How to Create and Post Canva Design to LinkedIn?

Learn how to post Canva design to LinkedIn and find engaging LinkedIn post templates!
Post Canva Design to LinkedIn

Ever tried to create a professional design for LinkedIn on Canva but don’t know where to start and how to post it on LinkedIn? No worries as we have some amazing tips for you!

You can post Canva design on LinkedIn by connecting your LinkedIn account with Canva and sharing it directly through the Share option. You can also download the design to your device and then post it on LinkedIn. Canva has thousands of readymade templates to create professional and artistic designs for LinkedIn.

You can go through the guide below and find out step-by-step how you can create and post Canva designs to LinkedIn. So, let’s get started!

How to Post Canva Design to LinkedIn?

Canva is an amazing tool to create engaging, informative, and fun posts for LinkedIn. But how can you post Canva designs to LinkedIn? That’s super easy! We have two simple ways for you to do this.

Post Canva Design Directly to LinkedIn

You can post a Canva design to LinkedIn directly by connecting your profile/page to Canva. This saves time and you don’t have to download the design to your device as well.

Follow the steps below to publish a post on LinkedIn through Canva:

Once you are done creating your design, click on the “Share” option on the top right corner of Canva.

canva desig sharing tutorial

Scroll to the end and click on the “Share on Social” option located in the second last of the list.

canva post share to social

You can either search LinkedIn in the search menu or find it among the socials available to connect to Canva. 

Click on “LinkedIn Page” or ‘LinkedIn Profile”. The LinkedIn page is for organizations while the profile is for individuals. So, if you have a personal profile, you will click on the profile option or if you want to publish the design on a company’s or organization’s page, you will click on the page option.

post canva design to linkedin

Next, Canva will ask you to connect your LinkedIn profile/page to Canva if it isn’t already connected. Add your email and password to connect the two. (you might need to verify that it is you logging into your account through email or phone number)

Click on “Allow” when Canva asks for permission to connect.

Once the account is connected to Canva, you will get the option to add a caption. Write a catchy, simple, and engaging caption and click on “Publish”. 

publish canva design to linkedin profile

Now, your post has been published. You can check out the post from this option or make a copy of it as well. 

Post Canva Design to Linkedin By Downloading

You can also save a design from Canva and then post it on LinkedIn. This way, you won’t have to connect your account with Canva. 

Follow the steps below for downloading and posting the design on LinkedIn:

After creating the design, click on the “Share” option on the top right corner of Canva.

canva design share

Find the option of “Download” and click on it. 

canva design download

Choose a file type that is ideal for you. Usually, for LinkedIn PNG and JPG are preferred. Click on either “PNG” or “JPG”.

canva design save PNG

You can customize the size and quality of the image or add a transparent background (to PNG). However, these features are only available for Canva Pro users.

Click on “Save Download Settings” if you want to download multiple designs with the same size and quality. However, it is an optional step.

Click on “Download” and your design will go to your downloads folder.

Uploading to LinkedIn

  • Now, open LinkedIn on your design and sign in (if you are logged out)
  • On the top of your feed, click on “Start a Post”.
  • Now, click on “Add Media/Picture Icon” in the left bottom corner. 
  • Click on “Upload from Computer” and select the design you downloaded from Canva.
  • You can edit the design from the bottom left corner (the pencil icon) and crop, adjust, or add filters to the design.
  • Click on “Next” after you are done editing your image.
  • Now, add a caption that is relevant to the image and engages a discussion.
  • Click on “Post” to publish the design on your profile/page. 
  • You can also schedule the post to upload later by clicking on the “Clock Icon” next to the post option. Here, you can add the desired date and time and LinkedIn will post the design with the saved caption for you at the selected time.
  • Click on “Next” and then “Schedule” and you are good to go!

How to Create Engaging Canva Designs for LinkedIn?

Canva provides various LinkedIn templates and tools to help you create engaging and high-quality posts. The readymade templates are useful for users who have a hard time making creative designs. These templates come with backgrounds, texts, and elements suitable for all your needs.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Open Canva Home.
  • On the left side, find “Templates” and click on this option.
  • You can find a suitable template from the options given in the menu. For example, go to the “Social Media” menu. There, you have the option to create “LinkedIn Video Ads”. Ads are ideal for LinkedIn pages.
  • You can click on “Business” templates and create a design such as docs, or flyers.
  • You can find business cards, posters, brochures, and newsletters in the “Marketing” templates option.
  • You can search for a good LinkedIn template by using the right keywords in the search menu. Some suitable keywords are LinkedIn banners, LinkedIn article cover images, LinkedIn business posts, LinkedIn banner marketing, etc.
  • After searching for the templates, you will find thousands of templates that you can choose from. Some templates will only be available for Canva Pro users and some will be paid. The paid ones will have a dollar sign on them and the pro ones will have a crown symbol. 
  • After choosing a template, click on it.
  • Click on “Customize the Template” to make it suitable for your LinkedIn profile/page.
  • You can edit every element in the template and delete or replace it such as texts, symbols, images, background color, text font, text color, text size, etc.
  • Once the design is created, you can add it to your LinkedIn as explained above.

You can click on this link to find LinkedIn templates on Canva.

How to Find Specific LinkedIn Templates on Canva?

You can find as specific LinkedIn templates on Canva as you want by using the right keywords. In the search menu of templates, you can add specific keywords such as Christmas LinkedIn Posts or Hiring LinkedIn Posts. You can go more specific by typing in a color so that it matches your brand’s voice. 

You can find an aesthetic that suits your profile too by using keywords such as minimalist-themed LinkedIn posts, pastel-themed LinkedIn posts, etc.

The more specific keywords you add, the more desirable templates you will find. Otherwise, there would be thousands of designs that you will have to scroll through. 

The Magic AI tool of Canva available for Pro users also creates a super specific template for you. So, you can also make use of it. You can check that out in this video!


Can I post from Canva to LinkedIn?

You can post from Canva to LinkedIn directly by connecting your account with Canva. This way, you won’t have to save the design to your device and you can add multiple designs to LinkedIn directly. If you don’t want to connect Canva to LinkedIn, you can also save the image in PNG or JPG format and post it on LinkedIn.

Is Canva Good for LinkedIn?

Canva has amazing templates to create super easy yet engaging designs for LinkedIn. You can customize the designs as much as you want and make them suitable for your LinkedIn profile. You can create banners, posters, hiring posts, etc for LinkedIn through Canva. Canva is good for both LinkedIn pages and profiles.


Now you know how you can easily create and post Canva designs to LinkedIn and just a few simple steps. You can be as creative as you want and design posts by yourself or use a suitable template to customize them as per your desire. Canva allows you to post your designs directly to LinkedIn as well as download the design and manually post it on LinkedIn. 


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