How To Upscale Stable Diffusion

Are you trying to upscale an image on Stable Diffusion? Learn how to do it with ease through the steps below.
How To Upscale Stable Diffusion

Apart from generating images, Stable Diffusion is packed with tools and comes in handy for various purposes, with editing images being the most useful. In this guide, we will help you enhance your image on Stable Diffusion using its Upscale capabilities through a demonstration to get you all covered.

Upscale an image on Stable Diffusion

  1. Start by loading Stable Diffusion Web UI on your PC, navigate to the Extras tab, and click on it.
Click on Upscale
  1. After the Extras tab is loaded, look for Upscale and click the check box next to it to reveal its options.
Select Upscale option
  1. With the Upscale options displayed, navigate to the Click to Upload and click on it to add the image you want to upscale.
Upload image
  1. Once the image is added, navigate to Upscale options and set the Upscaler 1 and Resize scale slider to your desired requirements. If you’re unsure, set the Upscaler to R-ESRGAN 4x+ Anime6B and resize slider to 4.
Selct Upscaler and Resize to 4x
  1. The above options are enough to upscale an image. After you have set everything as suggested or according to your requirements, click on Generate, and you will find the upscaled image on the right.
Upscale successful

Here is the before and after result of the image after upscaling on Stable Diffusion:

Upscale Comparison

Wrapping Up

Congratulations on learning how to upscale an image on Stable Diffusion!

While Stable Diffusion does a decent jopb upscaling the image, it tends to smooth the upscaled image. Hence, we suggest you try different upscalers. Also, make sure that the image you’re trying to upscale isn’t blurry and should be easy to work on to avoid undesirable results.

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