How To Change Font Size On iPhone

For many users, the font size may be a bit small, causing issues with regular communication or even using or selecting the various applications. But, there is a simple way with which you can increase or decrease the font size on an iPhone. 
How To Change Font Size On iPhone 

Most of the time, the standard iPhone font setting works well for people. However, as the quote goes, to each his own; depending upon personal preference, users may need to change the font size on iPhone.

Device Used

iPhone 13, running on iOS Version 16.1.1

Step-by-Step Guide

Below are a few simple steps to get the desired font size.

  • Click on the Settings option on your iPhone
Settings option
  • Go to the Accessibility option
Accessibility option
  • Click on the option of Display & Text Size 
Display and Text Size selection
  • You can adjust texts by making them Bold  
  • Turn on Larger Accessibility Sizes 
Larger Accessibility option
  • Adjust the size using a slider
Larger Accessibility Size option

Changing Font Size For Apps Supporting Dynamic Type 

You can adjust the font size of the apps that support dynamic type by following the below steps:

  1. Click on ‘Settings’ 
  2. Click on ‘Display and Brightness 
  3. Click on Text Size  
  4. Select your desired text size and check by typing on a supported application like Notes when it’s done. 

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How I Reduce The Text Size On iPhone? 

  • Click on Settings 
  • Click on Display & Settings 
  • Click on the Text size 
  • Decrease the text size with the slider at the bottom 

What Are The Accessibility Feature To Improve Your Text Size Readability? 

  • Use the option of ‘Zoom’ to magnify the entire screen 
  • Use the option of bold text to make reading easier on any iPhone device like Ipad, iPhone, iPod Touch 
  • Make sure you increase the contrast and reduce transparency whenever it is needed 

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