How To Measure a Laptop Screen

How To Measure a Laptop Screen

Measuring a laptop screen is easy. If you’re struggling to do so, follow the different methods provided to help you measure the laptop screen immediately.

Are you trying to figure out how to measure a laptop screen and are failing to get the measurements right? While many might not know, it is easier than anticipated. Continue reading the article to find out how to measure a laptop screen easily.

What To Know Already?

While measuring the laptop screen, several aspects can stop you from getting the measurements right, and these arise due to a lack of knowledge and guidance or myths.

Here is some information you need to know before measuring the laptop screen (manually via tape).

  1. Display vs. Screen Area: It is important to know the difference between display and screen area. Hence, identify the display area and the visible screen without including the bezels. On the other hand, the screen area is the total area, including the visible screen and the bezels.
  2. Identify the Corners: If you’re trying to measure the screen manually, it is important to identify the bottom-left and top-right corners of the visible screen area for accurate measurement while using accurate tools.
  3. Do not include the Bezel: As the bezel part of the display doesn’t display anything and is used to align the display with the frame properly, it shouldn’t be measured.  
  4. Place your Laptop Properly: Ensure your laptop screen is in the correct orientation and is on a flat and stable surface to get accurate measurements.
  5. Avoid Parallax Errors: Always place the ruler or measuring tape perpendicular to the screen to avoid parallax errors, as it can get the measurements wrong.

These are critical factors that must be considered while measuring a laptop screen. Additional aspects like cleaning the screen before measuring, turning off the laptop, and learning to measure unconventional screen shapes make less room for mistakes.

What Is the Need for Learning To Measure a Laptop Screen?

There are many uses for learning to measure a laptop screen. Here are some benefits related to everyday instances, and here is how you can make the best use of them.

  1. It helps you compare and purchase the laptop that fits your requirement and comfort.
  2. It helps you design an ergonomic workspace so that you can work productively.
  3. It helps you purchase bags or cases that perfectly fit your laptop, eliminating physical damage.
  4. It helps you find screen protectors that can prevent scratches and minor damages.
  5. It helps you find the right spare parts if you have damaged your display and want to replace it.

With the information provided so far, you’re ready to measure laptop screen size. Keep reading to find out how to put it to practical use and measure the laptop screen accurately.

Step-by-Step Guide on How To Measure a Laptop Screen

How To Measure a Laptop Screen Running macOS

macOS made it easy to measure the laptop screen, which involves a few simple steps and here they are:

  1. Begin by opening your laptop, running macOS, and navigating to the desktop.
  2. On the top-left corner of the menu, you will find an interactable option with the Apple logo (Apple Menu); click on it.
  3. Upon clicking the Apple logo from the menu, opens the drop-down featuring different options, click on the “About This Mac” option.
Image of Apple Menu
  1. After clicking on the “About This Mac” option, you will find a window with device specifications listed, from which you can find the laptop screen size.
Image of Apple Menu displaying Screen Size

How To Measure a Laptop Screen Running Windows

Unfortunately, Windows doesn’t allow you to find the laptop’s screen size. We have tried several 3rd party Windows profiling software, which we had no luck with.

However, a software named “Belarc Advisor” could list almost every device specification. Here are steps to find out the laptop screen size using Belarc Advisor.

  1. Begin by running Belarc Analysis as administrator to provide the software with complete access.
Running Belarc Analysis as Administrator
  1. After the software has loaded and is running, wait for the scanning process to finish.
Belarc Analysis scanning the laptop
  1. Once the scanning process has finished, the software generates a “Computer Profile Summary,” displayed on your chosen browser.
  2. After the “Computer Profile Summary” generated by Belarc is opened on the browser, scroll down until you find the section “Display” in which the display size is mentioned.
Image of Belarc Analysis Results

The reason for suggesting the above methods is their accuracy and less room for error, as the computer generates the results. However, if you want to measure it manually using tape, follow the next method.

How To Measure a Laptop Screen Using a Tape

Unlike the above methods, you don’t have to worry about finding options or installing 3rd party software, but you should know how to use a tape.

Here are the steps to measure a laptop screen using tape.

  1. Before the measurement, ensure your laptop is turned off and placed on a flat surface with the screen facing you.
  2. Have a flexible tape measure ready for the measurement, and we suggest starting from the bottom-left corner of the laptop screen.
  3. Now, place the zero end of the tape measure at the bottom-left corner of the screen and gently extend the tape measure until you reach the upper-right corner.
  4. Once you have reached the upper-right corner, keep the tape measure steady and note the measurement where the upper-right corner aligns with the tape, which is your laptop screen size.

We suggest taking measurements multiple times to avoid errors and for better accuracy.

How to Find the Laptop Screen Size Without Measuring?

The first two methods under the step-by-step guide involve finding the laptop screen without measuring. Apart from those, there are other easy ways as well.

Finding the Display Size on the Web

  1. Press “Windows Key + R” on your laptop running Windows to open Run.
  2. After “Run” is loaded and running, type “msinfo32” to open “System Information.”
msinfo32 command on Run
  1. From the information listed by System Information, look for the System name.
Image of System Information on Windows
  1. Now search the system name on the web, and click on the result from your laptop’s manufacturer’s official website.
Image of Web result for the system name
  1. On opening the website, look for the section “Screen/Display,” which provides complete information about your device’s display, including the size.
Image displaying display specs

Note: The above approach varies for each laptop manufacturer. However, the steps remain the same. Hence use it as a reference and find your laptop screen size.

Final Thoughts  

With the above methods, you can successfully measure a laptop screen. However, staying focused and making no errors is important while measuring with the tape, as you can get the wrong measurements. Hence, ensure to measure multiple times.

If you find all the above methods difficult, you can look on your laptop box for the screen size as it has all the important specifications printed on it.


How can I measure a laptop screen accurately?

Follow the step-by-step guide using a tape measure, ensuring straight alignment from bottom-left to upper-right corners.

What’s the difference between display and screen area?

The display area excludes bezels, while the screen area includes both visible and bezels.

Why avoid measuring the bezel?

Bezels don’t display content; they align the screen in the frame.


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