How to Remove Ads on Android 

We explain various methods that you can use to restrict Ads on your Android device. We mentioned native and third-party applications and settings that can come in handy for removing Ads on Android.

On Android, you see many ads popping up on your screen every few minutes. Whether you’re watching your favorite videos on YouTube or browsing your Facebook feed, you’ll see many ads everywhere. 

And often, you do get tired of seeing them and wonder what could be done to remove such ads on your Android device. For different scenarios, we’ve mentioned different methods that can be used to ensure that you don’t see any Ads popping up. 

How to remove ads on Android: Methods 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the methods that you can use to restrict Ads on your Android device.

Remove Ads on Android Devices by Deleting Advertising ID

Each Android device comes with Google Services that enables the user to tweak the settings for the best user experience. One of the features of such a service also includes removing the Advertising ID since it is used when you’re targeted by an Ad.

Removing the Advertising ID would mean that you won’t be exposed to ads that are generally displayed by websites and applications using Google Adsense. And since the majority of publishers rely on Google Adsense to display ads, it is an excellent method to ensure that you’re not exposed to those fishy and malicious pop-ups. 

To remove the Advertising ID on your Android device, follow these steps:

1. Open Settings on your Android device. 

2. Click on ‘Google Servies’.

3. Click on ‘Ads’.

4. Tap on ‘Delete Advertising ID’ and complete the process.

Keep in mind that you will still be exposed to some Ads but not as many as you were exposed to before. It is a good method to block the Ads on Android devices but not the most efficient. We have explained a few more methods so make sure to stick around to find out. 

Remove Ads on Android Devices by changing the DNS 

For a personalized experience, you can change the DNS settings on your Android device to minimize exposure to irritating pop-ups and in-app banner ads. To use this method, follow these steps:

1. Open Settings.

2. Tap on ‘Connections’.

3. Scroll down and tap on ‘More Connection Settings’.

4. Tap on ‘Private DNS’ and select ‘Private DNS provider hostname’.

5. Type in ‘’ and hit save. 

Remove Ads on Android Devices on Google Chrome 

Google Chrome comes with native settings that allow you to toggle off pop-ups and redirects to ensure that you don’t end up on a phishing page with a single tap on the screen. Using such settings, you will only be exposed to a limited number of ads.

Keep in mind that using this option could also mean that you will be missing out on some features of certain websites that use pop-ups to announce various types of news and announcements. 

Now, to ensure that you are not exposed to random ads on Google Chrome, follow these quick steps:

1. Open Google Chrome.

2. Click on ‘three dots’ on the top-right corner of the window. 

3. Tap on ‘Settings’ and scroll down.

4. Now tap on ‘Site Settings’.

5. Locate the ‘Pop-ups and redirects’ and ‘intrusive ads’ pages. 

6. Tap on both these pages and toggle on the buttons displayed on the scroll. 

And with these few simple steps, you won’t be exposed to as many Ads as you were exposed to before. 

Remove Ads on Android Devices on Offline Apps 

Offline apps that include simple games and study applications are often filled with all sorts of Ads and at times, it seems impossible to get rid of them. However, the simplest trick to get rid of pop-up and banner ads on such applications is to simply turn off the internet.

Whether you’re using WiFi or Mobile data, turn that off before you launch the offline app because that way, the apps won’t be able to display any ads to you. Make sure to turn the internet off before launching the app, otherwise, this method won’t work for you. 

Remove Ads on Android Devices using Brave Browser 

Brave Browser is one of the best Ad-free browsers on the market and if you don’t want to see too many Ads when browsing the internet, it is best to download and use this browser. It comes at no cost and allows you to use a built-in VPN to ensure your complete privacy. 

Remove Ads on YouTube on Android 

While the best method to remove ads on YouTube is to purchase the YouTube premium options since it is not possible for the majority of people, you can always use an Ad-blocked to do your bidding. The Google PlayStore is filled with many ad-blockers for YouTube and you could pick any one of them and enjoy an Ad-free experience. 

Remove Ads on Android Devices using AdBlocker Browser 

AdBlocker Browser is an application on Google PlayStore that allows you to instantly block all the ads on your screen. It is basically an ad-free version of Google Chrome that will block any ad or pop-up from appearing on your screen. It is completely free and one of the highest-rated ad-blockers on the Google Play Store. 


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