Top 3 Alternatives to Animaker

Animaker Alternatives

Animaker is currently one of the most popular pieces of cloud-based animation software. Since 2014, Animaker has helped over 10 million users produce animated videos online. Thanks to its pre-built templates, this animation software is ideal for beginners.

The platform also made history in 2017 for being the first animation software to feature verticle video creation. However, just because it’s popular and easy to use doesn’t mean it’s the software for you. Let’s check out some alternatives!

Animaker alternatives 2023



Powtoon is used by many major companies, including American Express and NASA. It can be used for making animation explainer films. It can also be used to create professional intros, whiteboard videos, and presentation video templates.


$228 per year


  • Audio capture
  • Collaboration tools
  • Brand overlay
  • Customizable templates
  • Offline presenting


  • Drag and drop editor: Video editing can be done through a simple drag-and-drop motion.
  • Free: You can try out most of the Powtoon tools for free. However, your videos will feature a Powtoon watermark.


  • Slow: Powtoon does not move at lightning speed. It can lag, particularly when uploading your own images, video, and audio.

Adobe Creative Cloud


Adobe Creative Cloud refers to several video editor creative apps available from Adobe. The Basic Creative Cloud package features over 20 individual apps, which includes Adobe Animate. The range of features offered is what makes Creative Cloud a popular option. When you invest in Adobe Creative Cloud, you’re also buying photo editing software.


$599.88 per year


  • Split/merge
  • Video stabilization
  • 3D video editing
  • Text overlay
  • Brand overlay


  • Free version available: Before investing in ACC, try out the free edition of the software first.
  • Wide range of features: ACC isn’t just a place to make awesome video animations. It’s also good for making music visualizations, photoshop images, and sharing PDFs.


  • Expensive: Although you’re paying for more features, ACC is a big investment.
  • Chat: Unlike Animaker, ACC does not offer 24/7 chat with a live rep.



Vyond is one of the best online animators for creating professional-looking pieces of content. It creates cleaner videos than Animaker with a high-definition finish. It’s also the preferred option for audio mixing, text animation, and editing.


$649 per year


  • Automatic lip sync
  • Pre-made templates
  • Version history
  • Limitless customization


  • Version history: This feature allows you to revisit previous versions of your video, should you not like the current version.
  • Advanced lip-syncing: Getting characters to speak is a straightforward process. Recording voiceovers is easy and also looks convincing once finished.


  • Expensive: Although several tiers are available, the starting price of each is still expensive.

Pros and Cons of Animaker

If you’re a beginner, it’s worth buying Animaker as your first software site. If you’re well experienced in animation, you may want to consider Animaker alternatives.


  • High-quality animated backgrounds – Users can create engaging videos using the wealth of animated backgrounds available. This makes bringing life to your clips straightforward. There’s also a wide selection of pre-made characters and gestures to choose from.
  • Make live-action explainer videos: Animaker is not only good for making animated videos – you can also use it to create explainer videos! If you need to create live-action explainer animations for your business, Animaker is a good place to do it. It’s also a great software for making adverts and gifs.
  • Add voiceovers easily: No aspect of Animaker is particularly complicated. Even the most inexperienced animators will be able to create videos with voiceovers included.
  • Responsive 24/7 support team: There are no bots on Animaker. The platform employs a dedicated support team to respond to your queries and issues right around the clock.
  • Affordable: The Basic Plan costs $20 per month (alternatively, this can be paid as $120 per year). This paid subscription allows you to remove the watermark, as well as download more videos, and access more advanced tools.


  • Limited special features: Animaker provides you with the very basics of animation. If you’re looking to add special effects or edit videos to an advanced level, then you may require another software.


Is there a free version of Animaker?

There is a free version of Animaker, however, it has limited features when compared to the subscription versions. For example, the free edition does not give users any premium downloads. It also doesn’t offer auto video resizing or any custom fonts.

Is Animaker free without watermarks?

Unfortunately, the free version of Animaker has watermarks. This means you won’t be able to create and download videos without advertising the Animaker logo. The Basic Plan subscription doesn’t feature any watermarks.


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