What Is Denoising Strength Stable Diffusion

Are you trying to use the denoising strength option in Stable Diffusion? Learn how to do it with ease through the steps below.
What Is Denoising Strength Stable Diffusion

The denoising strength option offered by Stable Diffusion provides the flexibility to adjust the strength of the noise of an image, and the best part of it is that it lets you reduce the noise for a specific area or an entire image through img2img.

In this guide, we will include steps on how to use denoising strength through a demonstration to get you covered.

Denoising Strength in Stable Diffusion

  1. Start by loading Stable Diffusion on your PC, navigate to the img2img, and click on it.
Click on img2img tab
  1. Doing so, you will find the img2img tab opened under Generation. Now, look for Click to Upload and click on it to upload your image.
Copy Image to Inpaint
  1. After the image is uploaded, copy the image to inpaint by scrolling down and clicking on the inpaint option present below the image.
Copy Image to Inpaint

Quick Tip: If you want to apply denoising strength for the entire image, skip this step and proceed with Step 5.

  1. With the image copied to the inpaint tool, select the area using the brush. If the brush is small or large, click on the brush icon and adjust the slider to change the size.
  1. After you have selected the area with the brush or have proceeded with selecting the entire image, scroll down to find multiple options, from which find Denoising strength, adjust the slider, change the value in the input box, and click on Generate.
Adjust the denoising strength slider

Here are the results that we have got with different Denoising strength value sets:

  • Denoising Strength – 0.25
Denoising Strength 0.25 comparison
  • Denoising Strength – 0.5
Denoising Strength 0.5 comparison
  • Denoising Strength – 0.75
Denoising Strength 0.75 comparison

Wrapping Up

Congratulations on learning how to use denoising strength in Stable Diffusion!

The denoising strength values can be set between 0 and 1, and by looking at generated images with different denoising strength values, a minor change in values can cause significant variation. For best results, experiment with the denoising strength slider while adjusting CFG and writing better prompts if needed.

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