How To Export From Figma

Are you trying to export from Figma? Learn how to do it with ease through the approaches below.
How To Export From Figma

Exporting on Figma is straightforward, but the process varies based on the selection and export requirements. In this guide, we will help you present different approaches to export from Figma to get you all covered.

Before Getting Started: Start by navigating to Figma and sign in with your credentials. Next, open an existing design from Recents or create a new one using the Design file button present at the top right corner.

Export Layers from Figma

  1. Click on the layer to select it, and after it is selected, you’re displayed with the Properties panel to the right.
Properties panel
  1. Now, navigate to the Export section and click on it to reveal options. From the available options, set the File type from the drop-down and click on the associated Export button to export the selection.
Export Selection

Pro Tip: You can also export multiple layers at once through Figma. For this, select the layers you wish to export while holding the Shift key. Now, you can see that the Export button has been updated based on the selection.

For demonstration, we have selected an image and a shape, and the button is updated to Export 2 layers.

Select multiple layers

Export Specific Part of Design from Figma

If you want to select a specific part of the design instead of selecting multiple layers, the Slice tool is the right choice. While using the Slice tool, keep in mind that it works like a Snipping tool, and everything selected for use is exported.

  1. Navigate to the top left corner and select Slice tool from the toolbar. If you’re having difficulty finding it, press S to load the tool.
Select Slice tool
  1. After the Slice tool is loaded, make the selection by holding the left mouse button and dragging it over the design you want to export.
Make selection using Slice tool
  1. With the selection done, navigate to the Export section from the Properties panel, and you will notice the Export Slice button. Now, click on it to export the selection.
Export Slice option

Export All Layers from Figma

  1. If your design has multiple layers, and you want to export everything at once, navigate to the top left corner, click on File, and then Export.
Click on Export
  1. Now, you’re asked to select the layer you want to export. While doing so, ensure that all layers are checked before proceeding by clicking on the Export button.
Using Export tool

Wrapping Up

Congratulations on learning how to export from Figma!

While the above approaches are arguably the available approaches to export in Figma, if you’re looking to export the entire design, you can share it by clicking on the Share button present at the top right corner or saving it to local storage by clicking on Save local copy as from File options.

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