How to Change Fonts on Facebook?

We explain in detail how you can change the font on Facebook with just a few simple tricks.
How to change fonts on Facebook?

Tired of looking at the same fonts for what seems to be an eternity? Let’s tweak the settings and change the fonts on Facebook to give it a unique look.

Facebook allows a plethora of personalization options that allow you to tweak the user experience by playing around with a bunch of features. One of the many features that most people often look for is how to change the fonts on Facebook.

In today’s round-up, we will be answering that exact question and offer a step-by-step tutorial on how to change fonts on Facebook so make sure to stick around. 

How to change fonts on Facebook?

If you’re using a version of Facebook on your PC using Chrome, you need to follow the steps mentioned below to change fonts on Facebook.

1. Install the Font Changer extension on Google Chrome.

2. Pin the extension to the menu bar.

3. Open Facebook and then click on the extension button.

4. Select the font that you want.

5. Refresh the page. 

With these simple steps, you can change the font on Facebook and it would hardly take up a few minutes of your time. Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t offer native settings for changing the fonts and users have to rely on 3rd-party applications and extensions to customize the appearance of the 

Alternate Method 

The Font Changer extension will most likely work for you but, it only has a limited number of fonts it can offer. Another Chrome extension that you could use is ‘Appoint Font’ and it’s one of the best font changing extensions on the store. 

With this extension, you have a plethora of fonts to choose from and it works seamlessly on Facebook and other social media websites. Operating the extension is also quite easy and you can change the fonts any time. 

To use this extension to change the fonts on Facebook, follow these steps:

1. Install the ‘Appoint Font’ extension. 

2. Pin the extension.

3. Click on the extension and then click on ‘Options’.

4. Click on ‘Create Rule’.

5. Click on ‘Custom Font’ and choose the font that you want to use.

6. Refresh the Facebook page and the font will be changed. 

With such simple methods, you can change the overall appearance of Facebook and choose the font of your choice. 

How to change the font on Facebook posts?

If you want to post something on Facebook to catch the reader’s eye, using a unique font would go a long way. Oftentimes, with a simple font, your post will be like any other post on the feed. However, if you’re using a sophisticated bold or italic font, you will be able to catch the attention of the reader. 

Now to change the font on Facebook posts, you won’t have to hassle since there is a simple way to change the default font to the font of your choice. Firstly, make sure to copy the entire post that you want to change the font of, and then follow these steps:

1. Go to Lingojam Font Changer.

2. Paste all the text into the box.

3. Copy the AI-generated text on the other box.

4. Paste the content on your feed. 

Once the AI-generated appears on the box, you will have plenty of options to choose from and it is up to you to decide on the font that you want to use. Any font that you decide to go with with appear as it is on the Facebook post as well. 

How to change fonts on Facebook on Android?

Android’s native settings allow you to change the fonts of your device with just a few taps. You can download the font of your choice on your Android device and use it for all the text that appears on your device. 

This works for all the system texts as well as the content that you see on 3rd-party applications like Facebook. Similarly, using such settings, you can also change the font size as well which comes in handy if you suffer from nearsightedness.

Now to change the fonts on your Android device, follow these steps:

1. Open Settings.

2. Scroll down to the end and tap on ‘Accessibility’.

3. Tap on ‘Visibility Enhancement’.

4. Scroll down and tap on ‘font size and style’.

5. Select the font style of your choice. 

Note: For some Android devices, the font settings can be located somewhere else and if this method doesn’t work for you, then the best alternate method is to just open Settings and search for ‘Font’ on your device. 


How do I change my name on Facebook with different fonts?

Users can change their name on Facebook with a different font using LingoJam. Users will need to type their name into the text box and the AI-generated fonts will appear on the screen. Afterward, choose the font that you want and paste it on the name change page. 


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