3 Ways To Freeze the Screen on Chromebook

Discover various ways to freeze your Chromebook screen through simple methods.
Image displaying lock screen settings

Freezing the Chromebook is easier than anticipated, and here are a few methods with detailed steps.

Using Your Keyboard

  1. Open your Chromebook and turn it on by pressing the power button.
  2. If your keyboard is detachable, connect it to the device and ensure no keyboard lock is set.
  3. Once done, press the “Search” key and the “L” key together, or you can press the “Launcher” key and “L” key together to freeze the screen.
Press Search and L keys together to freeze the Screen

Using the Time on the Taskbar

  1. Power on your Chromebook, enter your credentials, and navigate to the homescreen.
  2. Once on the homescreen, look at the bottom-right corner of your screen, where you see the time on the taskbar; click on it.
Image displaying time on the taskbar
  1. Clicking on time opens quick controls, now look for the “Lock” icon and click/tap on it to freeze the screen.
Image displaying Lock icon

Using Chromebook Settings

  1. Start by powering your Chromebook, entering your credentials, and navigating to the homescreen.
  2. Now click on the time present at the top right bottom, which opens quick controls. Now lock for the “Gear” icon and click on it.  
Image displaying Gear Icon
  1. Once the “Settings” is open, navigate to the “Security and Privacy” section and click on it.
  2. Multiple settings are under the “Security and Privacy” section, from which select “Lock screen and sign-in.”
Image displaying lock screen settings
  1. On clicking “Lock screen and sign-in,” you will find an option “Lock in sleep mode or when cover is closed” and a toggle button beside it.
Image displaying lock screen settings
  1. Now toggle the button and close your Chromebook cover, which will freeze the screen.

The above method also works when the screen is turned off after inactivity. Ensure you manage “Screen Timeout and Sleep Times” to save battery and freeze the screen automatically.

How to Unfreeze Chromebook Screen

Unfreezing Chromebook Screen is just like unlocking your smartphone. Here are steps on how to do so.

  1. If your Chromebook has just booted, it stays locked, or if you have locked it manually, or locks due to a screen timeout.
  2. To unfreeze your Chromebook screen, enter the credentials (pin/password) and hit enter.
  3. If your Chromebook has a fingerprint scanner, place your finger on the scanner to unfreeze the Chromebook screen.

Note: If you haven’t set a pin or password, we suggest doing it immediately, as it prevents unauthorized access to your Chromebook. Also, enable Fingerprint sign-in to enhance security and usability.

Benefits of Freezing the Screen on Chromebook

It is extremely useful to freeze a Chromebook screen as it locks the device. Here are some of the benefits that come with freezing the screen.

  1. Enhances privacy and security: Freezing the screen prevents unauthorized access to your Chromebook, making your personal and sensitive information safe.
  2. Reduces Battery Conservation: While you freeze the Chromebook screen, the device goes idle, and the system resources are not consumed, resulting in less battery consumption.
  3. Quick Task Resumption: Freezing the Chromebook Screen keeps all your work in the background; you can quickly resume your tasks without reopening the applications.
  4. Personalization: While Chromebook provides some personalization with the lockscreen, freezing will help you get an overview of the system notifications.
  5. Provides Parental Control: If you have kids and want to restrict their screen time, you can freeze the Chromebook to restrict complete access.


With the above methods featuring detailed steps, you can successfully freeze and unfreeze your Chromebook screen. Ensure you reach out to “Chromebook Help Community” if you’re stuck on any step or can’t find the said icons or options.

How to factory reset a school Chromebook?

Go to “Settings” > “Advanced” > “Reset” > “Powerwash.” This erases all data, and the Chromebook is back to factory settings.

Why is my Chromebook frozen and won’t turn off?

If your Chromebook is frozen, hold the “Power” button down for 10 seconds until it turns off. Wait, and then turn it on.

How to spin the screen on Chromebook?

Press “Ctrl” + “Shift” + “Refresh” to rotate the Chromebook screen.


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