How To Change Font in Google Sheets?

Do you find your spreadsheets boring with the default font on Google Sheets? Worry no more, as you change the default font on Google Sheets using the below approaches.
How To Change Font in Google Sheets?

Spreadsheets are arguably the best way to handle and present important data, but they can be less appealing when proper font or theme is not used. If you’ve been using Google Sheets, you might have encountered the boring default font, which needs to change every time you use your favorite font.

What if there is a way around it? Keep reading to find out how.

How to Change the Default Font on Google Sheets?

We have tried all the possible ways, and while a few ways can temporarily change the default font, like Apps Script, they are not suggested as it is complex and not permanent.

Irrespective of the approaches featuring temporary font changes, there is one way to change the default font permanently. Here is how to change the default font on Google Sheets permanently:

  1. Start by opening Google Sheets on your browser and, look for the option “Format” on top of the toolbar, click on it.
  1. Clicking the “Format” drops a list of options, from which select the option “Theme.”
  1. After clicking “Theme,” opens Themes on the right side of the spreadsheet. Now click on “Customize” to change the default font.
Click on Customize button
  1. Once the current theme is changed to “Custom,” you’re displayed with customization options, from which click on the “Font” options. Doing so opens the drop-down; select the font you’re interested in, and click “Done.”
Font option in Theme
  1. After you finish the above steps, you can notice the default font changes to the one you selected.
Default font changed

How to Change the Font on Google Sheets using Templates?

While this approach doesn’t change the default font, it is included as it is easy and doesn’t involve any complex or multiple steps to change the font partially.

We suggest this approach for readers who want everything preset and don’t want the hassle of adjusting the fonts or having the same font throughout the spreadsheet. Here are steps on how to do so:

  1. Open Google Sheets and look for the option “Filet” on top of the toolbar; click on it.
File option
  1. After clicking on the “File” displays multiple options, from which click “New” and then “From template gallery.”
Template Gallery
  1. Doing so opens the Template gallery, featuring a lot of templates, from which select the template that represents the data you’re working on.
List of Templates
  1. After you have selected a template, the sheets update to the new template with preset themes and fonts.
Preset templates

Note: While you haven’t changed the default font, you don’t have to worry about changing it as the template predetermines it.

How to Change the Font on Google Sheets Using Font?

Everyone does change fonts using the fonts provided, so this approach doesn’t need to be described in detail but done for the sake of readers new to Google Sheets.

While this approach is temporary, you can set any font of your choice to the selected cells, and the only hassle is changing the fonts frequently. Here are steps on how to do so:

  1. Open the Google Sheets and select the font cells you want to change.
  2. Once you’re done selecting the cells, look for the fonts drop-down menu from the toolbar and click on it.
Change Font
  1. Now click on any font you choose, and the selected cells font is changed successfully. Also, you have the flexibility to change the font for each cell with this approach.

[BONUS] How to Add Fonts to Google Sheets

Compared with Google Docs or Slides, the process remains the same for Google Sheets.

Like the Docs and Slides, while Sheets can add new add-ons, unfortunately, there are no font add-ons developed for Sheets, so you have to rely on the additional in-built fonts offered by Google, and here are steps on how to do this:

  1. Open Google Sheets, look for the fonts drop-down menu from the toolbar, and click on it.
  2. After the fonts drop-down has opened, look for the option “More fonts” and click on it.
More Fonts
  1. Doing so opens a large collection of fonts offered by Google. Now, apply filters or search for the font you’re interested in and click on it, and then the “OK” button at the bottom left to add the font in the fonts drop-down.
Add more fonts

Wrapping Up

Congratulations on successfully changing the font and learning how to set a default font on Google Sheets.

We have provided the best approaches, and if you follow the steps correctly, there won’t be any issues. Unfortunately, Google Sheets has restricted only a few fonts that can be set as a default font, and the disability to add new fonts to the default font list is limiting.

Also, the lack of font add-ons on Google Workspace Marketplace is another limiting factor. So the above approaches are arguably the only resort, and with time, there might be flexibility with the add-ons and fonts on Sheets.


How Do I Change My Font to a Larger Size in Google Sheets?

Font Size

From the toolbar, beside font, you have the plus and minus buttons to adjust the font size. Click on the plus button to increase the font size or set the font size by typing in the font size box provided.

Can I create a Custom Template on the Template Gallery?

Google doesn’t provide flexibility to create custom templates on the Template Gallery. However, you can create one on other spreadsheet software and open it on Google Sheets.

Which is better, Microsoft 365 Online (Excel for Web) or Google Sheets?

Microsoft 365 Online tools have more features than Google Suite (Docs, Slides, and Sheets), and it is for those who are aware of the tool and work on complex spreadsheets.

However, Google Sheets is better if you’re looking for a simple and easy tool for basic purposes. So it’s your call.


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