15 Fonts You Must Upload to Canva for Stunning Designs

Uploading new fonts is a fantastic way to give your projects a fresh and unique look. Whether you’re creating a logo, designing a poster, or putting together a presentation, the right font can make a big difference. That’s why we have a list of 15 must-have fonts that you can upload to Canva to enhance your designs. From sleek and modern to elegant and playful, each font has its charm and purpose, so you can find the perfect one to match your style and project needs. These fonts are versatile, stylish, and suitable for various design needs. By uploading these fonts to Canva, you can create stunning designs that stand out and effectively communicate your message.

1. Acherus Grotesque

Why it is a must-upload font: This is a versatile sans-serif typeface known for its clean and modern appearance. Its wide range of weights makes it perfect for both text and display uses, allowing for flexible design options from bold headlines to subtle body text.

2. Capriola

Why it is a must-upload font: Capriola is a sans-serif font that stands out due to its slight slant and distinctive character shapes. It adds a dynamic energy to any design, making it ideal for projects that aim to be modern and lively.

3. Chloe

Why it is a must-upload font: A delicate and feminine font, Chloe is perfect for invitations, personal blogs, or any design that requires a touch of elegance and softness. Its cursive style adds a personal, handcrafted feel to digital designs.

4. Copperplate Gothic

Why it is a must-upload font: Known for its sophisticated and traditional feel, Copperplate Gothic is a must-have for any design that aims to convey authority and professionalism, such as business presentations or formal event invitations.

5. Courier New

Why it is a must-upload font: This typewriter-style font offers a retro vibe that’s perfect for designs that aim for a nostalgic or classic look. It’s excellent for mimicking historical documents, coding visuals, or creating distinctive, attention-grabbing headers.

6. Dosis

Why it is a must-upload font: A modern, rounded sans-serif, Dosis is great for designs that require a friendly, approachable look. Its clean and clear lines make it suitable for educational materials or children’s designs.

7. Gotham

Why it is a must-upload font: Gotham is incredibly popular in professional and commercial design due to its strong, no-nonsense character. Its broad range of weights makes it extremely versatile for branding and can be used in almost any context.

8. Lexend Exa

Why it is a must-upload font: Designed specifically to improve reading proficiency, Lexend Exa is ideal for educational materials or any project that prioritizes readability and accessibility.

9. Libre Baskerville

Why it is a must-upload font: A modern take on a classic serif, Libre Baskerville is excellent for body text in online publications due to its optimized design for screen readability, offering elegance without sacrificing functionality.

10. Noto Serif Display

Why it is a must-upload font: Part of Google’s Noto font family, Noto Serif Display is designed to support a wide range of languages and scripts, making it an essential choice for international projects requiring a serif font that’s both beautiful and universally accessible.

11. Nunito Sans

Why it is a must-upload font: This friendly and rounded sans-serif font is perfect for more informal and playful designs. Its readability makes it suitable for both text and display use, particularly in projects aimed at younger audiences.

12. Object Sans

Why it is a must-upload font: Object Sans merges geometric and humanist traits, resulting in a hybrid font that feels modern and almost futuristic. It’s ideal for branding projects or tech-focused designs.

13. Source Sans Pro

Why it is a must-upload font: As Adobe’s first open-source font, Source Sans Pro is designed for user interfaces and is highly readable in digital contexts. It’s a practical choice for web and mobile designs.

14. Trebuchet MS

Why it is a must-upload font: Known for its humanist features, Trebuchet MS is a strong, legible font that works well in both digital and print media. It has a friendly yet professional tone, suitable for business and casual needs.

15. Varela Round

Why it is a must-upload font: With its soft, rounded letters, Varela Round is warm and inviting. This font is excellent for any project needing a subtle touch of friendliness and clarity, especially in user interfaces or digital ads.


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