How To Contact Canva Customer Support

Not sure how to reach out to Canva for your problems? Here is a brief guide on Contacting customer support Canva.

Some companies on the internet make it hard to reach them in case of any mishaps, fortunately, Canva isn’t one of them, and contacting Canva’s customer support is a piece of cake. If you’re having issues with the account or any feature, the Canva support team will help you out in solving the problem. 

People often have issues with their accounts or run into a bug causing them to halt their work. In such cases, the best thing to do is contact the customer department of Canva to help you with your problems. 

The response from the Canva support team isn’t lightning fast since they get a plethora of emails every day and once you send out your problem to them, don’t expect them to answer you within a day. 

How to contact Canva customer support

We’ve done our research and found multiple methods of reaching the Canva support team. If one doesn’t work out, you can always rely on the next option to fix your problems.

Chat Bot Support 

The Canva Help Center is the best way of communicating with the Canva support agents and you don’t have to hassle much. Once you go to the Canva Help Center, you can tap on ‘Chat with Bot’ which is located in the bottom-right corner of the window. 

Once you do that, a chatbot will pop up and ask you about the problems that you’re facing. Now, you will need to explain the problem that you’re facing in the chat to the robot. If you’re facing a common issue, the bot will present a guide that will help you sort out your problem.

However, if you don’t find the guide useful, you can ask the bot to redirect the problem to the Canva support team and a ticket will be created. The Canva support team will get back to you within a week on your email. 

Creating a Ticket 

Let’s say that you’re having an issue with your account and want to remove or delete it permanently. In such an instance, the only thing that you can do is to contact the Canva support team, and the correct method is mentioned below:

1. Click on “Contact our Support Team”.

2. Fill out the form and press send.

Note: This method also works for other problems with your account. If you’re facing some other issue, follow these steps and when you’re redirected to the ticket page, change the “Issue” to the one that you’re facing.

Moreover, if you’re a template of an element creator working on Canva, there’s a separate contact form for you. You can click here to reach the Creators support form on Canva. As already mentioned, if your problem is not relevant to the ‘Creators support department’, they may not entertain your query.

Reaching the Sales Team 

If you’re having an issue with the payment method or want to explore different options, you can directly reach the Canva sales team on this page. You’ll be asked to fill out a form before you can proceed. 

On this form, you’ll have a perfect opportunity to explain your problems to the sales team. Keep in mind that this support page is for the sales team only, meaning that if you’re facing any technical problem, the sales team won’t be able to help you out and you may even not hear from them. 

Getting help from the Community 

If you’re facing a common problem but can’t figure it out, you can also join the Canva Community and ask your question in front of countless Canva experts. If you need a quick answer, the Canva community will surely help you out. As long as there’s no technicality involved, you can expect to have your problems sorted out. 


What is the Canva Support Phone Number? 

Canva doesn’t have an official phone number for its support department and the only way that you can reach them is through email or the help center. If you find any phone number for Canva, it is probably a fake and we’ve confirmed this information with the support department of Canva.

How can I contact support on Canva?

Users can reach Canva support through the Canva Help Center or Canva Community. The response of Canva isn’t quite fast so once you create a ticket, sit tight before it can take up to a week for Canva to get back to you. 

What is the email for Canva?

You can reach Canva at [email protected] but the best way to reach them is to create a ticket on the Canva Help Center by chatting with the bot or using the support form to fill out a ticket. 


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