How To Add Fonts to Figma

Are you trying to add fonts to Figma? Learn how to do it with ease through the steps below.
Add fonts to Figma

Figma offers a vast collection of fonts to work with, and the best part about it is that it lets you work with any font without restrictions. In this guide, we will help you with adding fonts to Figma through a demonstration to get you all covered.

Add Fonts to Figma

  1. Start by opening your browser, navigating to Figma, and signing in with your credentials. Once you’re on the home screen, create a new design or work with an existing design from Recents.
Open a design from Recents
  1. After the design is loaded, add a text box by pressing T or clicking on an existing text box to load the Properties panel on the right with the Design tab open.
Properties panel on Figma
  1. In the design tab, navigate to the Text section, and the font name will be displayed. Now, click on it to access different fonts, and the best part about it is you get a dedicated drop-down to filter fonts.
Fonts option in Figma
  1. Before proceeding further with adding font, open a new tab on your browser to install the Figma font installer, which is necessary for adding fonts to Figma on the browser.
Figma font installer
  1. After the Figma font installer is installed, open a new tab and download the font from a font library like Google Fonts.
Download Font
  1. With the font downloaded, install it on your PC by opening the font file (.ttf or .otf) and clicking on the Install button.
Font install
  1. Once the font is installed, refresh Figma, navigate to the Text section, click on the font name, and select Installed by you in the drop-down.
Installed by you
  1. If you have followed the steps right, you will find the font installed, updated in the list, and ready to use.
Font added successfully

Wrapping Up

Congratulations on learning how to add fonts to Figma!

While adding the first font might be confusing, you will get used to it after a few fonts. In case you’re having difficulty with the installed font not being added to Figma, we suggest you restart your PC, which fixes the issue. If that doesn’t work, ensure that the font is being installed in the default font installation path (C:\Windows\Fonts).


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