What Is a Negative Prompt in Stable Diffusion

Are you trying to use a Negative prompt in Stable Diffusion? Learn how to do it with ease through the steps below.
Negative Prompt in Stable Diffusion

Usually, AI image generators generate images based on the prompt provided. While this is convenient, the AI model struggles to get the prompt right at all times. For this, the negative prompt is introduced to make the AI model aware of what not to generate, resulting in reliable and accurate images.

How to form a Negative Prompt in Stable Diffusion

A negative prompt can be formed in multiple ways, and the best part of stable diffusion is its flexibility in controlling the intensity of the prompt. Here are a few ways to form a Negative prompt in Stable Diffusion:

  1. Increase the importance of avoiding specific elements in the generated image by assigning numerical values, such as “cats:1.5”. Doing so makes the AI model 50% more critical in avoiding cats.
  2. Adjust image characteristics by using negative prompts, like “red:0.5”. For instance, if you have generated an image of a sun, it makes sure the sun is less red.
  3. You can put it straight by saying a word or tag it with “no,” like “no cars.” This makes the AI model generate an image with no cars.
  4. Use keywords like duplicates, extra body parts, blur, grainy, etc, while being specific to make the model understand and perform better.

Pro Tip: Check out the images on CivitAI Images and find the positive and negative prompts associated with the images of your liking to get an idea of how to form negative prompts.

Check the negative prompt

Negative Prompt in Stable Diffusion

Open Stable Diffusion WebUI on your device, navigate to the negative prompt section, and type in your negative prompt.

Negative prompt box

NEGATIVE PROMPT 1: Specify the keyword – red color as the negative prompt with the positive prompt to generate an apple. If you notice the result, the apple is generated without a trace of red color.

Negative Prompt - Example 1

NEGATIVE PROMPT 2: Specifying the negative prompt as red color balls:1 with the positive prompt to generate different color balls. If you notice the result, the AI model ensures that no ball is red in the image generated.

Negative Prompt - Example 2

Wrapping Up

Congratulations on learning how to use negative prompts in Stable Diffusion!

While the above examples are essential, you can do more with negative prompts on Stable Diffusion, which is through the keywords and the values. We suggest you experiment by modifying the negative prompt over and over until you get a hold of it.

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