16 Most Stylish Canva Font Codes That Will Transform Your Designs

With Canva’s user-friendly interface and vast font library, you can easily access these stylish font codes to give your designs a fresh and professional look. Whether you’re working on social media graphics, presentations, or marketing materials, the right font choice can convey your message effectively and leave a lasting impression on your audience. In this article, we’ll introduce you to 16 of the most stylish fonts available in Canva that will transform your designs from good to unforgettable. These fonts are not only trendy but also versatile, ensuring that your work stands out with a unique flair. 

1. Dosis

Why it is stylist Canva font code: Dosis is a very simple, rounded, sans-serif font family. The soft curves of this font make it appear modern and approachable, which is perfect for tech startups, health and wellness brands, and educational platforms. Its clean simplicity ensures it works well for both text and titles, making it incredibly versatile.

2. Lato

Why it is stylist Canva font code: Lato is known for its warmth and clarity, which makes it an excellent choice for both web and mobile interfaces. With its semi-rounded details, Lato gives a feeling of stability and seriousness—ideal for professional and corporate designs.

3. Lexend Exa

Why it is stylist Canva font code: Lexend Exa was specifically designed to enhance reading proficiency. With its wider characters and open spacing, it’s particularly useful for educational materials, e-books, and any project that requires a clear and legible font for extended reading.

4. Merriweather

Why it is stylist Canva font code: Merriweather is a serif font that is designed to be readable on screens. With its high contrast and robust arms, this font is suited for more traditional and serious designs like long-read articles, books, and formal presentations.

5. Montserrat

Why it is stylist Canva font code: Montserrat is inspired by the urban typography of the 20th century. This sans-serif font features clean lines and geometric shapes, making it ideal for modern, chic, and creative designs. Its variety of weights makes it extremely flexible for both headings and body text.

6. Noto Serif Display

Why it is stylist Canva font code: Part of Google’s Noto font family, the Noto Serif Display is designed to support all languages with a harmonious look and feel. The serif design communicates a look of reliability and authority. It’s perfect for international projects and publications that require a typeface with broad language coverage.

7. Open Sans

Why it is stylist Canva font code: Open Sans is famous for its friendly and open look. It is highly legible and readable in all sizes, which makes it a universal choice for digital and print media. Its clean and simple design makes it a favorite for both text-heavy documents and minimalistic designs.

8. Oswald

Why it is stylist Canva font code: Oswald is a reworking of the classic gothic typeface style, adapted for digital use. The characters have been re-drawn and reformed to better fit the pixel grid of standard digital screens. Oswald is excellent for making bold statements in headers and logos.

9. Peace Sans

Why it is stylist Canva font code: Peace Sans is a bold and free font featuring strong thick strokes. It is impactful and ideal for powerful headlines or calls to action that need to catch the viewer’s attention quickly.

10. Pierson

Why it is stylist Canva font code: Pierson, a modern serif typeface, offers both elegance and readability. It strikes a balance between contemporary aesthetics and professional functionality, making it suitable for stylish, high-end magazines and editorial websites.

11. Playfair Display

Why it is stylist Canva font code: With its high contrast and distinctive style, Playfair Display draws inspiration from 18th-century letterforms. Ideal for titling and headlines, it adds a touch of sophistication and refinement to any design.

12. Quattrocento

Why it is stylist Canva font code: Quattrocento is a soft, elegant typeface with wide and open letterforms. It conveys a sense of fluidity and delicacy, making it perfect for invitations, posters, and any other design needing a touch of elegance.

13. Raleway

Why it is stylist Canva font code: Raleway is an elegant sans-serif typeface family intended for headings and other large-size usage. With its clean lines and humanist characters, it provides a professional yet friendly appearance.

14. Roboto

Why it is stylist Canva font code: Roboto offers a mechanical skeleton with largely geometric forms. This balance of natural reading rhythm with a modernist design makes it extremely versatile and perfect for any user interface design.

15. Source Sans Pro

Why it is stylist Canva font code: Adobe’s Source Sans Pro is the first open-source typeface family from Adobe, designed specifically for user interfaces. Its clean, modern look and ability to pair well with other fonts make it a reliable choice for any design.

16. Varela Round

Why it is stylist Canva font code: Varela Round is a soft, rounded font that’s great for designs aimed at a friendly and inviting atmosphere. It’s particularly effective in designs for children or casual, lighthearted topics.


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