15 Traceable Fonts Perfect for Handwriting Practice

Handwriting is a vital skill that helps us communicate, organize our thoughts, and express ourselves creatively. For children and adults alike, mastering neat and readable handwriting can be a challenge, but the right tools can make a big difference. Traceable fonts are designed to guide learners through the correct strokes and spacing of letters, making them a perfect choice for anyone looking to improve their penmanship. In this article, we’ve rounded up 15 of the best traceable fonts available on platforms like Canva. These fonts are not only helpful for educational purposes but also fun to use, turning the practice of handwriting into an enjoyable activity. 

1. Canva Student Font Dotte

Why it is perfect Traceable font: This font features a simple, dotted style that mimics the traditional handwriting worksheets used in classrooms. It’s perfect for beginners to trace over, helping them understand letter forms and spacing.

2. Dingos Stamp Outline

Why it is perfect Traceable font: Dingos Stamp Outline offers a rough, textured outline that captures attention and makes the tracing process engaging. This font is great for older learners who enjoy a more artistic approach to handwriting practice.

3. Hollywood

Why it is perfect Traceable font: Hollywood’s bold, clear, and slightly curved lettering is excellent for those learning cursive or enhancing their script handwriting. Its distinct style helps reinforce the flow between letters.

4. KG Primary Dots

Why it is perfect Traceable font: Designed specifically for educational use, KG Primary Dots include dotted letters that are easy for young learners to trace. This font helps improve fine motor skills and letter recognition.

5. KG Primary Dots Lined

Why it is perfect Traceable font: This variant of KG Primary Dots includes guiding lines, which are essential for teaching learners the correct height and positioning of letters, crucial for developing consistent handwriting.

6. KG Primary Penmanship Lined

Why it is perfect Traceable font: With solid lines and a slightly bold style, this font aids in teaching more definitive penmanship, making it easier for learners to transition from tracing to independent writing.

7. Kompot Display Outline

Why it is perfect Traceable font: This font features a unique outline style that is visually interesting and practical for tracing. It’s suitable for creative projects that also serve as handwriting practice.

8. Layiji

Why it is perfect Traceable font: Layiji’s design incorporates soft, rounded edges that are gentle for beginners. Its clear and open forms make it easy to follow, ideal for initial handwriting exercises.

9. Neal

Why it is perfect Traceable font: Neal’s uniform and somewhat blocky letters provide a modern take on traditional handwriting. This font is great for teaching learners about spacing and alignment.

10. Quad Line

Why it is perfect Traceable font: Featuring geometric, squared lines, Quad Line helps learners focus on straight strokes and angles, making it an excellent choice for those practicing print handwriting.

11. Raleway Dots

Why it is perfect Traceable font: A dotted version of the popular Raleway font, this design is clean and modern, suitable for both children and adults looking to practice handwriting or create artistic lettering.

12. Stenciliqo Extruded

Why it is perfect Traceable font: Stenciliqo Extruded’s bold, industrial look is not just for design flair; its clear, cut-out style makes it easy to trace and ideal for more advanced handwriting practice.

13. Trace

Why it is perfect Traceable font: True to its name, Trace is a straightforward, easy-to-follow font designed for the earliest stages of handwriting education, perfect for preschoolers and early learners.

14. UKIJ Elipbe Chekitilk

Why it is perfect Traceable font: This font supports different script styles, providing a valuable tool for practicing specific character shapes, particularly useful in multilingual learning contexts.

15. Vintage Modern

Why it is perfect Traceable font: Combining old-style serif sensibilities with modern flair, Vintage Modern is excellent for advanced learners who wish to practice a sophisticated handwriting style.


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