has a touch of sophistication while remaining accessible to kids.

10. Lazydog 

Why it is a Cute font: As playful as the name suggests, Lazydog has a relaxed style that’s great for informal or creative projects where a touch of whimsy is needed.

11. Mansalva 

Why it is a Cute font: Mansalva’s brush-like qualities make it appear energetic and vibrant. It’s perfect for titles or any text that needs a bit of artistic flair.

12. More Sugar 

Why it is a Cute font: Extremely sweet and charming, More Sugar is ideal for projects that aim to delight and attract young, imaginative minds.

13. Pacifico 

Why it is a Cute font: An elegant script font that manages to be both classy and fun, making it suitable for everything from event invitations to award certificates.

14. Pangolin 

Why it is a Cute font: Pangolin has a unique, rounded style with a slight hand-drawn appearance, making it friendly and appealing for kids’ projects that aim to be engaging and distinctive.

15. Permanent Marker 

Why it is a Cute font: Bold and assertive, this font mimics the thick strokes of a marker, perfect for making statements and drawing attention in posters and signage.

16. Satisfy 

Why it is a Cute font: Satisfy brings the beauty of cursive handwriting into a project, providing a touch of elegance while remaining clear and readable, suitable for more formal or decorative applications.

17. Schoolbell 

Why it is a Cute font: Reminiscent of neat school writing, Schoolbell is approachable and clear, making it ideal for educational materials or any project that benefits from a straightforward, friendly font.

18. Sigher 

Why it is a Cute font: Unique and slightly abstract, Sigher offers a modern twist to any project, making it stand out while still being kid-friendly with its quirky letter shapes.

19. Walter Turncoat 

Why it is a Cute font: This font has a mischievous, playful vibe, perfect for projects that require a bit of whimsy or comic relief.

20. Yellowtail 

Why it is a Cute font: Yellowtail is a fat script font that mixes modern and retro, making it perfect for projects that need a stylish yet playful touch.


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