17 Beachy Canva Fonts for Coastal-Themed Projects

If you’re looking for some laid-back, sunny vibes in your designs this summer, you’ve come to the right place. Our guide offers you a selection of 17 beachy Canva fonts that are perfect for adding a touch of coastal charm to your projects. Each of these fonts brings a unique element to beach-themed designs, enhancing the overall aesthetic with their distinctive styles and features. These fonts offer a variety of styles and themes inspired by the beach and summer, perfect for creating vibrant and engaging.

1. Amatic SC

Why it’s Beachy font: Amatic SC is a quirky, hand-drawn font that feels personal and informal. Its thin lines and tall letters give it a light, airy feel that is reminiscent of a message scrawled in the sand. Its casual, carefree vibe is perfect for informal beach event signage or fun, laid-back apparel designs.

2. Arvo

Why it’s Beachy font: Arvo is a geometric slab serif that combines clarity with style. It’s bold and very readable, which makes it versatile for both text and headlines. The sturdy appearance of Arvo evokes the robust nature of beachside structures like piers and lifeguard stands, making it ideal for more structured beach-themed graphics.

3. Beach Resort

Why it’s Beachy font: As the name suggests, Beach Resort is explicitly designed with a beach theme in mind. It often features playful, informal letterforms with soft edges. This font screams beach vacation and is a no-brainer for any material that aims to convey the fun and relaxation of a beach resort.

4. Comfortaa

Why it’s Beachy font: Comfortaa is a rounded geometric sans-serif typeface that looks modern and is easy on the eyes. It’s smooth and clear, which ensures legibility at any size. Its soft, rounded curves mimic the gentle roundness of beach pebbles and the calm horizon line over ocean waves.

5. Courgette

Why it’s Beachy font: Courgette is a medium-contrast, brushy, italic script font that has a very friendly and readable form. The relaxed and fluid style of Courgette resembles casual beach café signage, perfect for evoking a breezy, seaside atmosphere.

6. Dancing Script

Why it’s Beachy font: Dancing Script is a lively cursive font that captures the dynamic flow of dancing on the beach. Its letters bounce and change size slightly, which adds a personal touch. It mimics the rhythm and freedom of dancing waves and carefree beach days.

7. Grand Hotel

Why it’s Beachy font: Grand Hotel is a curvy, cursive font that recalls the retro glamour of 1930s beach resorts. It’s very fluid and has a timeless charm. It brings a touch of nostalgic elegance, perfect for vintage-themed beach posters or classy seaside wedding invitations.

8. Kaushan Script

Why it’s Beachy font: Kaushan Script feels like it’s been written quickly with a sharp pen, featuring slightly irregular shapes and a fresh, handcrafted appeal. Its rough edges and dynamic form convey a sense of spontaneity and adventure, akin to a breezy day on the beach.

9. Merriweather

Why it’s Beachy font: Merriweather is a serif font designed to be highly readable on screens. It features wide counters and a robust texture that ensures clarity even at small sizes. Its sturdiness and clarity make it suitable for more informative beach-themed content, like guides or beach safety signage.

10. Niconne

Why it’s Beachy font: Niconne is a beautiful, elegant font based on the calligraphy of the early 20th century. It has soft, rounded edges and a personal touch. Its elegance and warmth make it perfect for romantic beach wedding invitations or upscale beach events.

11. Pacifico

Why it’s Beachy font: Pacifico is a fun, cursive script that was inspired by American surf culture in the 1950s. It’s bold and very legible. With its flowy, carefree feel, it’s ideal for anything that needs a laid-back, sunny vibe, like beach apparel or themed parties.

12. Point

Why it’s Beachy font: Point is a simple, clean sans-serif that comes across as modern and unassuming. Its geometric structure provides excellent readability. Its minimalistic style works well in contemporary beach designs, adding a modern twist to traditional themes.

13. Raleway Dots

Why it’s Beachy font: Raleway Dots is a dotted-line version of the Raleway font which adds a playful, decorative element to the clean lines of the original. The dots can evoke the sandy texture of beaches or the sparkles on ocean water, making it fun for children’s beach activities or casual beach gear.

14. Satisfy

Why it’s Beachy font: Satisfy blends the classic with the casual, creating a script that’s both friendly and elegant. Its fluid, easy-going style is perfect for evoking that leisurely beach walk or sunset viewing.

15. Shadows Into Light

Why it’s Beachy font: Shadows Into Light is a neat handwriting font that feels intimate and sincere. Its clean lines and simple form make it highly legible. It’s like a note written in a beach journal, personal and reflective of sunny days spent by the sea.

16. TAN Summers

Why it’s Beachy font: TAN Summers is designed to embody the essence of summer with its informal and laid-back style. It often appears slightly worn or textured. This font is ideal for emulating the sun-baked textures and casual vibe of summer beach days.

17. Tangerine

Why it’s Beachy font: Tangerine is an elegant calligraphy font that flows smoothly, with sharp rises and falls like the waves of the sea. Its sophistication and fluid motion make it suitable for high-end beach-themed events or luxurious seaside resorts.


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