How To Make Copies on a Printer

Trying to make copies on your printer? Follow the below methods to learn and make copies on a printer.
How To Make Copies on a Printer

Are you figuring out how to make copies on a printer? It is easier than anticipated but requires a little learning. Continue reading the guide to make copies on your printer right away without any hassle.

Printer Basics: Multi Function vs. Single Function:

Before learning how to make copies on a printer, it is important to realize the capabilities of a printer. Here is a quick walkthrough that helps you identify your printer type and if it can make copies.

Multi-Function Printers

Image of a Multi Function Printer

Multi-Function printers are also known as all-in-one printers as they can go beyond the printing task and offer great capabilities that can easily handle critical scan and copying jobs.

Usually, multi-function printers are designed to increase efficiency by handling scanning jobs like digitizing documents, photos, and even compatible three-dimensional objects, which can be converted as electronic copies for storage or sharing.

On the other hand, the copying capabilities allow you to reproduce documents quickly without needing a dedicated photocopier. Additionally, these printers come with automatic document feeders (ADF) for efficient scanning and copying of multiple pages and various connectivity options.

If your printer has an intuitive control panel with options for scanning, copying, and faxing alongside the printing function, it’s most likely a multifunction printer.

Single Function Printers

Image of a Single Function Printer

As the name implies, single-function printers are solely capable of printing. Individuals or businesses prioritizing printing tasks typically utilize single-function printers and don’t require extra functionality.

Single-function printers are frequently chosen because of their simplicity, affordability, and focus on printing. If your printer has a simple control panel with options for printing and none for scanning, copying, or faxing, you are using a single-function printer.

Steps To Create Copies on Different Printers

Copying can be done through multi-function printers with ease. However, if you’re using a single-function printer, you need a different approach and the aid of a separate scanner. Continue reading to know how to create copies effectively:

How To Create Copies on a Multi-Function Printer

The steps slightly vary if you use a multifunction printer from brands like Epson, Brother, HP, or Canon, but the general process remains consistent. Hence, consider the below points as a reference.

  1. Start by lifting the scanner lid of your multifunction printer, then carefully position the original document.
  2. Ensure that the printed side is facing down and is aligned precisely according to the markings on the scanner glass for proper placement and accurate copying.
Scanner Glass
  1. Once the paper is placed, close the lid, navigate to your multifunction printer’s control panel, and look for the “Copy” function among the options.
  2. Once you’ve selected the copy function, you can adjust various settings for your copies based on your preferences. Explore the settings menu to specify factors like paper size, type, and the number of copies you want to create.
Managing Copy settings
  1. If your original document features multiple pages, you have to manually place each page on the scanner glass and proceed further.
  2. However, suppose your multifunction printer has an Automatic Document Feeder (ADF). In that case, you can take advantage of its convenience by loading the pages into the ADF tray, and the printer will automatically feed and copy each page in sequence.
  1. After managing all settings, locate and press the “Start” or “Copy” button on the control panel.

After performing steps 1-7, the multifunction printer scans the original document and captures its content. Now, the printer produces the specified number of copies according to your settings.

How To Create Copies on Single Function Printer

When utilizing a single-function printer in combination with a separate scanner to create copies, the process may involve a few additional steps compared to the convenience of a multi-function printer.

  1. Start by positioning the original document on the scanner glass, as you did on a multifunction printer. Also, ensure the document is placed face down and aligned accurately for optimal scanning.
  2. After placing the document properly, open the scanner software on your computer. Now control the scanning process through the software’s user interface and adjust settings.
  3. Once done, set the destination folder where the scanned file will be saved. Ensure you keep the scanned file on your computer’s storage, as it is the digital copy you will print using your single-function printer.
  4. Open the saved scanned file to view and manipulate it to avoid making wrong copies. Once the file is open, use the print command and select your single-function printer as the target printing device.
  5. Finally, adjust print settings and proceed with printing by clicking the “Print” button on your computer.

How Do You Make Multiple Copies on a Printer?

Making multiple copies is easy on both Multi and Single-function printers. As the steps above describe making copies on both printers, refer to them and slightly modify the settings to make multiple copies.

Make Multiple Copies on the multi-function printer

  1. Start by loading the paper tray with the right paper size on your printer so the copies you make are printed properly.
  2. After loading the paper, use the “Copy” function on the printer’s control panel.
  3. Before proceeding with the print job, make settings like paper size and print quality changes. However, the most important setting to manage is setting the number of copies for printing multiple copies.
  4. Once you have selected the “Multiple” copies option, assign the number of copies.
  5. Now press the “Start” or “Copy” button on the control panel to print multiple copies.

Make Multiple Copies on Single Function Printer

  1. Start using the scanner and ensure the printer’s paper tray is properly aligned and contains the right paper size.
  2. Modify the settings through the scanner’s control panel if needed, and also ensure you provide a destination path to save the scanned original document.
  3. Now open the file preview to ensure you’re printing the right document. Also, modify the presets of the document on your computer and proceed with the print job.
  4. While proceeding with the print job, select the “Multiple” copies option and assign the number of copies.
  5. Once dealt with settings, start the print job by clicking the “Print” button on your computer to print multiple copies.

Final Thoughts

Remember, the steps above help you create copies on multi-function or single-function printers. It is important to realize that the procedure may vary slightly based on your specific brand and model.

Additionally, if you’re looking for a way to make copies on a printer without a computer, get yourself a multi-function printer. However, if you’re not interested in purchasing a multi-function printer, get a scanner controlled through the smartphone.

If you fail to print copies, we suggest checking out the printer’s user manual or the knowledge base.


Can You Make Copies on a Laser Printer?

Yes, laser and inkjet printers can be used to make copies, provided they are multi-function printers with scanning capabilities.

How Do I Identify if My Printer Can Make Copies?

If your printer has options for scanning, copying, and faxing alongside printing, it’s likely a multi-function printer. If it only offers printing, it’s a single-function printer.

What’s the Difference Between Multi-Function and Single-Function Printers?

Multi-function printers can scan, copy, and sometimes fax in addition to printing. Single-function printers focus solely on printing tasks.


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