How to Find WiFi Password on iPhone – 3 Methods

How to Find WiFi Password on iPhone

Everyone has been in a situation where a buddy asks for your WiFi password and you are unable to recall it. Another scenario is when you want to add a new device to your home network but the password is too complicated. But, you can find WiFi password on iPhone!

If you have an iPhone and have already used the WiFi network, obtaining your WiFi password is a rather simple procedure. If you wish to share your iPhone’s WiFi password with a friend or set up a new device, we’ll walk you through the process in this blog. 

Let’s now go on to the detailed instructions for determining your iPhone’s WiFi password:

  1. Method 1  

For saved networks, method 1 is to retrieve the WiFi password from the keychain.

This approach works well if you’ve already used your iPhone to connect to the WiFi network whose password you’re trying to find.

  • Step 1: Access Settings

Open the “Settings” app, which is indicated by a gear icon, after unlocking your iPhone.

  • Step 2: Navigate to Wi-Fi

To access your device’s WiFi settings, scroll down and tap “Wi-Fi”.’

WiFi option
  • Step 3: View Saved Networks 

You will see the WiFi network you are presently connected to as well as any others you have connected to in the past under the list of accessible WiFi networks.

WiFi Networks

Select the network name (SSID) for which you’re looking for the password by tapping it.

  • Step 4 : Retrieve the Password 

There will be a pop-up window containing information about the network, including the password.

WiFi Password

There will be a password display next to “Password.” Click on the text, and you’ll need to enter your iPhone code to view the password.

Enter passcode screen
  1. Method 3

Advanced users can retrieve WiFi passwords using third-party programs. Due to potential security risks, this method is not advised for inexperienced users and may require a jailbroken iPhone.

  • Your iPhone Must First Be Jailbroken  

Your iPhone may lose its warranty if you jailbreak it, and there are security dangers involved. Only move forward if you fully comprehend the implications and with prudence.

  • Installing a WiFi Password Recovery App 

Install a reputed WiFi password recovery app from a reliable source after jailbreaking.

  • Retrieve the WiFi Password 

To retrieve WiFi passwords saved on your device, follow the instructions provided by the app.

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  1. Method 3
  • To start with, on your iPhone, open the Cydia app and type NetworkList to display the WiFi password
  • On your iPhone or iPad, launch the Cydia app, enter “NetworkList” in the search bar, and then download and install the application.   
  • You can now select “Restart Springboard” as soon as the dialogue appears. The home screen for you will restart.
  • The “Known Networks” option will appear when you launch the “Settings” app and select “WLAN” from the list of options.
  • You can see the location network key on the same iPhone that you’ve connected to by tapping on it. 

It can be helpful to know how to locate your iPhone’s WiFi password, especially if you need to share network access with visitors or connect new devices.

Knowing how to access this information can save you time and trouble, whether you retrieve the password from your iPhone’s settings, check the label on your router, or use third-party apps (with caution). 

When managing WiFi passwords, always put security and privacy first and avoid sharing them with just anybody. This guide’s instructions will help you maintain network security while obtaining seamless connectivity.

Why Is It Necessary to Locate Your iPhone’s WiFi Password?

There may be many reasons why you might need to locate your WiFi password:

  • Sharing with Visitors: When visitors come to your house or place of business, they frequently require access to your WiFi network. You may simply share a complex password from your iPhone rather than trying to remember it.
  • Setting Up New Devices: You must join your WiFi network whenever you buy a new iPhone, iPad, or other WiFi-capable device. Having your password handy makes this process easier.
  • Resolving Network Issues: Support or customer care may need your WiFi password in order to identify and fix connectivity issues with your WiFi network.

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