15 Must-Try Folklore Fonts on Canva for Storytellers

Folklore fonts are your secret ingredient! With their unique charm, these fonts transport readers into worlds of fantasy and adventure. In this article, we’ll explore 15 must-try folklore fonts available on Canva that are perfect for storytellers. These fonts are not only beautiful but also versatile, and suitable for a variety of creative projects. Each of these fonts can bring a different flavor and character to your storytelling projects, making them well worth trying out in your next Canva creation!

1. Anaktoria

Why it’s a Must-Try: Anaktoria is a serif font that combines classic readability with a touch of artistic flair. Its balanced structure is ideal for body text in storybooks or folk tales. The elegant curves and subtle sophistication make it perfect for evoking a historical or mythical atmosphere.

2. EB Garamond

Why it’s a Must-Try: EB Garamond is a revival of the 16th-century typeface by Claude Garamont. Known for its legibility and timeless elegance, it suits formal and poetic texts. Its historical roots and refined appearance bring a level of professionalism and grace to storytelling content.

3. IM Fell

Why it’s a Must-Try:This typeface is based on fonts used in English printing in the 17th century, offering a direct link to the past with its irregular and weathered style. It captures the essence of ancient manuscripts, perfect for creating an authentic historical narrative.

4. IM Fell English SC

Why it’s a Must-Try: A small caps version of IM Fell, this font maintains the historical feel but with more uniformity, suitable for emphasizing names or important terms within a text. The small caps give a stylistic consistency that enhances readability while maintaining an old-world charm.

5. Lekton

Why it’s a Must-Try: Inspired by typewriter fonts, Lekton brings a mechanical robustness to the table, which works well for modern folk stories or tech-themed tales. Its monospaced form echoes the rhythm of a typewriter, ideal for evoking nostalgia and a sense of authenticity.

6. Lovera

Why it’s a Must-Try: Lovera is a visually striking script font that flows beautifully. Its handwritten quality adds a personal touch to any project.The fluid, connected style of Lovera makes it perfect for romantic or heartfelt stories, adding a layer of intimacy.

7. Quando

Why it’s a Must-Try: Quando is a serif font that balances classic and contemporary styles. Its clear and open forms ensure excellent readability on any digital or printed page. Its versatility makes it suitable for both main text and headings, ideal for varied storytelling formats.

8. Redressed

Why it’s a Must-Try: Redressed is a brush script that carries an informal, friendly vibe. It’s dynamic and approachable, suitable for lighter, more casual stories. The casual style helps break down barriers between the text and the reader, creating a conversational tone.

9. Rustic Printed Stamp

Why it’s a Must-Try: This font mimics the look of old, ink-stamped letters, giving designs a rustic and handmade feel. It’s perfect for historical fiction, evoking a sense of time-worn nostalgia and authenticity.

10. Satisfy

Why it’s a Must-Try: Satisfy blends the charm of calligraphy with the ease of a cursive script. It’s fluid and expressive, excellent for titles and pull quotes. The elegance and flair of Satisfy make it ideal for engaging and attracting readers.

11. Slopes

Why it’s a Must-Try: Slopes is a brush script with a bold and lively character. Its thick strokes and quick motion impart energy and emotion. Its impactful appearance is great for making statements and adding drama to storytelling visuals.

12. Tan Agean

Why it’s a Must-Try: Reflecting the aesthetic of ancient scripts, Tan Agean brings a touch of archaeological mystery to designs, reminiscent of old Greek inscriptions. Its unique character set and historic style make it perfect for stories set in or inspired by ancient times.

13. TD Sulog

Why it’s a Must-Try: This font features bold, uneven letters that mimic the look of traditional hand-carved inscriptions. It’s both primitive and artistic. TD Sulog adds a tribal or ancient touch to narratives, enhancing the storytelling with a visually strong foundation.

14. Unique

Why it’s a Must-Try: As the name suggests, Unique offers a distinctive style with playful and irregular shapes. It stands out in creative and imaginative projects. It’s perfect for stories that aim to be different or stand out in a crowded market.

15. Vintage Moon

Why it’s a Must-Try: Vintage Moon is a decorative font that recalls early 20th-century advertising scripts, offering a retro vibe with a touch of whimsy. Its charming and nostalgic look is ideal for stories that aim to evoke a sense of the past or play with retro themes


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