18 Romantic Canva Fonts for Your Wedding Day

The font you choose for your wedding day materials can add a special touch to your celebration, making it even more memorable. Fonts have the power to convey emotion and set the tone for your big day, from the invitations to the place cards and everything in between. Our selection of 18 romantic Canva fonts offers a variety of styles to match the unique vibe of your wedding, ensuring that every word written contributes to the romantic atmosphere of your special day. 

1. Alex Brush

Why it is an Ideal Wedding font: A classic brush script with flowing ligatures and elegant strokes, Alex Brush brings a personal touch to wedding stationery, evoking the hand-written letters of a bygone era. Its sophisticated yet friendly style makes it ideal for a romantic wedding invitation.

2. Allura

Why it is an Ideal Wedding font: Allura’s fluid and cursive strokes are reminiscent of formal calligraphy, making it perfect for high-end wedding materials. It’s legibility and timeless elegance ensure that invitations and save-the-dates look both personal and sophisticated.

3. Brittany

Why it is an Ideal Wedding font: Brittany features a unique blend of classic and contemporary styles, with its playful loops and swirls. This font can add a modern yet romantic flair to wedding designs, making it a standout choice for couples looking for something distinctive.

4. Cinzel

Why it is an Ideal Wedding font: Although Cinzel has a classical structure, its sharp and clear lines give it a modern edge. This font can bring a touch of Roman inscriptional style to wedding materials, offering a timeless and stately romantic feel.

5. Faraz Modern

Why it is an Ideal Wedding font: Faraz Modern combines traditional serifs with a modern twist, creating a fresh and clean look. Its versatility and contemporary elegance make it suitable for a modern romantic wedding theme.

6. Great Vibes

Why it is an Ideal Wedding font: With its flowing and easy-to-read script, Great Vibes exudes a casual elegance that’s perfect for a laid-back yet chic wedding. The font’s long connections and generous loops make it effortlessly romantic.

7. La Luxes Script

Why it is an Ideal Wedding font: La Luxes Script is all about luxury and sophistication, with its smooth lines and classic style. This font is ideal for creating an opulent and romantic wedding vibe, making every word look meticulously crafted.

8. Lovelace Text

Why it is an Ideal Wedding font: Inspired by traditional calligraphy, Lovelace Text offers a romantic and slightly vintage feel. Its detailed characters and decorative elements are perfect for creating wedding stationery with a personal and intimate touch.

9. Lucy Rose

Why it is an Ideal Wedding font: Lucy Rose combines geometric shapes with subtle curves, offering a modern yet romantic typeface. This font is perfect for couples seeking a balance between contemporary design and romantic aesthetics.

10. Morva

Why it is an Ideal Wedding font: Morva’s intricate design and classic feel evoke the craftsmanship of medieval times, making it ideal for a wedding with a historic or romantic theme. Its ornate capitals and refined lower cases add a touch of elegance.

11. Parisienne

Why it is an Ideal Wedding font: The light and airy feel of Parisienne captures the essence of the city of love. Its casual script and loose style bring a relaxed yet romantic vibe to wedding materials, perfect for a whimsical or vintage-themed wedding.

12. Petit Formal Script

Why it is an Ideal Wedding font: As the name suggests, this font is both small and formal, offering a delicate and elegant choice for wedding invitations. Its precise and clean script is ideal for adding a touch of understated romance.

13. Pinyon Script

Why it is an Ideal Wedding font: Pinyon Script is a classic and formal script that exudes a sense of old-world charm and elegance, making it perfect for traditional wedding themes. Its flowing ascenders and descenders add a romantic flourish.

14. Rumble Brave Script

Why it is an Ideal Wedding font: This vintage-inspired font brings a touch of nostalgia and romance, with its bold and elegant script style. Rumble Brave Script is ideal for creating a statement on wedding invitations or other stationery.

15. Sloop Script Pro

Why it is an Ideal Wedding font: Sloop Script Pro offers a blend of formal and casual script elements, making it versatile for various wedding themes. Its elegant sweeps and curves evoke a sense of romance and sophistication.

16. Tangerine

Why it is an Ideal Wedding font: Tangerine is a delicate and highly cursive script that mimics traditional calligraphy, ideal for creating an intimate and romantic atmosphere on wedding stationery.

17. The Artist Script

Why it is an Ideal Wedding font: With its handcrafted feel, The Artist Script brings a personal and creative touch to wedding designs. Its informal and expressive style makes it perfect for a wedding that emphasizes individuality and romance.

18. Warm Script

Why it is an Ideal Wedding font: Warm Script’s soft and flowing lines give it a friendly and inviting feel, perfect for creating a cozy and romantic wedding atmosphere. Its handwritten appearance adds a personal touch to any wedding theme.


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