Top 10 Best Print Management Software Solutions

A Comprehensive Review of the Top 10 Best Print Management Software Solutions

Print management software helps organizations control their print environment, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. In this guide, we cover the top print management solutions on the market and provide in-depth reviews to help you choose the right system.

A Comprehensive Review of the Top 10 Best Print Management Software Solutions

What is Print Management Software?

Print management software centralizes the control and optimization of an organization’s print infrastructure and documents. It handles print jobs, enforces rules and policies, tracks usage, and generates analytics reports.

Effective print management is critical for organizations to control unnecessary printing, eliminate waste, and ensure print jobs are completed securely and within budget. A robust print management system provides centralized oversight and administration of the entire print environment from printers and copiers to users and documents.

Key capabilities include:

  • Printer deployment and maintenance
  • User authentication and access control
  • Job routing and load balancing
  • Print job accounting and cost tracking
  • Consumable levels monitoring
  • Reporting and analytics

Why use print management software?

Print management solutions increase efficiency, cut waste, enhance security, and deliver significant cost savings. They are valuable for organizations with many printers and high print volumes.

Benefits of Print Management Systems

Print management software provides the following advantages:

  • Cost Reduction: Tracks print usage and spending to identify waste and optimize costs. Features like pull printing reduce excess printing.
  • Improved Efficiency: Centralized management, automated maintenance, and intelligent print job routing reduce administrative burden.
  • Increased Security: User authentication and activity tracking improve document security and prevent confidential information leaks.
  • Better Sustainability: Reduces paper and toner waste through rules enforcement and default duplex/mono printing.

How to Select the Best Print Management Software

Here are key factors to consider when evaluating print management systems:

  • Features: Ensure the software has the capabilities you need, like pull printing, user quotas, and advanced reporting.
  • Compatibility: Verify compatibility with your exact printer models, operating systems, browsers, and other software.
  • Scalability: Select a system that can easily scale as your business grows in size and printing needs change.
  • Ease of Use: Look for an intuitive interface to minimize training and ensure user adoption.
  • Security: Verify security features like role-based access control, encryption, and data protections.
  • Customer Support: Pick a vendor with robust customer support via phone, email, knowledge base, and online ticketing.
  • Cost: Consider license fees, maintenance costs, required hardware, and implementation services.
  • Reviews: Read third-party reviews and talk to current customers to evaluate real-world performance.

Pricing depends on several factors like number of users, printers, and features. Expect costs between $1 to $8 per user per month. Enterprise-level systems can cost over $100,000 for setup and multi-year licenses.

Common pricing models:

  • Per user/month subscription
  • Per printer licensing
  • Cost per print overage fees
  • Custom quote (for large deployments)

Many vendors offer free trials to test software. Cloud solutions have more flexible pay-as-you-go pricing.

Best Print Management Software

Best Print Management Systems – At a Glance

CriteriaPaperCutUniFlowPrintLogicInkSoftePS PacePrintSmith VisionMyQPrint ConductorScrewDriversPrint Manager
FeaturesMobility & pull printing, Print policies, ReportingPull & mobile printing, Reporting, Workflow automationMonitoring, Mobile print, Printer deployment, ReportingMonitoring, Cost allocationUsage analytics, Invoice automation, Process automationPrint shop mgt, Scheduling, Accounting integrationCost recovery, Print routing, InvoicingReal-time monitoring, Job routing rulesJob auditing, Quotas, Mobile printMulti-site mgt, Usage reporting
CompatibilityWindows, Mac, Linux, MobileWindows, Mac, Linux, iOS, AndroidWindows, iOS, AndroidWindowsWindows, MacWindows, Mac, QuickBooksWindows, Mac, Mobile, CloudWindows, iOS, AndroidWindows, iOS, AndroidWindows, badge systems
ScalabilityThousands of users/printersUp to 500,000 usersHundreds of printersUp to 200 printersHundreds to thousands of usersHundreds of usersSMBs to enterprisesSMBs and small enterprisesSMBsMultiple locations
Reviews & RatingsExcellent (4.5/5)Very Good (4.3/5)Excellent (4.7/5)Good (3.8/5)Excellent (4.6/5)Very Good (4.4/5)Very Good (4.2/5)Good (3.9/5)Good (3.7/5)Very Good (4.2/5)
Best ForEducational institutions, EnterprisesEnterprisesSMBs, Educational institutionsSMBsEnterprisesPrint shops, EnterprisesSMBsSMBsSMBsSMBs

Best Print Management Software Solutions – Let’s dive deeper

1. Papercut

PaperCut is one of the most widely-used print management platforms designed for educational institutions, enterprises, government agencies, and more. It enables complete control over your printing environment with tracking, rules, security protections, and insightful reporting.

  • Key Features: Mobility printing, Find-me printing, Print policy creation, Detailed reporting, Secure document release
  • Pricing: Average quote $3,500 for 100 users
  • Reviews: 4.5/5 (Capterra)
  • Website:

PaperCut simplifies print management across platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS. It supports 1000+ printer models and integrates with college and university systems like Blackboard, Moodle, and Google Cloud Print.

The centralized dashboard gives IT complete control over the entire print infrastructure including adding printers, applying quotas, implementing print policies, tracking usage, and running print analytics reports. Mobility printing and find-me printing provide convenience for today’s hybrid workforce.


Key Features

  • Cross-platform support
  • Automated alerts
  • Find-me printing

Why Consider Papercut

Consider Papercut If you want best-in-class reporting, security protections, broad feature set, and scalability for mid-size to large organizations.

2. UniFlow

UniFlow provides a secure, controlled print environment with advanced reporting. It’s easy to use and offers flexible implementation models.

  • Key Features: Pull printing, mobile printing, advanced reporting, extensive device support
  • Pricing: Contact vendor for quote
  • Reviews: 4.3/5 (G2)
  • Website:

UniFlow makes printing more cost-efficient, productive, and secure across dispersed corporate environments. It offers multi-tenant capabilities to serve multiple companies or entities from a single instance.

The solution supports pull printing, extensive mobile printing options, advanced reporting with 50+ reports, extensive customization of print workflows, and more. UniFlow integrates with most badge and card systems for authentication at printers.


Key Features

  • Pull printing
  • IOS, Android, Windows mobile printing
  • Advanced reporting insights

Why Consider

Consider UniFlow for its ease of use, advanced reporting, and flexible implementation models ideal for many organizations.

3. PrintLogic

PrintLogic simplifies print management with an intuitive browser-based interface. It’s affordable and has many advanced features despite its initial setup and ongoing ease of use.

  • Key Features: Easy browser-based access, Scalable for enterprises, Rules-based printing to reduce waste, Real-time monitoring and alerts, Interactive data analytics dashboard
  • Pricing: Starts at $295 one-time fee
  • Reviews: 4.7/5 (Capterra)
  • Website:

PrintLogic makes print management accessible for organizations of all sizes. Despite robust features, administrators can fully configure PrintLogic in under an hour because of the intuitive interface. Useful tools like templates, pre-configured profiles, and step-by-step wizards further simplify setup. PrintLogic reduces waste by letting admins set rules for duplexing, mono printing, and more. Users get options like pull printing and fast mobile printing. The interactive dashboard provides visibility into metrics like printer usage and potential cost savings from policies. Support receives high ratings for knowledge and quick response times. Overall, PrintLogic provides powerful but easy to use print management.


Key Features

  • Automated printer discovery
  • Printer status monitoring
  • Mobile and guest printing

Why Consider

Consider PrintLogic If you want a feature-packed but easy-to-use print management solution ideal for scalability.

4. InkSoft

InkSoft offers reliable print management focused on uptime and device maintenance alongside robust monitoring.

  • Key Features: Printer usage monitoring, Cost allocation, Consumables tracking
  • Pricing: Starts at $99 per month
  • Reviews: 3.8/5 (Capterra)
  • Website:

InkSoft provides organizations excellent print server monitoring alongside tools to keep printers up and running. Users can create thresholds for alerts on toner levels, paper jams, offline devices, and other issues. Robust monitoring ensures uptime and optimization. InkSoft helps enforce print policies and cost saving rules like forcing duplex and monochrome. It offers 50+ built-in reports and custom reporting capabilities. The software integrates well with solutions like PaperCut for added financial tracking. InkSoft may lack some larger enterprise features but its affordable pricing, reliability, and robust monitoring make it ideal for many small to mid-size organizations.


Key Features

  • Printer usage monitoring
  • Consumables tracking
  • Printer error alerts

Why Consider

Consider InkSoft if reliability, monitoring, and printer maintenance are your top print management priorities.

5. ePPS Pace

ePS Pace is an advanced print management suite that helps large enterprises optimize printing workflows and reduce expenditures.

  • Key Features: Process automation, Printer health monitoring, Usage analytics, Mobile printing
  • Pricing: Contact vendor
  • Reviews: 4.6/5 (G2)
  • Website:
ePPS Pace

ePS Pace provides extensive data-driven insights into print usage to right-size fleets, eliminate waste, and improve workflows. Granular information on volumes, costs, trends, and other KPIs help make strategic print decisions.

It centrally manages printers, consumables, service calls, and print jobs. Printers are proactively monitored for issues and toner replacements. Mobility printing support allows printing from smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

ePPS Pace

Key Features

  • Usage analytics reporting
  • Automated invoice processing
  • Process automation workflow

Why Consider

ePS Pace reduces print expenditures through process automation and actionable analytics. We recommend it for large enterprises looking to optimize complex printing environments.

6. PrintSmith Vision

PrintSmith Vision provides specialized print management workflows for print shops and in-plant operations.

  • Key Features: Print shop automation, Production scheduling, Printer monitoring, Accounting integration
  • Pricing: Contact vendor
  • Reviews: 4.4/5 (Capterra)
  • Website:
PrintSmith Vision

PrintSmith automates production workflow processes from customer onboarding to invoicing. It has robust planning and scheduling capabilities for print job management.

The print management module enables tracking usage, monitoring printers, enforcing rules and policies, and optimizing device fleets. It generates reports on volumes, consumables, user activity etc for data-driven decisions

PrintSmith Vision

Key Features

  • Print shop production automation
  • Scheduling optimization
  • Printer usage monitoring

Why Consider

PrintSmith Vision expertly combines print shop management with enterprise-grade print management capabilities. We recommend it for in-plant print centers and print service bureaus looking to add print optimization.

7. MyQ

MyQ provides cost recovery and print management for businesses through detailed monitoring, intelligent routing, and automated invoicing.

  • Key Features: Usage cost recovery, Intelligent print routing, Automated invoicing, Mobile printing
  • Pricing: Contact vendor
  • Reviews: 4.2/5 (G2)
  • Website:

MyQ installs locally but can also be deployed on private/public clouds. It captures print data organization-wide and allocates costs across clients, departments, projects etc accurately.

Rules and policies route jobs optimally minimizing waste and electricity costs. Users can print via desktop or mobile apps.

MyQ integrates with MFDs and printers, directories like Active Directory, and accounting systems. Plug-ins are available for popular ERP systems. It suits businesses from SMEs to global enterprises.


Key Features

  • Cost recovery through invoicing
  • Intelligent print job routing
  • Native mobile printing

Why Consider

MyQ allows businesses to recover printing costs through detailed usage data and automated invoicing. We recommend it for gaining visibility into print costs at the client or project level.

Print Conductor offers an affordable, easy-to-use print management system for SMBs to track, control and recover printing costs.

  • Key Features: Print tracking, Cost recovery, Mobility printing, Badge release
  • Pricing: Starts at $489 one-time fee
  • Reviews: 3.9/5 (Capterra)
  • Website:
Print Conductor

Print Conductor installs on a Windows server to track printing across the organization via desktop clients. Usage can be monitored in real-time through the dashboard.

IT can implement rules to optimize printing and reduce waste. Users are allocated quotas to curb excess printing. Print costs are visible at the user, department or client level for accurate cost recovery.

Print Conductor

Key Features

  • Client and user-based cost allocation
  • Printer rules creation
  • iOS and Android printing

Why Consider

Print Conductor makes it easy for small businesses to gain visibility and control over printing. We recommend it for its intuitive interface, useful features like badge printing and mobile print, and affordable pricing.

9. Screwdrivers Essentials

Screwdrivers provides customizable print management primarily targeted at small/medium businesses.

  • Key Features: Print tracking, Mobility printing, Quota management, Job auditing
  • Pricing: Contact vendor
  • Reviews: 3.7/5 (G2)
  • Website:
Screwdrivers Essentials

Screwdrivers installs on Windows servers to discover network printers and start tracking usage. IT can run print reports to identify wasteful habits, excess printing, and problem printers.

Rules and quotas optimize printing behavior while mobile printing allows users to print from smartphones and tablets. Printers can be imported rom Active Directory and users authenticated via LDAP/AD.

Screwdrivers Essentials

Key Features

  • Remote printer management
  • Printer consumables monitoring
  • Job auditing

Why Consider

Screwdrivers Essentials offers a flexible print management system for SMBs at an affordable price. We recommend it for its useful features like quotas, mobile print, and printer consumables management.

Print Manager Plus enables organizations to easily track, control, and manage their printing across multiple locations.

  • Key Features: Centralized administration, Printer monitoring, Rules creation, Reporting
  • Pricing: Contact vendor
  • Reviews: 4.2/5 (Capterra)
  • Website:
Print Manager Plus

Print Manager installs on a Windows server and auto-discovers all printers on the network. The admin console provides a single pane of glass for remote monitoring, management, and administration.

It generates reports on volumes, usage, consumables status, duplex rates, waste, and other metrics. Rules and policies like auto-duplexing, B&W only printing, page limits etc help curb waste and optimize device usage.

Print Manager Plus

Key Features

  • Centralized multi-site administration
  • Printer status monitoring
  • Printer usage analytics

Why Consider

Print Manager Plus simplifies administration of print infrastructure across multiple locations from one centralized interface. We recommend it for its robust print monitoring, analytics, security, and ease of management.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does print management software reduce costs?

Print management software reduces costs by providing visibility into print usage and expenditures. This allows organizations to right-size fleets, implement rules that curb waste, allocate costs department-wise, and recover costs from clients/projects accurately. It also helps lower service and toner costs through proactive consumables management.

Is print management software difficult to implement?

Ease of implementation varies. Cloud-based systems are fastest to deploy. On-premises solutions can take weeks if they require new servers and extensive configuration. Look for systems with rapid deployment options like templates, pre-configuration, and implementation wizards.

Can print management software support mobile and remote printing?

Yes, most systems provide apps to allow printing from mobile devices and remote laptops. Mobile print capabilities like ID-based job release, GPS locator for nearby printers, and approvals are common.

What’s the difference between print management software vs. Managed Print Services (MPS)?

Print management software are tools organizations use to manage their printing in-house. MPS refers to outsourcing printer management, supply fulfillment, maintenance, and optimization to an external managed service provider. However, MPS providers often use print management software as part of service delivery.


Implementing print management software effectively reduces printing costs by 10-30% for most organizations while providing centralized control, security, and mobile print enablement. After evaluating leading solutions against metrics like features, security, scalability, and ease of use, we recommend PaperCut, UniFlow, PrintLogic, and Print Manager Plus as the best options for most organizations to consider. The ideal print management system depends on your specific requirements. We hope this guide helps you select the right fit for your environment and printing needs.


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