15 Popular Capslock font on Canva for Standout Designs

Caps lock fonts, with their bold and assertive style, are a fantastic choice when you want your text to pop and grab attention. Whether you’re designing a flyer, a social media post, or a promotional banner, these fonts can help your message stand out. In this article, we’ll explore 15 popular caps lock fonts available on Canva that can elevate your designs. Each font has its unique flair and potential uses, helping you convey your message not just loudly, but also beautifully. These fonts each bring their unique attributes to the table, making them popular choices for designs that aim to utilize caps lock effectively to attract and retain viewer attention.

1. Alta

Why it is a popular Capslock font: Alta is a clean and minimalist sans-serif font. Its light stroke and unobtrusive design make it ideal for elegant, modern layouts where the focus is on clarity and simplicity. Its understated style works beautifully in caps lock, providing a sophisticated touch without overwhelming the design.

2. Barabara

Why it is a popular Capslock font: Barabara features thick, blocky letters with a playful twist. It’s robust and very readable, which makes it perfect for impactful headlines and eye-catching statements. Its bold, fun appearance in all caps is great for designs that aim to be friendly yet assertive.

3. Baron

Why it is a popular Capslock font: Baron is a decorative serif font that combines vintage charm with modern flair. It has unique letterforms that give it a distinctive look. When used in caps, Baron adds a touch of sophistication and timelessness, ideal for brands looking to express reliability and style.

4. Bisdak

Why it is a popular Capslock font: Bisdak is a casual, handwritten font that exudes warmth and friendliness. Its slightly irregular shapes and sizes in capitals mimic natural handwriting. This font stands out for its personal and inviting feel, perfect for informal communications and creative projects.

5. Blanka

Why it is a popular Capslock font: Blanka is a futuristic sans-serif font with sharp, clean lines and a very geometric structure. It’s modern and makes a bold statement. Its high impact and crisp clarity in caps lock make it suitable for tech-oriented or avant-garde design themes.

6. Brown Sugar

Why it is a popular Capslock font: Brown Sugar is a smooth, flowing script font that brings a touch of elegance and sophistication. It is versatile for both formal and casual designs. In caps, Brown Sugar maintains readability while adding an artistic flair to any text, making it great for branding and decorative titles.

7. Calgary

Why it is a popular Capslock font: Calgary is a chunky, slab serif font that offers great visibility and a sturdy feel. It’s particularly effective for statements and titles. Its bold, solid appearance in caps lock commands attention, ideal for headings and advertising.

8. Code

Why it is a popular Capslock font: Code is a sleek, monospaced font typically used for digital environments. It mimics the classic style seen in coding and technical contexts. It brings a clean, uniform look to designs and is highly readable in caps, perfect for tech-themed graphics.

9. Donau

Why it is a popular Capslock font: Donau is an art nouveau-inspired font with flowing, elegant lines and distinctive character shapes. Its unique style in caps lock offers a decorative quality that enhances any creative or luxury design.

10. Hertical

Why it is a popular Capslock font: Hertical is a bold, modern sans-serif with a very geometric build, giving it a contemporary edge. Its strong presence in caps makes it a go-to for designs that require a modern and impactful typeface.

11. Horizon

Why it is a popular Capslock font: Horizon is an expansive, wide-set font with a futuristic vibe. It’s perfect for headlines and anything requiring a spacious, open look. Its broad and bold caps lock usage offers excellent readability and a strong visual impact.

12. Norwester

Why it is popular Capslock font: Norwester is a condensed, sans-serif font with a vintage touch, characterized by thick lines and rounded edges. Its assertive and attention-grabbing look in caps is excellent for impactful headlines and strong statements.

13. Perandory

Why it is a popular Capslock font: Perandory is a quirky, decorative font with unique letterforms that add character to any design. Its distinctive style in caps lock is perfect for designs that aim to stand out and be memorable.

14. Phatt

Why it is a popular Capslock font: Phatt is exactly as its name suggests: extra bold and wide. It’s an all-caps font that’s perfect for commanding attention. Its exaggerated width and boldness make it ideal for designs that need to make a strong, undeniable presence.

15. Track

Why it is a popular Capslock font: Track excels in caps lock because of its uniform and clear spacing between letters, which enhances readability even when used in larger displays or bold statements. Its simplicity and elegance allow it to blend seamlessly into various design aesthetics without overpowering other elements.


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