ConvertKit vs. ClickFunnels – An In-Depth View

ConvertKit vs. ClickFunnels

ConvertKit is an email service provider with a niche market in business content marketing. It’s very popular among podcasters, bloggers, and founders with a creative edge, as a marketing tool for building their followings.

ClickFunnels is a sales funnel builder that assists businesses to create high-converting sales funnels. These promote, sell, and deliver online products and services. The website application has advanced features to create an effective marketing funnel system.

How Does ConvertKit Work?


ConvertKit is now a well-recognized email marketing software. Its firmest standing comes from among online content creators and the blogging fraternity. Of the email marketing tools available, ConvertKit tends to provide a more personal touch to email subscribers and future clients for businesses than most others.

Using this email marketing tool, your business can capture leads, and optimize conversions. You can also partition your audience into different segments for email marketing campaigns. All you need is to set up parameters that make sense.

Can you sell products in ConvertKit? You can sell your digital wares through ConvertKit’s e-commerce tools. You don’t need to integrate with an e-commerce platform, so the selling process is straightforward and simple.

You also don’t need a massive, involved website to earn money when you’re using ConvertKit. You can make use of the ConvertKit landing page builder to construct simple landing pages as a starting point for your online business venture.

ConvertKit is not a CRM, though. You’ll need to integrate a CRM package to begin capturing CRM customers or leads to your email listings.

Unique Features of ConvertKit features

As an email service provider, ConvertKit has several standout features.

  • ConvertKit incorporates tag-based emails enabling businesses to automate the management of email subscribers. You can allocate tags to various groups of subscribers for more focused email marketing campaigns. Thus, you can target specific behavior-based subscriber categories.The software also has a WordPress plugin. This affords you a chance of tracking and monitoring your WP website’s audience and partitioning them on their activities. You’re also able to combine these separate tags as you see fit for campaign purposes.
  • As a Convertkit user, you can build stylized forms and landing pages. Although customization is limited, the landing page builder comes with Naked, Full, or Minimal styles. These have display options including Modal, Slide-in, and Inline.It might be a little basic, but you can still build landing pages that can convert through being fully functional.
  • Automation is a huge word in email marketing. As an email marketing platform, Convertkit has an automation manager. You’ll find a system that builds rules that, although straightforward, remain influential.The builder encourages quick and effective workflow. It’s user-friendly, visual, and not at all technical, enabling rapid email automation for better results.
  • Convertkit has a standard set of five fundamental email templates, but you are able to build custom templates. Doing so would likely improve upon the basic aesthetics and design of the standard ones. If you’re looking to create your own templates, be sure you have a little working knowledge of HTML and CSS, though, as it’s needed.

How Does Clickfunnels Work?

click funnels logo

ClickFunnels is a sales funnel builder designed to improve conversions through high-converting online sales funnels. ClickFunnels is known for its marketing tools that target sales optimization within small online business environments.

ClickFunnels builds complete sales funnels and uses many sales funnel templates when doing so. Creating sales funnels is the primary task of the ClickFunnels software, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Some of the pages included are the landing page, the upsell page, and the page for membership sites. Lead generation and sales pages are also popular choices for obvious reasons. ClickFunnels is not limited when building a new sales funnel.

A ClickFunnels account gets you access to checkout pages for e-commerce, webinar pages, and pages where you can present your promotional YouTube videos. Each page that’s important for your target audience as an online business can be included, even your ‘thank you’ web page.

ClickFunnels has the capacity to create unlimited automation funnels. This is thanks to the unlimited automation rules within its marketing software. The sales funnels work seamlessly, affording your business more effective sales processes.

With better-optimized marketing funnels, including aesthetically-appealing pages and primed calls-to-action, you improve your audience’s capacity to convert.

ClickFunnels helps to perfect the sales function and this should result in an improved ROI for your enterprise. Better conversion rates from creating working sales funnels mean reduced acquisition expenditure and improved revenue per customer.

On top of everything else, ClickFunnels provides marketing tools to improve lead generation. These create lead magnets which help to optimize landing pages. Devising email campaigns through the platform can further enhance these leads.

Unique Features of Clickfunnels

clickfunnels features

ClickFunnels has a host of features designed to make online sales and marketing easier for businesses:

  • It has a reputation for improving the effectiveness of sales and marketing funnels. ClickFunnels has achieved this reputation through extensive testing and research. In turn, this has meant the addition of high-converting sales funnels that show results.Members get access to templates for these, along with those for high-converting landing pages for lead generation. You’re hence able to generate more leads and force further conversions.
  • The purpose of the ClickFunnels follow-up funnel builder is to build funnels that trigger automated emails when visitors don’t follow through with conversions. If a potential customer withdraws from the process before purchasing, the follow-up funnel triggers in an attempt to save the sale.
  • ClickFunnels software is an excellent option for e-commerce businesses. With sales funnels that put selling first, ClickFunnels makes building an e-commerce site problem-free.
  • ClickFunnels funnels include upsell and downsell features to increase offers to your customers. These are one-click features that end the customer’s need for repeated credit or debit card details. Instead, they add cart items instantaneously.
  • ClickFunnels can build you a membership website in its entirety to host content for paying customers on a private platform. A membership site is guaranteed to generate repeated income if the content included is in demand.
  • ClickFunnels has the drag-and-drop Etison editor. This customizes your marketing funnel quickly and efficiently. You can adapt each of your funnel elements and pages using drag-and-drop editing processes. The Etison editor doesn’t need a programmer’s input.
  • The analytics tab on the ClickFunnels dashboard gives members a chance to track their sales funnels for individual and multiple marketing campaign analytics.
  • When you have ClickFunnels, you don’t need a different hosting company to connect your domain and host your website. Whether it’s an established site or a brand-new one, ClickFunnels can do it all for you. The platform can supply your domain and host your websites for the duration.
  • ClickFunnels can integrate with email service providers like ConvertKit. Even without any integration, though, you’re still able to collect email leads. Then you can separate them into the lists you want through Optin forms in ClickFunnels. You’re also able to send emails with ClickFunnels.If a site visitor adds an email address, automation kicks in and that visitor is added to your existing list. Due to the many templates ClickFunnels includes, it’s also easy to create fields to suit the information you gather via your funnel.

Which Is Better — ConvertKit or Clickfunnels?

We’ll voice our opinions on which is a better option from time to time. We have included enough information on the two products, however, to allow you to make your own informed decisions on which suits you.

Funnel or Page Builder

ConvertKit can build funnels and landing pages, but they’re exceptionally basic and limited. Though it’s not really a landing page builder. The pages and entry-level funnels it can build are what you’d expect from an email specialist and no more.

This feature is the ClickFunnel forte. ClickFunnels is easy to use for sales funnel building, and you don’t need any experience with coding. With a multitude of landing page templates and others available, page building is a cinch.

Email Marketing & Automation

ConvertKit is not a landing page editor, it’s an email marketing expert. While it’s advisable to look elsewhere to build your funnels and pages when it comes to email marketing and automation, ConvertKit ticks the boxes.

Its ability to send aesthetically appealing and detailed emails is just what an online business needs. ConvertKit can tag subscribers and send automated emails to those specifically tagged only. email

ClickFunnels has the ability to do the work necessary for decent emails. Its email marketing feature can create both broadcasts and promotions. It’s much more effective when you employ a service provider in tandem, though. One like ConvertKit perhaps?

clickfunnels email

Templates & Customization

ConvertKit has a vast range of beautiful and detailed email marketing templates that puts them on the map in this marketing sector. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about their form and page designs, which are very basic and lack diversity.

When it comes to templates for your sales funnel, ClickFunnels will never be short in supply. With customized graphics included, you’ll find template designs for every page you need. An e-commerce template to a landing page and a member page to one for webinars – none are lacking.

A/B Testing

Unfortunately, ConvertKit has no real A/B split testing to speak of. What it does offer is very limited and the feedback necessary from the split testing will likely be insufficient.

Clickfunnels is different in this sense. It allows tests and comparisons between whole funnels. This split testing means more informed marketing calls and the chance to achieve any goals you’ve set. There is only one winner in a Clickfunnels vs. Convertkit comparison for A/B testing.

Analytics & Tracking

ConvertKit analytics and tracking reports provide you with a decent enough analysis of your emails to track your email marketing campaigns. At the same time, you can find growth rates for your email lists and subscriber entry points through the ConvertKit dashboard.

Real-time, cutting-edge data is available through ClickFunnels Analytics. ClickFunnels also tracks extended-period funnel performances. This means you’re able to make enough assumptions from the data to refine your campaigns based on the same. The analytics ClickFunnels provides is extensive and valuable.

Pricing Plans & Free Trials

ConvertKit offers three plans, with the first of those costing nothing at all. The free version is, however, very limited compared to the other options. The Creator option costs $9 monthly for up to 300 subscribers and the Creator Pro option is still affordable at $25 per month for more than 300 subscribers.

Prices rise in relation to subscribers, and both these options offer free trials pending your credit card input.


ClickFunnels allows you to decide on the right package for your needs with a 14-day free trial period. Thereafter, there are three plans available with the cheapest currently discounted to $127 per month. The premium offering is also discounted at $208 monthly. All billing generally takes place annually.

click funnels price


Convertkit integrates with around 80 different third-party applications. Shopify and LeadPages feature among these. It also integrates with Clickfunnels. The latter ends quite far ahead of Convertkit as far as third-party application integration goes.

Clickfunnels has a huge number of third-party add-ons available. There are email integrations, webinar tools, payment gateways, and SMTP options. Clickfunnels is even integrated with hosting services, so you’re never short of the add-on you’re looking for.

Affiliate Management

Anybody can sign up to be an affiliate with ConvertKit. On doing so you’ll be eligible for a 30% commission for every paying customer who signs up via your affiliate link. The commission is payable for 24 months.

ClickFunnels pays 40% in commissions to those who sell its products. The products aren’t only memberships either, with books and an array of different challenges also promoted by the company.


ConvertKit offers a variety of resources on its website to help both potential customers and those already part of the ConvertKit Creator community. There is also a team of product specialists available via email and live chat for those who have created their free accounts.

The ClickFunnels support structure is extensive, with a notable Help Center. You can email them for help or advice and they’ll get back to you promptly. If you prefer telephonic support, you’ll have to be a Premium member to receive it.

Final Verdict: Why Not Use Both?

ConvertKit pros

  • The segmentation tagging feature can group subscribers for easier targeted email marketing
  • It has e-commerce-friendly features including subscriber purchase tracking
  • ConvertKit’s user interface is extremely user-friendly
  • The software integrates with 80+ third-party applications

ConvertKit cons

  • ConvertKit has limited automation options compared to certain other email autoresponders
  • Inadequate A/B testing means delivery times, automations, and email content is skipped over

ClickFunnel pros

  • The sharing of sales funnel elements is viable and usual
  • Theme and templates are aesthetically pleasing and not limited
  • ClickFunnels has a very well-stocked resource center
  • The front end is user-friendly

ClickFunnels cons

  • The back end of the software is not easy to decipher
  • It’s not easy to get your domain connected

Although the point of integrating ConvertKit and ClickFunnels is debatable, it depends on your business and what you’re looking to achieve. If you decide that the two will suit your purposes, here’s how you integrate them:

How To Integrate ConvertKit and Clickfunnels Together

ConvertKit integration

Before you start the integration process, make sure you have a ConvertKit and ClickFunnels account and have created a form in the former.

  • In ConvertKit, go to ‘Account Settings’ and locate the API key and copy it.
  • Next, in ClickFunnels, go to ‘Account Settings’ and click on ‘Integrations’.
  • Choose ‘Add New Integration’.
  • Run a search for ConvertKit and then click on the icon.
  • Name your integration and then paste your API key.
  • Finally, click ‘Add Integration’.

Integrating ConvertKit and ClickFunnels together could result in the following business benefits:

  • An improvement in lead generation
  • Better conversions
  • Increased customer dialogue
  • Enhanced marketing automation

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