15 Best Medieval Fonts on Canva for a Timeless Look

Step back in time with our collection of the 15 best medieval fonts available on Canva that are perfect for giving your designs a timeless and classic look. Each font in this list has been carefully selected to ensure your projects not only stand out but also carry the authenticity and charm of medieval times. These fonts feature characteristics typical of medieval script, such as gothic and black letter styles, which are perfect for adding a historical or dramatic touch to your projects. Each of these fonts brings its unique flavor to the medieval theme, allowing for versatile design applications while maintaining an anchor in historical style.

1. Blaka

Why it is best Medieval font: Blaka is a bold and dynamic font that mimics the strokes of traditional calligraphy pens. Its heavy, dramatic lines make it ideal for headlines and titles where a strong medieval presence is desired, adding a powerful historical narrative to any design.

2. Bree Serif

Why it is best Medieval font: Bree Serif combines contemporary readability with a touch of old-world charm. This serif font features rounded details that soften its appearance, making it versatile for both modern and historical-themed projects.

3. Callem

Why it is best Medieval font: Callem’s elegant calligraphic strokes echo the hand-written manuscripts of medieval times. Its fluid, ornate characters are perfect for invitations, diplomas, or any project that requires a sophisticated and historical look.

4. Engravers Old English

Why it is best Medieval font: This font is a classic example of the blackletter styles used in medieval Europe. Its sharp, intricate letterforms are perfect for replicating the look of ancient texts and lend an air of formality and tradition to any layout.

5. Goudy

Why it is best Medieval font: Inspired by the designs of Frederic Goudy, this font carries a strong medieval influence with its robust weight and distinctive serifs. It’s great for achieving a look that feels both archaic and authoritative.

6. Grenze

Why it is best Medieval font: Grenze blends Gothic architecture and modern design elements, making it unique and highly readable. Its slightly condensed appearance helps maintain legibility while adding a medieval aesthetic to any content.

7. Just Write

Why it is best Medieval font: Just Write has a handcrafted feel that recalls the era of hand-written medieval scripts but with a cleaner, more modern finish. It’s ideal for personal messages, historical quotes, or any project that needs a personal, hand-touched feel.

8. Lancelot

Why it is best Medieval font: Named after the legendary knight, Lancelot is as regal as its namesake with elegant curves and sharp serifs that suggest the sophistication and romance of the Arthurian era, perfect for storytelling or thematic decorations.

9. London

Why it is best Medieval font: London’s Victorian influences make it a standout choice for projects that aim for a historical but distinctly British medieval feel. Its bold structure and embellished serifs provide a strong anchor for any design.

10. Majesty

Why it is best Medieval font: Majesty is all about grandeur and opulence, mirroring the ornamental inscriptions of medieval royalty. This font is excellent for headings and titles where a majestic, ceremonial feel is required.

11. Obra Letra

Why it is best Medieval font: With a nod to ancient calligraphy, Obra Letra features uneven, textured strokes that look as though they were painted with a brush. This font is perfect for designs that need a bit of rustic, historical authenticity.

12. Rumble Brave Script

Why it is best Medieval font: This decorative script combines Victorian and medieval elements, resulting in a lavish, ornate style perfect for luxurious and dramatic designs.

13. Sloop Script Pro

Why it is best Medieval font: Sloop Script Pro offers a lighter, more whimsical take on medieval handwriting. Its smooth curves and fine lines make it suitable for elegant, high-end projects that require a touch of antiquity.

14. Ultra

Why it is best Medieval font: Ultra is a heavy slab serif that feels both ancient and modern. It’s perfect for impactful headlines that need to convey strength and stability, reminiscent of stone inscriptions.

15. UnifrakturMaguntia

Why it is best Medieval font: This font revives the tradition of the Fraktur typefaces which were prevalent in manuscripts and books throughout the medieval period. It’s great for projects that require a distinctly traditional Germanic aesthetic.


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