16 Irish Fonts on Canva Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day Projects

Canva offers a variety of Irish fonts that are perfect for capturing the spirit of St.Patrick’s festive holiday. From elegant scripts that mimic ancient Celtic calligraphy to playful typefaces that echo the lively streets of Dublin, our list of 16 Irish fonts available on Canva will help you bring a bit of Irish magic to your designs. These fonts each bring unique characteristics that can enhance various St. Patrick’s Day projects, from the playful to the formal, ensuring your Canva creations resonate with the spirit of the holiday.

1. Agnets 

Why it is the perfect Irish font: This font features elegant curves and fine lines, reminiscent of ancient Celtic manuscripts. Its sophisticated style is perfect for creating more formal St. Patrick’s Day invitations or event menus.

2. Brice Semiexpanded 

Why it is the perfect Irish font: Brice Semiexpanded offers a bold and modern look with a slightly expanded letterform that gives it a presence on the page. This makes it ideal for eye-catching headlines in any festive advertisement or announcement.

3. Celandine Outline 

Why it is the perfect Irish font: With its outlined characters and decorative elements, Celandine Outline is evocative of Celtic knots and Irish lace, adding an intricate, decorative touch to any St. Patrick’s Day design.

4. Daydream 

Why it is the perfect Irish font: This whimsical, flowing script brings a light-hearted and joyful feel, perfect for St. Patrick’s Day event posters or cheerful greetings. Its casual elegance captures the festive and lively essence of the holiday.

5. Drukaatie Burti Bold 

Why it is the perfect Irish font: Strong and impactful, Drukaatie Burti Bold is a contemporary font that stands out on promotional materials and social media graphics, making sure your St. Patrick’s Day messages are loud and clear.

6. EFCO Brookshire 

Why it is the perfect Irish font: This font has a traditional feel with a modern twist, reminiscent of old Irish pubs’ signage, making it ideal for creating nostalgic St. Patrick’s Day-themed pub crawls or historical event flyers.

7. Elika Gorica 

Why it is the perfect Irish font: The gentle curves and sharp finishes of Elika Gorica provide a dynamic balance, echoing the Celtic tradition with a stylish flair suitable for both modern and classical St. Patrick’s Day designs.

8. Glassure 

Why it is the perfect Irish font: Featuring a clean, geometric structure with a futuristic feel, Glassure could be used for innovative St. Patrick’s Day party invites or tech-themed Irish events, offering a unique twist on traditional celebrations.

9. Hangyaboly 

Why it is the perfect Irish font: This playful, rounded typeface embodies the fun and energy of St. Patrick’s Day. Its friendly and approachable style is perfect for family-friendly event flyers or children’s party invitations.

10. Klemer Display 

Why it is the perfect Irish font: Bold and assertive, Klemer Display is perfect for making a statement. Use it for high-impact banners or signs that need to catch the eye from a distance, like at parades or large gatherings.

11. Luckiest Guy 

Why it is the perfect Irish font: As the name suggests, this bold and lively font brings an element of fun and fortune, fitting for the playful spirit of St. Patrick’s Day and ideal for casual event tees or festive banners.

12. Oregano 

Why it is the perfect Irish font: This font features a hand-drawn, organic feel that mimics the rustic charm of the Irish countryside. It’s perfect for earthy, organic-themed St. Patrick’s Day events or eco-friendly celebrations.

13. Roboto Slab 

Why it is the perfect Irish font: With its friendly and accessible look, Roboto Slab is versatile enough to use in any St. Patrick’s Day material, from formal invitations to casual party flyers, providing readability and modern elegance.

14. Saint George 

Why it is the perfect Irish font: Named evocatively, Saint George offers a regal and bold typeface, suitable for grand St. Patrick’s Day events or promotions that require a touch of sophistication and historical weight.

15. St Petrovica 

Why it is the perfect Irish font: This font has a distinctly traditional feel, perfect for events with a historical or cultural focus. It brings an authentic Irish touch to any content, from educational materials to cultural festival promotions.

16. Yatra One 

Why it is the perfect Irish font: Though not traditionally Irish, Yatra One’s inclusion is due to its open and friendly appearance, making it suitable for inclusive, community-oriented St. Patrick’s Day events where diversity and unity are celebrated.


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